SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The California Public Utilities Commission has approved a proposal to lower rates for high volume Pacific Gas and Electric customers, and raise rates for some low-income users.

PG&E argued that high volume customers are being severely penalized by the current tier rate system and asked for an adjustment to give them a price break. Now, big users will still pay more, but not as much as they were before.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

The change will also mean higher rates for low-income customers who use a lot of energy. PG&E’s Tom Bottorff applauded the decision.

”It’s intended to really bring our prices more in line with the cost of service, while still maintaining a strong signal to promote conservation,” said Bottorff.

At the same time, the state PUC sidelined a proposal that would have added a basic monthly surcharge to everyone’s PG&E bill. Mark Toney, the executive director of the consumer group turn, was thrilled about that.

”Today was a great victory because we defeated the customer service charge of $3.00 per month,” said Toney.

Consumer groups argued that a new flat fee for providing basic service would have disproportionately impacted the poor. PG&E now views that proposal as dead, at least for the foreseeable future.

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  1. The Cold Hard Truth says:

    Just to clarify, do the homes of the top PG&E executives fall under this category of high volume users? Or is this strictly commercial facilities that are “high-volume” users?

    And you are increasing the rates on homeowners who use “a lot of energy” and this step was done “while still maintaining a strong signal to promote conservation.”

    Do we really want to promote conservation? We have done such a good job of conserving water that now everyone’s rates for water has been significantly increased because everyone has done such a good job of “conserving water.” Next time they say we’re in a drought I’m putting the hose in the gutter and letting it run. PG&E blows up a neighborhood and has such shoddy record keeping they cannot even produce their pipeline records yet the Pubic Utilities Corruption (PUC) pretty much goes along with everything PG&E requests.

    Who actually sits on the board of the PUC and what relationships do they have with say companies who have holdings in PG&E? Sounds like the typical way of the world. How can I get one of these nice appointments as a board member? Who do I have to engage in sexual misconduct with to get the job?

  2. A Mays says:

    Pick on us that are coservativw so we dont hav black outs.I personally Never go over a 40watt bulb,I watch appliances runnig tim/lf uding 33- volt stove. Before going to Frig/Frezzer I decide so as to notl eave the doors open any longer than necessry. 1 Bdrm apt ,in modest to warm weater My PGR bills ranged(example): $12.93-21.04 a month.
    Why pick on us, we dont aie conditioners at Thermistat say:62-64/winter74-78F.
    every light in house on,mutiple entertianment systems going on.
    They hike up 10% to repair old pipes/ect.What sucks: I Live in s Ca county/or city every thing is electric or propane, so other words we dont have natural gas lines to repair.
    Like as with Taxes, I vote hit/audit the rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they always find s loop holr or get sround the red tspe, fnd messege

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