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Public Thinks San Francisco Streets Are Clean

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — A new survey on San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks shows that people have generally positive perceptions of the City’s cleanliness – although there are some gripes about cigarettes, gum and bad smells.

This study, commissioned by San Francisco’s controller, didn’t actually evaluate the cleanliness of the streets, but rather the public’s perception of the cleanliness.

KCBS’ Barbara Taylor Reports:

Public Works Director Ed Reiskin, who asked for the survey, didn’t get the results he expected.

“There were definitely a few surprises,” he said. “One was that a super majority of the people interviewed found that the city’s streets were clean.”

The largest amounts of complaints were about trash, grime, cigarette butts, bad odors and chewing gum, along with a few mentions of graffiti.

Another interesting finding is that most people in San Francisco apparently don’t know that property owners are responsible for the cleanliness of their sidewalks, not city government.

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  • Roger Craig

    Wonder what city and planet they are walking on…

  • Jason

    My San Francisco street and sidewalk experience in most neighborhoods has been steping over/ around a lot of trash/ dog s**t and holding my breath while I walk past make shift urinals.

    • deadzone

      That’s not dog s**t. People pick up after their dogs.

      • Jason

        Much of it is s**t of another variety but in my neighborhood, Ingleside, many people don’t bother to pick up after their dog.

  • Jim D

    Actually, San Francisco Streets are the most pot hole ridden, and worst maintained streets of thye nation! These streets have turned my car into a rattle box with bad suspension!

    • Dirka Dirka

      Do you not understand it is a plot to allow the streets to degenerate to the point no cars will be driven on them?

      • james Dugan

        Thank you Dirka Dirka! I always needed to understand why it took a major metropolitan city sooooo long to pave its’ worn to shreds streets. At least you have an answer for me (it’s a hell of a lot better than what the city can come up with….nothing!).

        I’ve been to every major city in the USA, and ours ARE the worst I have driven on.

  • keelduf

    Certainly not clean, some dog poo for sure, not all owners do their duty, potholes every where, the sort that scare 4x4s, but still a great place to live!!

  • Dennis Nichols

    I live in the Ingleside and do not see the problem that you do Jason. My street and sidewalks are clean, the immediate neighborhood is clean and I just don’t see a whole lot of dog droppings around. Perhaps you are a little biased because you are NOT a dog lover? I have 2 dogs, and pick up after them on our walks, so I resent you generalizing all dog owners not picking up after their pets…or perhaps you are just embellishing a little?

  • sfcare

    I would take a dirty street or side walk any day of the week!? if only I could walk? with out getting mugged or getting a beating? 4 my $hit! “just saying.”

  • gimme a break!

    Must have asked only citizens with visual and olfactory impairments.

  • Nicki Harris

    I live in the lower Haight where the is a lot of homeless people and party people but the streets are constantly cleaned which is great! Yes I smell pee all the time but again there are a lot of homeless who don’t care and pee everywhere and there’s nothing to be done about that. I am very happy with how our streets are taken care of.

  • Christian

    I disagree because during the Carnival Parade past Sunday. People were complaining on how the alley stinks. Living in the alley area for 26 years. I said back to those people that, Of course it stinks. Some of you people make it stink by dumping, peeing, pooping, doing drugs or alcohol and littering like crazy so yes it stinks. Especially after the parade you see the streets extremely messing of people throwing things to expect street cleaners to do it when also you can cause accidents!

  • Doggie

    I think that San Francisco streets are very dirty. Lots of cans and bottles on the shrubs on Octavia Blvd. Papers and refuse in Laurel Village. Garbage and throw a ways on corners. People are only kidding themselves if they think San Francisco is as clean as it was when even Willie Brown or his predecessors were in office.

    Now, unfortunately it is often more like the Tenderloin in the Pacific Heights and Cube Steak Grizzle in the Tenderloin. I am sorry to report.

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