SANTA ROSA (CBS / AP) — A Sonoma County man has been sentenced to nearly 16 years in prison for trying to kill his girlfriend with a machete.

After being convicted in March of attempted murder, mayhem and other charges, Sonoma County prosecutors say Javier Gonzalez-Rodriguez on Thursday was ordered to serve the maximum sentence of 15 years and eight months.

During his trial, prosecutors told jurors that Gonzalez-Rodriguez tried to kill the 26-year-old woman in August 2009 when he attacked her with a machete at a homeless camp where the two lived.

The woman, according to investigators, was trying to end their relationship before she was attacked.

She survived the attack, but suffered a skull fracture and fractures in her hand. Prosecutors say the 44-year-old Gonzalez-Rodriguez will have to serve 85 percent of his sentence before being eligible for parole.

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Comments (7)
  1. christina says:

    interesting how everytime you read about a violent act it always involves a person of color..Tired of these racist articles

    1. Jason says:

      Every time? No. They don’t spot light anybody’s race in this article, they mention a name. I believe a person of any race who attempts to kill a person with a machete is likely to be mentioned in a news article.

      This probably isn’t a case of selective reporting. I feel like they would be doing the community a disservice if they omitted the name of the perpetrator’s name.

      1. Biker says:

        With a name like “Javier Gonzalez-Rodriguez” I think it’s pretty clear what his race is.

    2. Keith says:

      how is it racist? he’s not the victim fool. He did the act and the public should know. don’t be so stupid

    3. Gilberto says:

      Every criminal has a name and I certainly don’t mind if the media shares that with me especially if it’s anywhere near where I live. Don’t get down right silly dropping the ‘R’ word so quickly.

  2. hugo poppernuts says:

    you know I remember one night I got out of the club and noticed 3 black guys were following me and I remember I purchased a machete earlier that day at Home Depot for my garden. I got to my car, opened the trunk and grabbed it and screamed toward them with my machete and they ran across the street. Now I keep a machete in my trunk. I rather be caught with it then without it.

    1. Keith says:

      way to go HUGO. We should all bear arms to protect ourselves.

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