ROSEVILLE, Placer County (CBS SF) — Berkeley police have called off the search for a missing bicyclist after a hotel clerk in Roseville reported seeing him on Tuesday night, a police sergeant said.

Anthony Michael Martin, 29, was supposed to meet his girlfriend, Amaya James, on Saturday night, but never did, James said.

James and her parents began searching for Martin Saturday night, thinking the Berkeley physicist might have been riding his bicycle in the Oakland or Berkeley hills.

Police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss said the hotel clerk confirmed that Martin was staying in the Roseville area after police sent the clerk a photo of him. The clerk said Martin had his bicycle with him.

Kusmiss said it appears Martin left for personal reasons.

“Martin did not appear to be in distress and as an adult, he is legally allowed to make the choices he has made,” she said.

Berkeley police said they have advised James and her and family that Martin is no longer considered a missing person.

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Comments (9)
  1. Mett says:

    He should have to pay for all costs in the search for his self-centered butt……..

    1. Biker says:

      No, she should have to pay, for jumping to conclusions.

  2. Sigmund says:

    Sounds to me like they had an argument, he diched his phone, isn’t that what they found, his phone on the road? Then he decided to bike up to Sacto. I agree with Biker, she jumped to conclusions. Looks like Martin needs to dump her, she’s the one that’s self-centered.

  3. Lexie Blue says:

    I don’t think that she is self-centered. She did the correct thing on reporting him missing if he hadn’t be back to his place without and without anyone knowing where he was. Responsible adults let others know. There’s been a lot of missing persons lately, he could have had an accident or something so it was obvious that she would worry, so he should pay for being immature and playing missing.

  4. Miss Dee says:

    How embarrassing for her to be publicly jilted like that when she obviously cared about the man enough to report him missing & employ her family to go searching for him. She should dump him!

  5. mob says:

    I think relying on a hotel clerk who IDs a picture is not conclusive. hopefully there is more evidence than that for a missing person that lost a cell phone and hasn’t contacted family and friends. At the very least perhaps he is suffering from a some medical or psyche trauma

  6. "the girlfriend" says:

    Thank you Mob. I think that is the right way to look at this whole thing. A hotel clerks confirmation that he stayed at the hotel is NOT sufficient and the police have NOT informed me that he is ok. They said he was sighted and that they intend to do a wellness check, but I have NOT gotten any further information. This current news about his well being is inaccurate, but the media twists things. That should be expected. And I’m sure this “good” news makes it easier for everyone else to go to sleep at night. His family and friends, however, are not satisfied. One report said that I refused to comment… indeed, I stopped returning calls because I was overwhelmed and had no further information to give. The media frenzy that happened surrounding this whole thing was not anticipated, it just happened and I do not regret it. I hope everyone who has a loved one go missing would care enough to search for them and do everything they could to make sure they are alright. It’s what we do for others.

  7. "the girlfriend" says:

    Addition: I don’t want to disparage the media because they were on my team… Yes things may be twisted, but reporters are working with limited information and need to produce a story immediately, and that’s not always a bad thing, because the ultimate goal here was to report a missing person and that was successful. Thanks for that!

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