Hundreds Of California Gang Members Released From GPS Tracking

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Not only are state prison officials getting ready to move thousands of inmates to county jails in a cost cutting move, but they’ve also reduced the number of gang members on GPS monitoring.

There are about 950 gang parolees with GPS devices, but starting next Friday, July 1st, that’s being cut to 400. The move is expected to save $6 million, which is only a fraction of the $150 million the department has been asked to cut.

“We need to live within our means, which means that we have to prioritize who we put on GPS,” said Oscar Hidalgo, spokesman for the Department of Corrections. “We believe that the sex offender population will remain on GPS monitoring. There are 7,500 sex offenders in the state today that are monitored using GPS technology, and that will continue.”

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

Officials won’t completely dismantle the GPS program for gang parolees just in case the money comes back. However, until it does, local law enforcement will have a tougher time linking gang members to crime scenes.

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  • Sonny

    Not enough money to house inmates, but always enough money for a jury trial when they get arrested again…….Yep, glad they have their priorities.

  • The Cryptojournalist

    Have to wonder what the State does with the 550 GPS units they’re putting on ice. Sunk cost if they sit in storage, guarantee they won’t sell ’em..

  • hdwhoa

    I would like to see how 550 units adds up to 6 million. That’s 10900 per unit per year. Tell ya what. I’ll check 10 of them per day for half the cost.

  • Brian Andrews

    Pee behind a dumpster…get tracked for 3 years. Commit violent gang-related offenses…turn off the GPS. Yea, great priorities. Of those 7500 SO’s probably 10% are actually threats to children. Sigh…

  • defdraivatzy
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