SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Don’t text behind the wheel, don’t drive drunk, and buckle up – consider yourself warned this holiday weekend, by the California Highway Patrol.

The law enforcement agency planned to work around the clock to enforce the safety campaign on roadways around the Bay Area and the entire state. There was going to be a zero tolerance policy for safety violations, and the CHP warned that it could be a costly experience if pulled over, too – anywhere from $142 to more than $1,000 depending on the citation.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

“We’ve reached, in California, a 96% usage rate for seat belts,” declared Chris Cochran with the state Office of Traffic Safety. “Which sounds pretty good and actually is pretty good but because California is so big that still means there are over 1 million people out there who are not regularly buckling up.”

He added that the number of people texting while driving was dangerously high – an estimated 10% of drivers.

He was convinced that zero tolerance campaigns have paid off in the past, and he had the evidence to prove it.

“We’ve been seeing the number of DUI crashes and fatalities going down for the last 5 years.”

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  1. W says:

    Pretty stupid comment about the decrease of drunk drivers is due to their enforcement; people just don’t go out and drink like they used to and end up staying home due to the dwindling number of neighborhood watering holes.

    1. D.C. says:

      You MUST be joking. In the Sunset District of San Francisco alone, there are 20 different bars I could name just off the top of my head. There are dozens and dozens more in all different parts of the City. Unless you’re from some small town that might only have one or two bars, there is an abundance in just about every other part of California that I’ve seen(and I’ve lived and been all over the state.. And to say that people don’t go out and drink like they use to, is just utterly asinine. Maybe YOU don’t go out any more, but there are thousands of other people that do. I’ve seen them at all the different bars you say don’t exist anymore. As for drinking and driving, I’m going to say that enforcement and education about the dangers of drinking and driving are the main reasons for the decrease in drunk drivers. AND definitely not for the lack of bars or that people just don’t go out and drink anymore.

  2. The Truth says:

    LOL… listen to these clowns. They are equating DUI, Texting and Seat Belts all in the same breath.

    DUI should be by far the #1 concern followed closely by texting. Seat Belts belong WAY, WAY, WAY down the totem pole.

    They need to stop pretending that they are “protecting us” and just start telling us the truth… they just want our money.

    If our government agencies were REALLY concerned about protecting us, then let me ask two questions:

    1) Why does BART service stop at 12:30am in San Francisco when the bars close at 2am?

    2) Why haven’t the CHP listed talking on a cell phone driving as one of their “3 pronged approached?”

    With regard to #1, how many drunk drivers would be kept off the road if BART’s last train (especially on the weekends) left SF at 2:45am?

    With regard to #2, numerous studies have shown that talking on a cell phone while driving is the equivalent to driving drunk (regardless of whether it is hands free or not). Talking while holding a cell phone is illegal in California, yet I see someone doing this almost every single day.

    So the CHP is SO concerned about our safety, but then choose not to target the equivalent of DUI (cell phone talking) this weekend? LOL… spare me.

    1. The Truth says:

      While I’m at it, here’s another comment I posted elsewhere about a slightly different topic, but still resonates here as the topic is similar:

      This is a total joke. More of the police “pretending” to protect us.

      The CHP here love to say that “Speed Kills” and tickets citizens left and right for it. SPEED DOES NOT KILL. BAD DRIVERS KILL. If speed really killed, then half of Germany would be dead. The FACTS are that Germany has higher speed limits and FEWER fatalities. The reasons for this are because Germany builds better roads, trains their drivers better before simply handing them a license and has harsher penalties for bad drivers, drunk drivers, etc.

      So what kills here in the US? The answer is a bunch of completely incompetent people who have no business having a driver’s license. As just one example out of many, these are the people that drive in the fast lane for no reason (which would be a ticket in Germany). So in Germany, cars that want to go fast have a lane to do so in, but here in the US, cars need to swerve in and out of traffic to accomplish the same task which is what helps to artificially CREATE accidents and fatalities. When have you ever seen the CHP pull over someone for going too slow in the fast lane or not merging fast enough onto the freeway, etc, etc, etc? The answer is that most of you have probably never seen that happen. I know I’ve never seen it.

      The police here just want to produce revenue (via arrests & citations)and to make the public think we absolutely can’t live without them. While we certainly do need a police force as a society, we don’t need them to be policing every little tickytack thing. We need them out catching child mol-esters, we need them arresting burglars, we need them stopping gang activity, we need them preventing murders, etc… we don’t need them citing jaywalkers, we don’t need them handing out red light camera tickets to people who come to a “California Stop” on a red light at 2am in the morning with not one other single car on the road, etc.

      Yet it is amazing how a CHP officer can pull over someone on the side of the freeway during rush hour traffic, create a MAS-SIVE traffic hazard by CAUSING rub-berneckers and yet that is completely fine. After all, the revenue from the ticket trumps all.

      As for seat belts, they are SO important that children on school buses don’t need them. Older cars aren’t required to install them. Taxi drivers don’t need them.

      In fact, No country with mandatory laws has shown a decline in death nor injury. Yep that’s right. Seat belts provide a false sense of security that causes people to drive more erratically.

      This is clearly a quota situation in Click it or Ticket Month which is illegal.

      If they were really concerned with safety, then make cars install the HANS device used in race cars. Yet they don’t because they care about revenue, not safety. Wearing a seat belt in an accident could CAUSE paralysis where if someone wasn’t wearing one could be fine. This should be up to the individual driver whether or not to wear one and if they get severely killed or injured by not wearing one, they shouldn’t be allowed to sue.

      I drive a convertible with my top down 95% of the time (which allows anyone EASY viewing into my seating area to see whether or not I am wearing my seat belt). I don’t wear my seat belt because I have a bad back from a sports injury and it stiffens up bad if it is held in place for a significant period of time. I pass cops ALL THE TIME and NEVER get a seat belt ticket. However, a few years ago, I did get one during Click It or Ticket Month (while going 5 MPH on the ticket!!!). I asked the officer if I would have gotten this if it wasn’t Click It or Ticket Month and he candidly replied, “Nope.”

      So spare me the cr-ap… the bottom line is that this is about REVENUE. Plain and simple.

      Start ticketing the imbeciles that drive in the fast lane for no reason and cause people to swerve in and out of traffic which will make the roads safer for everyone and stop playing revenue politics.


  3. The Truth says:

    And as if I needed more ammunition, here’s something that I literally just stumbled across on Yahoo showing that 1 in 5 drivers here in the US couldn’t even pass the written test!!!


    And these clowns at the CHP are worried about “protecting” us by enforcing “Click it or Ticket?” Meanwhile 85% of drivers don’t know what to do when approaching a yellow light???

    Yep, good thing the CHP has their priorities in line.

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