PLACERVILLE (CBS / AP) — A woman who was kidnapped as a child, raped and held captive for 18 years in Antioch said she was so afraid of her abductors that she never tried to escape.

In portions of a grand jury transcript released late Thursday, Jaycee Dugard said she was zapped with a stun gun while being taken from a South Lake Tahoe street and kept under a blanket in a car as she was whisked away to the Antioch home of Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

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Dugard said she heard a man laughing as he said, “I can’t believe we got away with it.”

At his home, Phillip Garrido threatened to use the stun gun on her again and said he had vicious dogs that would attack her if she left the property.

She said she was later locked inside a backyard studio without being allowed to leave for an entire year. During later years, she felt helpless because she didn’t know where she would go if she escaped.

The document was released after the Garridos were sentenced earlier Thursday.

The now 31-year-old Dugard did not attend the sentencing, saying she refused to “waste another second” in the presence of the married couple she said stole her life.

While she didn’t want to be in the Placerville courtroom as Phillip Garrido, 60, was ordered to spend the rest of his life in prison and his wife, Nancy, 55, was given a decades-long sentence — the feelings she had never been able to express while she was held prisoner did make it into court.

“I chose not to be here today because I refuse to waste another second of my life in your presence,” Dugard said in a statement read aloud by her mother, the first public comments about her experience since police found her 22 months ago. “As I think of all of those years I am angry because you stole my life and that of my family.”

“Everything you have ever done to me has been wrong and someday I hope you can see that,” she wrote, directing her words to Phillip Garrido. “I hated every second of everyday of 18 years because of you and the sexual perversion you forced on me.”

Her mother had her own words for the couple: “The only satisfaction I know is that you will never lay eyes on my daughter again.”

Dugard was 11 when she was abducted by the couple as her stepfather watched her walk toward a school bus in June 1991. They held her captive in a secret backyard compound. She gave birth to two daughters, the first when she was 14, fathered by Phillip Garrido.

The couple, dressed in orange jumpsuits, made no eye contact with anyone and kept their heads down as the letter was read.

Phillip Garrido’s lawyer read a statement on his behalf in court, saying that he agreed with Dugard and did not expect any leniency.

“He has accepted responsibility for his actions and he has done this without any expectation of leniency and has done this because he wanted to spare everyone, especially Miss Dugard and her children, a trial,” lawyer Susan Gellman said.

Gellman urged the judge to impose a lighter sentence, citing what she described as Garrido’s “significant mental health issues.”

But Judge Douglas Phimister imposed the maximum possible sentence of 431 years to life on Garrido. The judge said he recognized that Garrido had psychological problems but said he thought the sentence he worked out was appropriate.

Garrido had pleaded guilty to kidnapping and 13 sexual assault charges, including rape and committing lewd acts captured on video.

The judge also accused Garrido of feigning mental illness in the days before he was arrested by telling people that he was able to speak to God through a black box. He said Garrido did this because he was finding it increasingly difficult to keep Dugard and her daughters in the “cocoon” he created.

“This is the potential problem you ran into when the family unit you believed existed started to fall apart,” Phimister said.

The judge also marveled that Garrido was able to get paroled from federal prison for a 1976 rape and kidnapping conviction after only 11 years, saying the defendant had been able to work the penal system to his advantage.

Phimister said Garrido continued fooling psychologists, psychiatrists and parole officers in the years he held Dugard and had even persuaded probation officers who prepared his pre-sentencing report that he posed only a low-to-moderate risk as a future sexual predator.

“I think Mr. Garrido qualifies as a poster child for a sexual predator,” the judge quipped, saying he was disregarding the probation report.

As the judge spoke, Garrido remained motionless and stared straight ahead without speaking.

His plea was part of a deal with prosecutors that saw Nancy Garrido sentenced to 36 years to life after pleading guilty to kidnapping and rape. The deal was designed, in part, to spare Dugard and her children from having to testify at a trial.

Her defense lawyer, Stephen Tapson, read a statement for her. “Being sorry is not enough. Words cannot express my remorse for what I did. I stole her childhood,” the statement said. “When I walk by a mirror, I hate what I see.”

After Nancy Garrido was sentenced, the judge rejected her lawyer’s request that she be allowed to see her husband sentenced and ordered her removed from the courtroom. She said “I love you” to Phillip Garrido as sheriff’s deputies whisked her away.

The Garridos were arrested in August 2009 after Phillip Garrido inexplicably brought his ragtag clan to a meeting with his parole officer, who had no idea the convicted rapist had been living with a young woman and two girls he described as his nieces.

