Concord Could Fine Students For Cutting Class

CONCORD (KCBS) – It could soon cost kids, and parents in Concord upwards of $500 if the teenager continues to cut class.

There’s no question about it, said Mayor Laura Hoffmeister, Concord police have their hands full with truant kids these days.

“Often they’re finding that the kid they return at 11 a.m. is back out at 12:30,” said Hoffmeister.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

This prompted school officials to look into a school day curfew ordinance. After a general warning, kids and their parents would be fined $100 after the first offense, $200 after the second, and $500 after the third.

Adults in the area seem to largely support the idea, while teenagers are predictably against the proposal.

Kids who had a legitimate reason to be out of school would not be impacted. The proposal goes to a vote by the entire city council at their meeting Tuesday night.

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  • Miss Dee

    Good for Concord! Hold these parents accountable for ensuring their kids are in school! I hope other cities follow suit!

    • j

      More Gubermint!


    • John Fox


    • American Man

      Very dumb, very liberal response. Obviously it would make better sense to find out why they have no interest in attending. Could it be that the Teachers are given lame materials , uninteresting, boring, no insight of reality.
      Did you ever think that fines mean nothing to teenagers, and put stress on homes with this dreadful economy.
      The big authoritarians , with their idiotic zero tolerance mentality will probably make some families snap and cause some suicides or family murders, because , if everyone doesn’t submit to authority , there will be a price to pay.
      Education leads the mind with insight , it doesn’t force knowledge with a whip

      • baby

        very well put, very insightful.

      • Michelle "Hamburgler" Obama Speaks...

      • lukuj

        Young people don’t always do what is good for them. “Enforcing” as you put it, can help them to get at least some education in spite of themselves. I have to say that I appreciate the “enforcing” my parents and teachers did because, as I matured, I realized they had given me a work ethic, morals, an understanding that life isn’t all about doing just what you WANT to do, but about doing what is best in the long run for yourself and others.
        The problem with this approach is,that with the current economy, many parents simply won’t be able to pay the fine, so there probably will have to be a new government entitlement to pay the fines for them( a liberal solution for almost everything) or the fines will just be excused or something. An alternative would be to require parents to attend school with the kids for the day if they are unemployed. I have seen this work in districts near where I live. The students and parents dislike it enough that the students actually change their behavior. A little embarrassment never hurt anyone. It is even more embarrassing to be poorly educated and/ or without even a high school diploma.

      • JB Destiny

        My thoughts exactly!

      • Itzik

        Why do you think this Idea is liberal? The proposed law makes sense to me. If the public is paying teachers to teach students, I expect the students to attend class. If the student is attending a private school, I don’t care what he/she does.

      • Farmer Bob

        “It is even more embarrassing to be poorly educated and/ or without even a high school diploma.” — lukuj

        Too bad it never seems to embarrass a liberal to be poorly educated, even *with* a high school diploma, a college degree or a PhD. How DO they do it?

    • Jimmy

      When do they install the razor wire fences and put in the guard towers? They are just getting people used to living in tyranny at a young age. I bet you like living in tyranny and having all your money taken away from you so that it can be given to illegals so that they can take our jobs and make more illegals. I know, why don’t you pack up your things and move to China where they tell you how many kids you can have and how many hours to work each week? I’ll bet you would like that.

      • lukuj

        There is a difference between tyranny and trying to teach young people that they have responsibilites in life. If it tyranny when you refuse to let your own child go to a party where you think drugs or alcohol are present? Is it tyranny when you have rules in your own home and insist your child follow them, and there are consequences when they don’t? Teaching self-discipline and responsiblity is NOT tyranny. There is a HUGE difference between expecting kids to attend school and having consequences if they don’t and telling people how many kids they can have and how many hour a week to work. People always have the option of homeschooling if they don’t want to follow the rules of the schools.

      • lukuj

        There is a difference between tyranny and trying to teach young people that they have responsibilites in life. Is it tyranny when you refuse to let your own child go to a party where you think drugs or alcohol are present? Is it tyranny when you have rules in your own home and insist your child follow them, and there are consequences when they don’t? Teaching self-discipline and responsiblity is NOT tyranny. There is a HUGE difference between expecting kids to attend school and having consequences if they don’t and telling people how many kids they can have and how many hour a week to work. People always have the option of homeschooling if they don’t want to follow the rules of the schools.

    • Jimmy

      Is your sister Nancy Pelosi? You are a truly misguided liberal. I blame the whole breakdown of this country on people like you.

      • elio

        you sound like a brainwashed foxnews zombie or an empty brain CON

    • BigJim

      Why does it always come around to money?
      They’re going to “help” you with a hefty fine.

      Thanks a million, you worthless jagoffs!!!!

    • squid

      In prison you mean. They can learn a lot more if they could escape.

