CHP, Fire Department Rescue Man Threatening To Jump Off Ledge Of Bay Bridge

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — A man who had been standing on the ledge of the Bay Bridge for about two hours Saturday afternoon was taken into custody by the California Highway Patrol at about 4:40 p.m., an officer said.

The man had been on the Bay Bridge just past the Treasure Island exit threatening to jump, as lanes were blocked by rescue crews and traffic backed up.

A witness said she saw someone climb at about 2:45 p.m. onto the ledge of the upper deck of the bridge’s western span, near far right lane.

“We thought he was just going to go to the call box, and then he kept going onto the ledge,” the witness said.

The San Francisco Fire Department and Oakland Fire Department responded, as well as the CHP.

The two right lanes of the bridge were blocked for hours and traffic was backed up well into the MacArthur Maze.  By 5:00 p.m. traffic was back to normal.

The fire department was still responding as of about 3 p.m.

The California Highway Patrol was also involved in the rescue effort.

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  • Dan

    Big OOOps! Not the Golden Gate Bridge but the Bay Bridge. Who edits this stuff anymore?

  • Bill D.

    Lucky he wasn’t in Alameda. They don’t train for bridge rescues.

  • C.Manson

    Hey, Dan, where does it say ANYTHING about the Golden Gate Bridge? Who edits YOUR stuff? Watcha been smoking?

  • N.McKinney

    Was in traffic and it was crazy. So many police officers coming up on the far left AND right freeway lanes that cars were scrambling to squeeze out of the way and some harsh words were exchanged between stressed and frustrated drivers. I was stuck on the bridge and it’s approach for over an hour, but the weather was nice! Feel sad for the “jumper”-that anyone would feel they had to do it.

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