The state last year paid Dugard a $20 million settlement under which officials acknowledged repeated mistakes were made by parole agents responsible for monitoring Garrido. California has since increased monitoring of sex offenders.

Dugard, who has written a memoir set to be published next month, has strived to preserve her privacy since she was found.

Her mother, Terry Probyn, told the Garridos in her court comments that Dugard’s daughters, now ages 16 and 13, “know what you did to their mother. They realize your backyard was a prison and understand your filthy, despicable secret. They are aware that they have been deceived and I am here to tell you that there is no love lost.”

In her own statement, Dugard said she was doing well now.

And she told the Garridos: “You do not matter anymore.”

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Comments (19)
  1. TT says:

    “God bless her soul” and “lift her and her family up in prayer?”

    That’s ironic considering that God was the catalyst in this whole debacle. Phillip Garrido is just another religious nut. In fact, his Christian beliefs were what got him captured in the first place by trying to start a “God’s Desire” group at Cal Berkeley.

    And where was God helping Jaycee escape during those 18 years? Where was God when Jaycee was being taken from her family? Where was God when Jaycee was getting raped and giving birth to her religious nut’s child at the age of 14?

    Religion: Giving hope to those living in a world torn apart by religion.

    1. Chris Kurlinski says:

      You rock TT, couldn’t have said it better myself. I think God has done enough to this girl.

      1. TT says:

        Thanks Chris, I agree.

        FYI for everyone else: My comments were in response to another post that has since been deleted for whatever reason.

    2. Jason Lee says:

      Waaah blame evil on God and religion. You get rid of both and evil will still be there, preying on your weak mind – and everything else. They got rid of both in Soviet Russia. And what a paradise that was!

      1. citizen says:

        Jason Lee, Well stated.

      2. TT says:

        To Jason and “Citizen:”

        I’m not blaming “evil” on God and religion. Evil and good are dichotomies and need one another for each of them to exist. If there was no good, there is no evil and vice versa. I’m saying that God and religion create certain types of mental illness. For instance, delusion is a mental illness as defined by the DSM IV.

        There are the Young Earth Creationists that believe the Earth is only a several thousands of years old. This is delusional.

        There are people that believe Noah’s Ark is real. This is delusional.

        There are a ton of people that believe the Bible is inerrant. This is delusional.

        And so on and so forth….

        Let’s stop and look at prayer for a minute which is done by the vast, vast majority of believers. The facts are that numerous studies have been done by some of the world’s most prestigious groups (Mayo Clinic, Duke University Medical Center, Harvard, American Heart Association, etc) that show that prayer clearly does NOT work. If you think otherwise, then I suppose you must be more educated than they are (and places like the Mayo Clinic has strong religious affiliations with one of their main hospitals named St. Mary’s).

        If prayer really works: How many amputees has God/Jesus miraculously cured? There are so many “miracles” that happen, yet it is amazing how not one amputee has spontaneously regenerated a limb. I guess God hates amputees.

        The Bible says you if two or more of you pray to God, your requests WILL be answered without question. My friend and I just prayed for instantaneous world peace… yet “amazingly” it didn’t happen. But hey, the graveyards are full of devout Christians who prayed to God for good health.

        Moreover, studies have been done in terms of religious beliefs and IQ. Atheists had the highest IQ’s, followed by agnostics, followed by people who have medium religious beliefs, followed by the hardcore believers coming in dead last. Thus, the more you believe, the lower your IQ. Therefore, God/Jesus created his believers as the least intelligent segment of society. Classic!

        And do you know which demographic of society believes in God/Jesus the most? Yep, that’s right… grade school children… you know… the same ones that believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. What a shocker.

        I went to faith based schools for 12 years. I used to be a Bible believer myself until I was able to break through the years of brainwashing and realize the truth… after all, “the truth shall set you free” which it literally did.

        The Bible is an antiquated book written by uneducated men 2K years ago who believed the Earth to be flat. The facts are that a 5th grader today knows more about the world that we live in than did the uneducated people who wrote the Bible. It is ironic that you would NEVER let a 5th grader dictate the course of your life, but when it comes to the Bible, then it all of the sudden “magically” becomes OK to do so. It is absolutely mind-boggling.

        If you believe God is intelligent, then you’d realize that he could have never written the Bible because it is riddled with errors. It is a slap in the face of God’s intelligence to even think he could have written something that I wouldn’t have even received a “C” in my English class on because it has so many errors in it. This isn’t to say that there isn’t a Supreme Being (as one cannot disprove a negative), just that it isn’t the one from the Bible.

        And it isn’t just Christianity because other religions fall into the same category of delusion as well.

