TOMALES (CBS/AP) – Marin County officials have euthanized about 400 roosters they believe were being raised for cockfighting on the property of a man who killed himself just as sheriff’s deputies arrived to arrest him on suspicion of child molestation.

Marin Humane Society spokeswoman Carrie Harrington told the Marin Independent Journal they had no direct evidence the birds were used for fights, such as a fighting arena on the property.

But many birds had sloppily stitched-up wounds. All were missing their natural spurs, which are often replaced with sharper metal spurs for cockfights.

Deputies arriving to arrest the man May 25 heard a gunshot and found him mortally wounded in his bedroom. The newspaper is not naming him to protect the alleged victim’s identity.

An investigation into the possible cockfighting operation is ongoing.

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Comments (9)
  1. Finger licken good says:

    They should feed the birds to the homeless.

  2. Tours Martel says:

    I was going to say, let’s bring on the barbeque. As for the homeless, if they are willing to do some wood splitting, then they can eat. No workee, no eatee. Marin has enough idle and shiftless folks without encouraging them.

  3. tn says:

    …and if his name were something like Richard Long, it would be the perfect trifecta.

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    I believe you are right completely

  5. trj says:

    Was this guy even legal? This is the kind of monkey obama is trying to give amnesty to. America MUST NOT let that happen. If he was not mexican the press would have his name with a picture here.

  6. Gîtes dans le Var says:

    I do not disagree with you!!

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  8. هاست says:

    Curiously, a well executed piece..

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