SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — So-called “sexting” would be added to the list of infractions that school officials can cite to expel students under a bill passed by the state Senate.

Senators on Tuesday unanimously passed SB919 by Sen. Ted Lieu, a Torrance Democrat. It defines sexting as sending or receiving sexually explicit pictures or video electronically.

Lieu said it’s a growing problem in California schools. He cited a study saying one in five teens reported sending or posting nude or semi-nude pictures and videos of themselves.

State law allows school districts to punish students for behavior that occurs on school grounds, while coming to or leaving school, during lunch breaks or en route to school-sponsored activities.

The American Civil Liberties Union opposed the bill, which now goes to the Assembly.

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  1. The Truth says:

    Are you kidding me?!?!?

    1) A student can now be expelled for RECEIVING a “sext?” Brilliant!

    2) As for 1 in 5 teens posting nude or semi-nude photos of themselves, it is THEIR body. What happened to freedom in this country?

    3) This is a violation of these teens’ Constitutional rights.

    4) Teens are actually being found guilty of felonies and being forced to register as SEX OFFENDERS for sexting pictures to their boyfriends/girlfriends elsewhere in the country! Talk about destroying a young person’s opportunity of the American Dream right off the bat.

    5) They can NEVER, EVER stop this practice. Teens can print nude photos of themselves at home and share them with others. They can post them to private internet sites. They can email them. They can keep them on a digital camera and show them to others that way. And of course, they will continue to text them.

    6) If the teens went to a nudist colony with their families and did this, it would be perfectly fine. No hypocrisy there.

    7) For those of us that are older, if we had this technology when we were younger, we’d have done the same thing that this generation is doing. It’s not nearly as big of a deal as it is being made out to be.

    8- Our society is so sexually repressed that it isn’t even funny. In Europe, they have nude sex on their daytime soap operas. And “miraculously,” their kids turn out to be just fine.

    9) In fact, in this day and age, women here are still not able to take their shirts off on a public beach, but men can. I’ve got a word for that: Discrimination. We aren’t talking about the bottom half where men and women are different, but the top half. Men have breasts & women have breasts. Yet one gender can display them openly, while the other gender cannot. And before anyone is ready to jump in saying that there is a size difference, I can point to plenty of obese men on the beach that have far bigger “moobs” (man boobs) than many very attractive ladies have. Thus, it is OK to force me to look at French Fry Eating Champion Jimbo Ieatsalot and his EE cups, but not OK for Kate Hudson to try and prevent having tan lines on her torso. Sexual repression at its finest.

    10) Why don’t these clowns in our government worry about FIXING our broken education system and actually start producing intelligent graduates instead of worrying about their own fears of sexual anxiety?


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