SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — San Francisco’s transportation authority has adopted a plan to issue special street parking permits to nannies, after a group of parents complained that current parking restrictions pose a safety risk to kids.

The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority board of directors voted Tuesday to allow out-of-town childcare providers to obtain permits normally reserved for city residents.

Parents seeking a childcare-provider permit must collect signatures from half of the households on their block, the San Francisco Examiner reports. They also must show a birth certificate proving that at least one child in the household is age 12 or younger.

Supporters of the permits say nannies often are forced to choose between leaving children unattended to move their vehicles or racking up hefty fines.

Transportation officials say San Francisco is the largest U.S. city to offer a class of permits exclusively for nannies.

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Comments (2)
  1. ProMuni says:

    You gotta be F-ing kidding me. Enjoys your new rates for public transportation residents of SF, from the SFMTA while we let rich people get more perks. Lets work to destroy “THE AGENCY”.

  2. JaneQPublic says:

    You ASSUME that all working parents are rich……Get real!

    MANY working parents MUST hire childcare/babysitters so they can keep a roof over their heads. And that includes single parents who may have a relative watching the kids. Think before you jump to CONFUSION….

    For what it’s worth: I support FREE mass transit in the entire city.

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