        So as you can plainly see, religion and delusion go hand in hand. It is not mentally healthy to hold delusional beliefs.

        Thus, if religion didn’t exist, would this nutcase still have kidnapped Jaycee? Who knows? However the odds that he wouldn’t have would have increased somewhat as perhaps he would have been more mentally stable or perhaps it would have made it easier for the rest of society to realize the guy was mentally unstable.

        ***** Jason writes: “They got rid of both in Soviet Russia. And what a paradise that was!”

        LOL… the fall of the Soviet Union had to do with people’s desire for personal incentive that was being quashed amongst other things. Speaking of “paradises,” let’s look at the Bible Belt here in the US.

        Do you ever stop and wonder why the so called “Bible Belt” is where most of this country’s biggest “natural disasters” happen? I mean, really, shouldn’t California be facing God’s wrath for doing such “terrible” things as trying to save lives by the public funding of stem cell research and supporting “evil” gays? Seriously… what was the last major natural disaster in California where countless people died and towns were completely destroyed? I’m sure you remember the famous World Series Earthquake that struck San Francisco in 1989… that quake had a greater force than our largest thermonuclear weapon and yet despite there being 7 million people that live in the Bay Area, there were fewer than 70 people that died. Let’s compare that with the Bible Belt where in Louisiana alone, there were only 4.5 million people (many of whom evacuated, thus bringing that number far, far lower), yet over 1,800 people died during Katrina (with over 1,000 of those in Louisiana alone). And that’s not talking about the tornados, floods, hail storms, lightning, other hurricanes, etc that constantly plague that region. Surely God would be protecting his “chosen people” right?

        And what about the Mormons? What major disasters hit Utah every year? Think for as long as you can remember and think about some major huge natural disaster that occurred there. Hard to come up with something isn’t it? Surely God would want to punish those that practice polygamy and place Joseph Smith up on a pedestal, right? So how is it that the Christians are getting all these natural disasters (and not the Mormons) if the Christians are the chosen people?

        OK granted, the Mormons are already punished by having their headquarters located in Salt Lake City. LOL

        Oh yeah, the Bible Belt is also boasts the highest rate of teen pregnancy BY FAR in the country while the ultra liberal NorthEast has the lowest. Moreover, women with religious affiliations make up more than 3/4 of all abortions in the United States. And while we are at it, atheists have lower rates of divorce than Christians, Jews and even the Mormons. But hey, what do facts matter in a world of delusion?

        Yep, that Bible Belt is a paradise indeed!

        Speaking of paradises, what about the other chosen people? Boy that Jerusalem sure is a paradise as well! All peaceful in that region of the world. Nothing bad happening there.

        If all of the world’s nuclear powers took one nuke each and dropped it on Jerusalem to literally wipe it off the face of the Earth, do you know what would happen? The Jews, Muslims and Christians would don hazmat suits and start fighting over the completely worthless toxic rubble. Why? Because they are delusional.


  2. Kendra says:

    This young girl never deserved any of this. I dont know how she did it. She is one strong woman! I wish I could meet her in person. I wish her all the best. 🙂

  3. Rick says:

    I have been a devout Christian all my life. It is the Dougard case that has changed everything. The Bible says in so many ways that God is there for you.

    I will never leave you nor forsake you
    Yet not one of them [a sparrow] will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.

    Where was God? Where was prayer?

    How many people claim that God spoke to them or came to them in a dream. How many people came to this poor girls prison. Why did God not come to someone in a dream the night before or after the visit and clearly show them that there is a girl hidden in the house? Why did the Holy Spirit not direct one of these officers to search the back yard.

    1) there is no God
    2) God does not act on this earth and prayer is useless

    THERE IS NO OTHER ANSWER. If you believe the second then you CANNOT believe the Bible because it does not show a world that he created and now turns his back on.

    If two or more are together I am there
    If you ask your father for bread would he give you a stone? How much more does God love you then your own father?
    Come to you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

    Where was God? Where was prayer?

    It could have been an incredible testament to God to hear that a probation officer left and claimed to hear from God or God came to him in a dream and he called the police and a young Dougard was discovered. We all know that there was not such dream, no such revelation. GOD DID NOTHING. Read “Mother Theresa, A Crisis of Faith.”

    The funny thing???? If you worship the God of the Bible then Phillip the captor will go to heaven because he believes in God and has asked for forgiveness. Dougard, however, does not believe in God (because of this evil man) and she is the one who will spend an eternity in hell. Does this make sense to anyone? But who are we to question God? A thinking, caring, loving human. That’s who.

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