Richmond Police Car Crashes Transporting “Spitting” Suspect To Jail

HERCULES (CBS SF) — A Richmond police officer transporting a suspect to the county jail Monday morning lost control and crashed on state Highway 4 in Hercules, a California Highway Patrol officer said.

The crash happened at about 10:50 a.m. on eastbound Highway 4 just east of Interstate Highway 80, near Willow Avenue.

According to police, the suspect started to spit on the officer. When the officer tried to find something to block the spit, he lost control of the car and it rolled over.

A Honda Accord was also involved in the crash.

Both were sent to hospitals, including one who was taken to John Muir Medical Center with minor injuries.  The officer has since been released, but the suspect has not.

The crash initially blocked lanes, but the roadway was cleared just before noon.

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  • Big D

    Dumb cop, a little spit never hurt anyone.

    • Survival

      Hey Big D, WRONG! I have had two buddies that became ill from spitters. One had to go through a series of shots for Hepatitis and Meningitis but he still ended up with Hep. My other friend had to go through a painful infection of one eye becuse the suspects mouth was full of infected cuts and abscesses.
      But I know, we will just call you for the spitters in the future.

  • JaneQPublic

    This DRIVES home the LESSON that it’s probably NOT a good idea to distract – much less attack – the driver at the wheel of the car you’re riding in…..

  • BOB

    jimmy get HELP

  • adam

    I would of:

    Stop the cruiser
    Turn off the camera and radio
    Give the suspect a beating of a life time

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