SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – LeBron James of the Miami Heat disappointed his fans with a sub-par game Tuesday night as the Dallas Mavericks took game four of the NBA finals, now tied at 2-2. John Madden told the KCBS morning crew Wednesday that it’s been a great playoff series, and that it’s a shame both teams can’t be champions.

“The team that loses is going to be ridiculed as guys that can’t win the big one,” Madden said. “That’s really unfair. You watch them play, and how hard they play and how great they are… The winners are going to get their due, and the loser has to succumb to ridicule, which I hate.”

Meanwhile, Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano is suggesting that kickoffs be eliminated to reduce injuries from high speed collisions. “I can see when there will be a day when maybe there’s no kickoff,” Madden said.

“The injuries on kickoffs are four times what they are on any other play… Kickoffs are something that will be looked at carefully.” Madden said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Schiano and is looking at the issue. (8:25)


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