CLEARLAKE (CBS / AP) — Authorities in Northern California on Monday were still looking for two men possibly connected to a weekend shooting of six people that left a 4-year-old boy dead and his mother hospitalized.

Officers found the boy and five others wounded from gunshots late Saturday night during a barbecue in Clearlake, police Sgt. Tom Clements told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

The child was pronounced dead at a local hospital while his mother, Desiree Kirby, is in a medically induced coma at a Sacramento hospital after being traumatized by her son’s death, police said.

Kirby was undergoing a second surgery on Monday, her mother, Sunni Forney of Clearlake, told the newspaper. Forney said the boy’s name is Skyler.

“I am trying to cope with all this. It’s very hard,” Forney told the newspaper in an email.

Authorities have not yet released the boy’s name.

The remaining four victims, including a pair of 23-year-old brothers, a 19-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy were taken to a hospital and were expected to live. No suspects were in custody as investigators continue searching for Kevin Stone, 29, of Clearlake, who went from a person of interest to a key suspect, police said Monday.

Police later announced that they are looking for Orlando Lopez, 23, also of Clearlake, as a new person of interest.

Clements declined to provide details about the shooting or what role Stone possibly played. The attack did not appear to be gang-related, Clements added.

About 15 people attended a barbecue and bonfire at a house when a noise that sounded like a firecracker came over the fence, said Amanda Gamble, 19, a family relative who attended the gathering, told the newspaper.

Gamble said after she looked to see where the sound came from, she turned back and saw that the boy had been shot.

Gamble said she raced to call 911 while Kirby ran out of the house to check on her son. At least two shooters appeared to have been firing from about 15 feet away, Gamble said.

“We lost a 4-year-old for no reason,” she said.

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Comments (10)
  1. Miss Dee says:

    So sad…senseless violence claims another innocent life. When is this going to stop?

    1. BOB says:

      When we start shooting back!

    2. Jim Bob says:

      Unfortunately, it wont.

  2. Why? says:

    This little boy and his family are a friend’s relative. There was absolutely no reason for this and the shooters were unknown to the family. This horrible, random act of violence has also left a 3 year old with multiple shrapnel wounds. When are we going to start making criminals pay with the instancy they take the life of an innocent, any innocent, no matter what age. This government, which is every one of us, sits around doing really nothing. There are rules of society and civilization. In the last 30 years we are moving towards a chaos and too few left who remember the world better.
    This was not even a worthy second day news story. This family were hard working, sweet people, struggling like the rest and simply at a Father’s Day Barbeque. I ask on the behalf of this family for you to take a moment and realize this can happen to anyone. Please pray for this kind family, hold your family close and support those who fight violence in your community. And please demand that this terrible recession we are in does not take your police, EMT’s and firepersons from our communities. Do not support anyone who takes our service persons off the streets! When will this stop Miss Dee? When we the people get mad enough to make it stop by voting people who are not half wits into office and by getting seriously involved in our communities.
    A 4 year old boy shot and killed at a family Barbeque? God Bless You Kirby family. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

  3. markiemarko says:

    What does immigration have to do with this? This country is based on immigration, including the Europeans who came here and took the land from native americans. Alot of other factors make up this unfortunate and horrible crime than immigration. No one mentioned this was committed by immigrants.

  4. Veteran says:

    When are people going to realize that the police can only do so much, 99.9 percent of the time the police show up after the crime has already been committed. It is up to responsible adults who were at that party to make sure that everyone is safe. Everyone has a right to protect themselves their families and their property. Do not leave that responsibility to the police. Protect yourselves, yes if it means carrying a gun which is legal on private property and your camp site in Ca. it is considered your temp home. Whether at home or on the road with my family I always make sure I have the means to protect myself & my them. Thank God you may never have to go to that extreme but it’s better to have it & not need it then to need it & not have it case in point

  5. Kim says:

    Police are MOST interested in gathering information about how to identify the victim if found dead. Much less interested in finding a missing person or preventing violence before it happens.

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