REDWOOD CITY (CBS/AP) — A former prominent child psychiatrist accused of molesting his patients was due back in court for a competency hearing to determine if he is ready to be retried.

District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said jury selection is scheduled Monday for the hearing on Dr. William Ayres’ mental health. A previous competency trial was put on hold in January amid concerns about the 79-year-old psychiatrist’s dementia.

Ayres is charged with molesting seven male patients under the guise of conducting physical exams during counseling sessions.

More than 30 other former patients also alleged being fondled by Ayres, but he was not charged in those cases because of how long ago they occurred.

A mistrial was declared in Ayres’ first trial two years ago after the jury deadlocked on all counts.


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Comments (2)
  1. Lolly says:

    A victim of Ayres died three months ago. He was severely sexually assaulted- the kind of assault that Ayres has not been indicted for.

  2. John Law says:

    Ayres assisted in the selection of the jury; laughed appropriately at his wife’s jokes on the witness stand. His own lawyer was superb and prepared while as usual prosecutor Melissa Mckowan had done scant prep work and was unprepared.

    The result: a mistrial, 8 to four. Meanwhile Ayres has been spotted out and about by himself, with just a cane, looking and acting perfectly sane.

    The consensus is that the San Mateo did not want to win this case because of the slew of lawsuits against the County that hired him to evaluate boys for decades.

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