SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Public Defender Jeff Adachi said Friday’s dropped cases involving officers allegedly mishandling drug busts are a sign that these incidents are no longer isolated to specific buildings in San Francisco.

District Attorney George Gascon Friday afternoon dropped 26 cases involving San Francisco police’s Mission Station, which has recently been under scrutiny after Adachi released footage that he claims show misconduct by officers during drug busts at residential hotels around the city.

One of the cases dismissed Friday took place in August last year, when police were checking the home of a man on probation and officers allegedly kicked down the man’s bedroom door and took property from his home, according to Adachi.

The man’s stepfather and mother, Javier and Mariette Tenorio, saw the wave of cases being dismissed and then approached the public defender, telling him that property had been stolen, Adachi said.

KCBS’s Anna Duckworth Reports:

Javier Tenorio explained at a news conference today that police initially approached him on Aug. 19, 2010, and asked him if he had any drugs.

He said he then consented to a search after an officer, who he identified as Sgt. Kevin Healy, threatened to arrest him if he did not comply.

During the search, Healy took Tenorio’s keys to his home, Tenorio said.

He said that Healy then went with Tenorio to his home, and Healy told Tenorio that he did not need a search warrant, Tenorio said.

Healy then searched Tenorio’s home without his consent, Tenorio said, and Healy kicked down his 32-year-old son’s locked door when he could not open it.

Police then confiscated several items from his son’s bedroom that were never booked into evidence, according to Tenorio.

The items include a collection of baseball hats, a large jar of quarters, a camera, two new iPods, a cellphone, and new shavers, Tenorio said.

He said his son’s belongings were never returned to him. His son was later arrested in March this year on drugs-related charges, and was due to be released after his case was dismissed Friday afternoon, according to Adachi’s and Gascon’s offices.

“If we have officers that are in fact stealing property, that obviously questions the credibility of everything else that they do,” Gascon said.

A total of 119 cases involving alleged misconduct by San Francisco police will have been dismissed as of this afternoon, according to the district attorney.

“The officers in these videos have the same rights as any other citizen,” the Police Department said in a statement.

“If it is determined through the investigation that any officer is proven to be dishonest, in any way, they will be disciplined,” the statement said. “This discipline will be swift and severe up to and including termination.”

Adachi also highlighted another case that was dropped last year, when officers at the city’s Mission Station wrote a report of events that apparently does not match up with a video released today by the public defender’s office.

The footage shows officers performing a drug bust on a suspect, Jesus Inastrilla, 50, who was allegedly selling undercover officers cocaine.

In a police report written by police Officer Peter Richardson, he said on April 22, 2010, the night of the bust, Inastrilla raised his hand to his mouth and spit a substance believed to be cocaine into his hand and gave it to another suspect, Simon Hernandez.

But in the footage released Friday by Adachi, Inastrilla is never seen raising a hand to his mouth.

“The case involving the newly released video is nearly a year old and has already been investigated through the appropriate channels,” read the statement from the San Francisco Police Department.

Adachi and Gascon said they first saw the video on Thursday, and Adachi said these cases can no longer be considered isolated incidents of misconduct because they have now spread from residential hotels to undercover street operations.

The videos that have been released have prompted the indefinite shutdown of plainclothes operations at the city’s Southern Station, as well as the placement of eight officers on administrative duties pending an investigation.

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Comments (20)
  1. TruthSerum says:

    Even if those cops acted illegally, at least all that dope is off the streets. The crooks got inconvenienced and life goes on another day for them to commit more illegal activity in society.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      Yeah and another day for crooks with badges to trample all our right…

      1. deadzone says:

        Trample all your rights to…. sell drugs, rape, steal and murder? Good one, crook.

  2. jimmy says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close their bad cases.

    1. BOB says:

      jimmy get some HELP!!!!!

  3. TruthSerum says:

    At least the FBI and DEA are killing criminals that will cost us a hell of a lot of cash in this cash strapped times…As we must arrest them,house them in a jail, prosecute them, legally defend there criminal cases, all on the tax payers dime. Let em burn in hell.

    1. Roger Craig says:

      And just one day when you get pulled over might be one of your crooked cops that wants to steal or beat you down for you laptop or iphone ….

  4. SandyfromMO says:

    I suppose the correct way to arrest them is not to arrest them at all?

    1. The constitution remeber! says:

      So being a criminal with a badge is ok right… If you hate freedom and the rule of law and worship authority so much MOVE TO NORTH KOREA!

  5. Roger Craig says:

    I say arrest them as they would anyone caught breaking the law. Or as they say whats good for the goose is good for the gander and lets all break the law….

    1. The Cold Hard Truth says:

      Gee Roger you sure sound like a negative nellie. First of all, dust off your brain and begin to think. These are allegations. Until these claims are investigated and the facts are presented to the District Attorney, there cannot be an arrest of these perhaps corrupt officers. These are claims being made by real, honest to goodness criminals and drug dealers. You strike me as one to advocate that criminals are innocent until proven guilty but when it is the police, by your standard they are guilty until proven innocent. How about Roger stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution, I know that is reaching and highly doubtful.

      1. Roger Craig says:

        That’s how they have treated a lot of innocent people and have seen it happen. But the criminals are supposed to be innocent till proven guilty so why lock up the alleged criminals, and not the cop that have been caught breaking the law. And from what i seen in the footage of the Videos the cops are breaking the law and should be arrested and book like any other criminal. For they are no better than you or me and have no special rights as we are equal under the law. You should really get a brain to go with your empty skull….

      2. The Cold Hard Truth says:

        Roger your posts more than tell us what a flaming sphincter you really are. Your posts are laughable and asinine and I am sure they represent you wonderfully!

  6. The Cold Hard Truth says:

    Also, are people so quick to forget about the crime lab technician who was stealing drugs while Gascon was Chief of Police? Now he is the DA and both he and Adachi are doing the political knee jerk and dropping huge volumes of cases, simply because the people make an unsubstantiated claim of misconduct or corruption. Wow, that sounds like the responsible thing for a public official to do.

    1. The constitution remeber! says:

      Hahah, nice try authoritarian bootlicker.If these were mere “unsubstantiated claim” then why not take them to trail and let them be proven false? D.A.’s get re-elected by the number of convictions not dropped cases, so this whole “hes looking out for his career” line of logic is childish.You want to worship authority and make excuses for abuse of power MOVE TO NORTH KOREA!

      1. Roger Craig says:

        Right on…..

      2. The Cold Hard Truth says:

        There is an investigation taking place. Let us see where it takes this story. You are politically naive. Yes, I am sure you voted of Kamela Harris, the DA who would not enforce the laws she was sworn to uphold. I make no excuses for any abuse of power, nitwit. I do find it absurd to drop hundreds of cases before the investigation is complete. Just like the City of Oakland settling a case for $70 million and then having the accused officers acquitted of the crimes. One of the officers sued the city and was reinstated with a $1.8 million judgment. That “Oakland Riders” case hinged on the abuse of power by the OPD’s executive management and their IA people. What I would like to see are an investigation completed and finished before they start dropping criminals cases. So K.M.M.F.A. and stop being part of the problem. I bet you are one of the fools who believe all police are bad and evil. Just remember do not dial 9-1-1, you might not like how they resolve it.

  7. wrongway says:

    Nothing new there. I can remember as far back as the early 70’s where seized drugs never made it to the Evidence Room, but were distributed by the PD’s to be resold.

  8. Primetime Editorials says:

    DA always letting criminals running free
    lock these sleeze buckets up
    visit my blog

    1. BOB says:

      Changed your name but still stupid remarks. Shove your blog up where the sun does not SHINE

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