Teens Stab Man On Muni Bus After Alleged Altercation

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A man stabbed aboard a Muni bus on Friday night is in life-threatening condition according the San Francisco Police Department.

Police Lieutenant Troy Dangerfield said a 32-year-old man was stabbed multiple times in the torso at Mission and Precita Streets while riding the 14 bus just before 8 p.m.

Apparently the man got into an altercation with a group of male and female teenagers and it is believed the weapon used was a screwdriver.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

The incident is still under investigation and officials are also checking Muni surveillance cameras that were on the bus.

The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he is being treated for his injuries which include lacerations to his face.

It’s unclear if the victim knew anyone in the group and no one is in custody, though police have talked to several people who were aboard the bus.

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  • KC B.S.

    Young thugs not “teens.”


    THE SOONER his IS FOUND? THE BETTER!” HIS JUST RIGHT! and “fresh MEAT” FOR FOLSOM or Saint Quentin State!

  • Oswald

    Can someone stab the “teens” please? This is a situation where the second amendment would end these illiterate criminals in their tracks.

  • hugo poppernuts

    they’re lucky they didnt attack me, I carry a real knife and would not hesitate to have used it back.

    • 'Hugo has no nuts

      ‘You are full of it! You can’t fight a group of people with a knife…How many are you able to take out you think? What if the knife fell than what? Only criminals carry weapons onto public transportations. You are a trouble maker yourself.

  • leo lacyo


  • trish

    SF is a dumpy city

  • Steve

    I mean, KNOW better

  • mimi

    steve and other ‘crackers’, does it make you feel big and strong to use such archaic derogatory terms to describe humans, your neighbors? if folks were calling me these names, i would feel threatened and possibly carry a weapon to protect myself.

    • justin

      You do realize calling people cracker puts you in a submissive class to the cracker.

  • steve

    Mimi, you are assuming that people care what you have to say at all, and they don’t

    The huge irony, is that it all gets going because black people don’t trust white people. IF you are a spear-chucker, and you hate white people, either as a survival attitude in your neighborhood, or just out of hatred, your life is ruined before it even gets started. Groid’s cause their own problems, because they don’t try in school, don’t learn anything ever, and their idea of improving themselves is to be on the good side of an armed robbery.

  • steve

    The housing project near where this happened is responsible for about 80% of all crime in SFO, it is an absurd joke.

    There are less than 5% of the black population that do not have some sort of rent subsidy. Without section 8 housing, there would be less than .005% black people in San Francisco, they simply can’t afford to live there without sucking off the state, federal govt, and any other liberal welfare program

  • BZZZ

    This would not have happened if those cottonwhite kids from West Portal would have had their Meth before heading to the Haight tp panhandle would have listened to Daddy, instead of rebelling, and running away from home, and sneakin on the back door of the 14………….

    • No thank you it only make me sneeze

      You must be a stupid idiot with a name like Bzzz.

  • BZZZ

    How many priviledged, rebellious, lilywhites runaway to S.F. to smoke Meth, panhandle in the Haight, %iss on peoples doorsteps, ride that 14M on the way to 16th to re-cop??????????

  • An eye for an eye

    These f ucking teens or thugs would not hesitate to kill you. I once heard their conversation that they have advatage because they are underage. They want to be treated as a minor when it comes to their advatage, but they also want your respect, and treat them as an adult. They are not the same teens in 70s. Time change, everything changes, but not the law. Hide their indentity because they are minor? No jail but juvenile detention center? Light sentence? Blah, blah.

  • RealityCheck

    Typical for the SF toilet.

  • Big John

    Anna Duckworth is a wuss, she is afraid to tell it like it is. They were Hispanic teens.

  • Jeanette

    I donot recall the race being mentioned,so why all the recist remarks it is wrong to call people names

  • mbsfca

    You are absolutely correct eye for an eye. They will kill for the thrill! Most dangerous segment of today’s population. Need HARDCORE BOOT CAMPS to rehab them with real responsibility while they are incarcerated. Better yet, make them join the US Marines, since this country is always at war.

  • Matthew

    The 14 Mission bus has always been kind of nasty… (Real low-lifes, thugs, bums, and “troubled teens” ride it frequently) —– I often feel uncomfortable on that line… I don’t know why the cops don’t patrol these types of trouble-making bus lines (the 14, 22, 30, 38, K, and N) MORE OFTEN….

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