SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – The city of San Jose and the San Jose Police Officers’ Association have reached a tentative agreement on concessions that will save the jobs of more than 150 police officers.

The agreement, which was reached Friday morning, will prevent 156 police officers from being laid off, City Manager Debra Figone said.

“This agreement keeps 156 police officers on the street protecting our city, and it meets the council’s goals of a 10 percent reduction in total compensation and an agreement to keep working on pension reform,” Figone said in a statement.

The city has asked all its employees to take a 10 percent reduction in salary and benefits amid a $115 million budget deficit.

The terms of the proposal include a 10 percent reduction in total compensation for a savings of $12.9 million, but allow an arbitrator to decide whether the reduction will be ongoing or one-time. If the arbitrator decides the reduction should be ongoing, the contract terms will be for two years and if it is one-time, the terms will be for one year.

The terms also allow the city to outsource policing at the airport.

Negotiations on pension reform and sick leave payouts, however, are ongoing.

The proposal must be approved by members of the police union before going to the City Council for consideration on June 14.

George Beattie, president of the Police Officers’ Association, said both sides bargained in good faith and that he hopes to continue pension reform talks with the city.

“Sadly, the deal will not save the jobs of all of our officers who have received layoff notices this year, but we hope that the city will continue to work to find funding options to keep as many of these officers on the street as possible,” Beattie said.

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Comments (5)
  1. Michael Aschoff says:

    I love it when cops become citizens again … welcome back biatch!

    1. RealityCheck says:

      Your statement is asinine. They are all citizens and are required to be a US citizen to even get the job. Perhaps you should think about how you word comments.

      The math does not work. Assuming that each SJ cop earned $250,000/year in salary and employee benefits, they take a 10% pay reduction it would at most save 90 jobs. Not 156 as the story claims. Can you please lay out the math and how many it will actually prevent from being laid off?

  2. SJ Cop says:

    There is no officer making $250k. With the 10% cut I will be grossing 90k/year. I pay 22% of my pay check to fund my retirement. After fed and state taxes, union dues, medical, UI insurance and the other things taken out of my paycheck…I’ll net approx. 45k/year. 300 officers recieved layoff notices including myself. I have 8 years on. We took a 6% paycut last year and will take another 10% this year. The 10% will only save 156…the rest will be laid off.

    Yesterday I was a hero.
    Today I am a scapegoat.
    Tomorrow I will be unemployed.

  3. Survival says:

    I am a 32 year vet cop that has taken a 23+% cut in wages. I am not complaining because I am happy to be working in the profession I love. To make ends meet, I have taken on two other low paying part time jobs. I just do what I have to do. Many of my friends make me mad because thay are collecting unemployment while they could be out there working (they have passed up job offers!). All the time saying it’s “Free Money” and “this let’s me stay home” and or do “Fun Things.”

  4. Tim Togo says:

    We don’t become civilians after lay offs idiot. We become reserve officers working for free until we get our jobs back….same thing that happened in Oakland. So…ha….we still have police powers and can still take your sorry self to jail.

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