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High School Senior Killed In East Oakland Shootout

OAKLAND (CBS 5) — A 17-year-old East Oakland high school senior was gunned down in a shootout that took place just blocks from his home and the school, police and school officials said.

Witness told police that two teenagers were shooting at each other near 80th and Bancroft avenues about 2:30 p.m.

Police said they arrived to find Ditiyan Franklin Jr. lying unconscious in the street suffering from at least one gunshot wound; he was taken to Highland Hospital but was pronounced dead shortly afterward.

KCBS’ Bob Melrose Reports:

It was not immediately clear if Franklin was involved in the shootout or caught in the crossfire, said Oakland police Officer Jeff Thomason.

He indicated that a large crowd – perhaps as many as 50 people – had gathered at the shooting scene, but said that most people wouldn’t give statements to police.

“There were a lot of people here on the scene, but we have little leads right now, not too many people came forward,” Thomason told CBS 5.

With no suspects identified and no motive, police hoped someone in the crowd would be able to provide investigators with information about a gunman, or gunmen, and what sparked the shooting.

“So, we need the public’s help in this,” Thomason said. “Whenever you have a homicide, especially a young person in the community, we need the community to come forward to give us information.”

Franklin was scheduled to graduate in a few weeks from the nearby Castlewood Leadership Preparatory High School, according to Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint.

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  • They made their bed, now sleep in it.

    It’s hard to feel sorry for these people.They want a crime free neighborhood, yet nobody will come forward to help the police.

    • genomega1

      Coming forward to help the police is a death sentence.
      Only criminals are allowed to carry guns.

  • tn

    Catch 22 – help the police and you’re a gang target. Turns in to an automatic “86.”

  • Smith

    easiest think to do is put up a larger border around the city and let the gangs go at it. when its all done bring in clean up crew.

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  • Catherine LWD

    To those of you who wrote the comments above, I think you are being rather callous….. I was a teacher of Ditiyan’s while he was at Oakland High School.

    He wa a nice kid with a nice smile with dimples. He was very kind to the younger students and, as far as I know, very respectful towards his teachers. He was taking French and I have heard that he was in Advanced Placement English.

    Really, I can’t believe that you meant to imply that he or anyone deserves to die. He was just a kid riding home on his bike. He had a mom and brothers and friends. No one deserves to die alone and certainly not so young. I hope you might find it in your hearts to try to be more understanding towards people in stressful situations.

    • The Cold Hard Truth

      Dear Catherine – you are the one who is deluded. There are a great many people who deserve to die alone. Not this kid but the criminals who would rape, rob and murder definitely deserve such an end. Sadly, our “civilization” has lost the spine to put an end to such vile and reprehensible persons. The criminals have all the rights because they do not obey any law. The law abiding citizens are restricted by all sorts of laws. You can’t smoke here, you have to wear a seatbelt, you cannot use derogatory language because you might offend someone and be charged with a hate crime.

      Nothing will change until people decide to stand up and take back their neighborhoods from this element. Justice is not swift and our system has become so flawed as to be ineffectual.

      We’re all doomed it is simply a matter of time before the Goths and Vandals sack Rome again.

      • The Cold Hard Truth

        Excellent. Perhaps you can invite some of the violent parolees the Supreme Court ordered be released to come live with you. Or perhaps someone will simply break into your place and rape you. But I’m sure you will be compassionate and empathetic to what would drive someone to such heinous acts.

      • CatherineLWD

        I stand by my original comment proudly. I respectfully disagree with you and with your views but you have every right to have them. Good luck to you!

      • KD

        Sounds like Cold Hard Truth is just as messed up as these people he deems deserve to die alone. Hate is hate, don’t try to sugar coat yours as though you have some high and mighty right to judge others.

  • http://cbsnews tajainea

    we love u tang r.i.p

  • http://cbsnews tajainea

    Iam going to miss the walks in the park when we were younger playing tag be river wish u would have survived that gun shot I love u and will miss u terriblly r.I.p tang

  • genomega1

    Anyone else think it”s time to take our country back?

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