OAKLAND (CBS SF) – An armed man robbed and raped a woman in a home invasion near Redwood Regional Park in the Oakland hills Friday morning, police said.

Police were called to the 6800 block of Wilton Drive near Skyline Boulevard shortly before 3 a.m. 

Oakland Police said the 38-year-old victim was awakened by the dog barking and went to investigate when she was confronted by the gunman who demanded money.

The  man then sexually assaulted the victim and left with some cash and personal items, according to police.

Police described the gunman, who is still at large, as an African American male, approximately 5’9 to 5’ 11

An East Bay Regional Parks Police spokesperson said Oakland Police asked the agency to help out in the investigation.

The home where the assault occurred is adjacent to an area within park police jurisdiction. Park police searched nearby trails but did not find anyone or any evidence.

It’s been described as an absolute nightmare for the family living in the otherwise calm, exclusive Piedmont Pines neighborhood.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

One neighbor described the victims as a very nice family, and praised the homeowners for the amount of work they had done to fix up the house. The neighbor also revealed that the couple had “nice young children.”

The area has reportedly been plagued by the occasional burglary but never anything as violent as this.

Oakland Police urged anyone with information to contact the Youth and Family Services Division at (510) 238-3641 or the Sexual Assault Hotline at (510) 637-0298.

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Comments (26)
  1. A clue says:

    Hey idiots really bad typo in the paragraph that begins with ‘The home where the assault occurred”,,,,

    1. Kim in Santa Clara says:

      Hey idiot, who cares about a bad typo, a woman was raped !!!!!! How insensitive are you!!!!

      1. a clue says:

        “The home where the assault occurred “butts up”” <— thats why Kim — thats the insensitive part

  2. Jetsun says:

    Age, height, race, clothing, ANYTHING??!!! Way to go, you intrepid investigative reporter you, your half-assed “reporting” is a joke AND you do a disservice to the victim & the community in general by not pushing harder for more details. Congratulations on revealing your newscast once again to be nothing more than hype-fluff. If I still watched regular TV I’d most def shop around for ANOTHER newscast.

  3. John says:

    Idiot, there isn’t any typo, try learning English!

    1. aclue111@hotmail.com says:

      John writing butts up is at the very least bad word choice in a rape article dont ya think? Thank god you aren’t an editor

  4. Tami says:

    Why is the victims home splashed all over the news?

  5. Dissapointed1 says:

    agreed! did you really say “butts up”? Totally inappropriate and not accurately descriptive, how about “adjacent to”? Also, agree w/ Jetsun. Details would be helpful….

  6. A clue says:

    Ok they fixed it so I give them credit for understanding the oversight. Its been fixed.

  7. Brandywine3 says:

    A lot of information CBS…………about the victim. Where’s the information about the perpetrator? Really good reporting.

  8. Piedmont Pines Resident says:

    Positively ID the home of the victim and provide NO info on the description of the perpetrator(s).

    1. steve says:

      Why would the police dept. want to jeopardies an investigation? That’s why there’s things they won’t say to the news media.

  9. Steve says:

    And this would be just the tip of the iceberg. with the so called “prison overcrowding” and the release of God knows how many “low lifes”; It’s time to load up and learn how to “shoot to kill” folks! (That’s one way to solve the “overcrowding”) Aren’t you folks just fed up with the justice system and “slap on the hands” for the “dirt bags” and our tax dollars going to feed the incarcerated on death row. Absolutely nothing wrong with a 4 cent bullet to take care of the execution. “Convicts rights” you say. Well, I know the poor woman didn’t have any rights during the crime. THINK ABOUT IT!

    1. Dirka Dirka says:

      Steve – you really need to get with the times. The cost of everything has gone up. Bullets are much more expensive now.

  10. wutwut says:

    Thank God for the description! That changes everything. How hard could it be to single out a 5’9″-5’11” male African American “at large” in the Oakland area? They should have this all wrapped up by dinner time.

    On second thought, maybe the author originally omitted the description because he/she thought it should be obvious. I know I did.

  11. bruce linde says:

    the reporter who interviewed me this morning asked me if i would ‘consider the trail behind the house a gateway to crime’. i replied ‘only if you’re in the media, looking for a sensationalist catch phrase.’

    i notice that he managed to work that phrase into his report… ’nuff said.

    i also notice that he and cbs ignored the police department’s requests to 1) not show the house, and 2) keep mum about the specifics of the attack.

    and you wonder why people think so poorly of the media.

    this was a bad thing that happened to good people… would it be too much to ask for a little bit of sensitivity?

    apparently so

  12. Al says:

    What is wrong with you CBS?! Why did you ID the house? Completely insensitive and unethical. Where’s your editor? Someone at CBS, please take the photo down! It’s a moronic thing to do, and completely ignores the victim’s right to privacy.

  13. Bobbi says:

    Yes it is sad that not only do they show the house, but the block it is on…..I feel so sorry for this family, and yes we live up here by them, and we do try to watch out for eachother, but most of us are asleep at 2:30-3:00 in the morning, and do we have anything to go on NO….some guy 5’9 to 5’11…..don’t worry all us women in the Oakland Hills will be on our toes….so watch your back !

  14. Piedmont Pines Resident says:

    ABC news is reporting that OPD has arrested a suspect.

  15. Mahealani says:

    What imbecile revealed this woman’s home & street? She’s a victim here not a criminal. This criminal invaded her privacy while she slept. He need to be executed on the spot when he is found. Not because he’s black, but the crime he committed.

  16. tn says:

    Since the demise of the “newspaper” and trained journalists, online “news journalists” are more like bloggers. Businesses claim it’s too expensive to maintain the educated, grammatically correct and trained news writers and editors. It’s much easier to slap together some thoughts to create incomplete and error-ridden articles, only to have the general (educated) public respond and be the new editors to poorly written articles.
    More importantly, prayers to the assaulted victim and hopes to catch the perpetrator. John Burris is waiting for another criminal to defend.

  17. Resident says:

    REMOVE THE PHOTO OF THE HOUSE AND THE SPECIFICS OF THE ADDRESS. Seriously, this is absolutely awful. I know this person and I am beyond mortified that anyone would do this. I’m also a former member of the media and I would never ever ever do something like that. It’s beyond any ethical standards.

  18. Shirley says:

    I’d be calling john burris rights about now and gets me my money.

  19. d.w. matheson says:

    As a resident on this street I find it very disturbing to still have no information as to how this sick individual entered the home. Absolutely no description of the creep and nothing but invasive journalism for the devastated family.

  20. Mary Shu says:


    There are legal ramification to your insensitivity / stupidity.

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