110923958 Planking Takes Over The Internet

SAN FRANCISCO (CBSSF) – You may have seen it all over. Everyone is doing it. Why? “Just Because”. It’s called “planking”. It seems to have started with Australian high school students and then blew up on Facebook.

People would take a picture of themselves in a “planked” position. Often in unusual places and sometimes at great risk to themselves. Case in point, an Australian man fell to his death while trying to plank on a 7th floor balcony.

The official, non-official rules to planking are that photos must be of you (no Photoshopped images), hands to your sides, (and although, difficult to determine) planked for 5 seconds. (Do not try this at home).

Recently, actress Rosario Dawson talked about “planking” on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and even demonstrated on live television her obsession. Our “always-in-the-know” sister-station, 99.7 Now decided to join in on the internet craze at 99.7 NOW studios… interns, on-air DJs and even our CBS Receptionist got in on the action.


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