    • Mitchell Faulk

      Very ignorant opinion! Did you not read that the kids can be returned to school by police at 11:00am and be back out at 12:30pm? The parents who are having to work for a living cannot be sitting in a school parking lot all day making sure their children stay in school. If children can be tried as adults for the crimes they commit then they should be responsible enough for the choices they make about staying in school. I am so sick of hearing stories of crime committed by “children” and the first thing you read or hear is “Where where the parents?” Punish the children like they did when I went to school; a large paddle and a week of in school suspension. ISS was the absolute worst and made an impression very quickly. But liberals have it that you cannot even give your children a good spanking at home without being arrested. That is the problem;….a lack of discipline and a lack of authority. If there is no consequences for the child’s behavior there will be no results in behavior modification. Who is going to pay these fines, the children? I doubt it so once again no discipline or consequences for the child doing wrong. You cannot have it two ways….

      • elio

        because your teacher sodomize you in your youth doesnt mean that is ok in 2011 using police to police kid is damm

      • Andrew P.

        You can discipline a child without spanking – and don’t get me wrong, I believe in spanking. But if you don’t, or can’t spank, then there are still ways to discipline your child. You just have to be willing to put up with all the whining that comes with it. Do they have cell phones? Take them away. Do they have video-game consoles? Take them away. Do they drive a car you bought them? Buy them a bus pass. You can even do other things that may not seem like punishment, until you think like a teen: Do they like to eat white bread? Give them wheat for a month. Do they like their nice back-to-school clothes you bought? Well, give them the most ratty jeans you can find. Preferably the ones you wore when YOU where in high school. Basically, TEACH THEM THAT UNTIL THEY TURN 18 and/or MOVE OUT, YOU CONTROL THEM! Not the other way around. Don’t give them money. Don’t give them clothes. Don’t give them anything more than a hug and a kind word.

        But wait, that would make parenting the parent’s responsibility. And most would rather the government take care of their kids. Well guess what? If that continues, the gov’t will take care of them. They will have a nice 8 x 8 cell to share with another kid who’s parents didn’t care enough.

    • Robert E. Lee

      My friends if you think that this is a good idea then you should have to pay for these kids. This so far out of reason it should just be done in China or some other communist country. You-all think that some how you are going to get a true free spirited american from riding them rough-shawed and stressing thier over worked parents right into the ground. How do kids become hostal? They become hostal due to unfair demands and lack of love. That is what this is and you wonder about kids shooting thier parents when you drive them and thier parents crazy. Get yourself all messed up in the name of education! Make your child feel hopeless go on agree with this stupid mess!

    • Contrairian

      AH HA HA HA! Next, they will be “outlawing goldfish…

    • Cancer

      This is a good idea but I believe it is the wrong implimentation. Children don’t have the kind of money that is being fined and so the parents will end up paying for it. If the kid really wants to do it the parents will pay the price to the point that the kid gets kicked out or the parents just suck it up and keep paying (or they beat their kid I guess). The fines should be more like $50 if they want to punish those commiting the crime.

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  • Dixie

    The kids that are against the proposal are the kids that are cutting class.

  • Mothman

    More laws, more government control, more hypnotized idiots who welcome it.



    • Sean M. Turoci


    • MadCharles

      It’s just another money grab against the hated citizens. The unions couldn’t care less as long as someone is paying the dues.

    • A Guy

      Nanny State California … and of course, getting their hands on your money any way they can in the guise of “for the children” once more.

    • chcuk

      Make sure your kids are in school!!!!!!!!!!!!. Every good parent makes sure their kids attend school. If you can’t control your own kids don’t blame government when it has to step in.

      • Genius

        Actually, good parents DON’T send their kids to school. Good parents teach their kids at home. Good parents understand that their children’s education is their responsibility and they don’t rely on government. I’m thankful everyday that I have good parents.

    • 2goldenwings


  • Xiomara

    Because fining them is going to make them want to stay in class? How about a new education system that engages students? No no no nononono. WHY WOULD WE DO THAT?

    • B0cean

      Exactly right! Good comment. (from a H.S. teacher)

      • Jimmy

        I’m getting so fed up with all of the gov’t. Our free country is a thing of the past. It is a different country than the one I grew up in.

    • Bruce Almty

      Hey, these are the best educated Americans money can buy. Unfortunately the teachers and teachers unions suck.

    • Pyroclastic Flow

      The Calif Gov is still using OPM now availiable and of future generations. Just like the current administration;s campaign to Tax the Rich. The Rich are the only ones with any money left. By the way thats down to $250,000.00 a year. Both governments need a colonic.

  • DocJake

    Just what are the parents supposed to do? Anything a parent does in the form of discipline is consider child abuse. So, the government created these truants and now they don’t want the responsibility they TOOK away from the parents. Go figure!

    • j

      ON those grounds alone the law should be declared unconstitutional.

    • elizabeth

      But it’s ok to give them lots of drugs for ADHD-lots and lots of psychotropic drugs

      • Laura L.

        Agreed. While there may be SOME children who actually have chemical disorders that are helped by medications, ADHD is simply the most recent popular diagnosis for bad behavior that parents aren’t addressing themselves. Behavioral therapy and teaching parents new and improved parenting skills (in therapy or by the pediatrician–not at the hands of the government) would be a greater and more healthy solution. We’re teaching kids to rely on drugs for problems rather than expecting them and the parents to change their ways. I mean, what 7-year old boy isn’t occasionally (or often) hyper? Add poor parenting or frequently absent parents and you have a child who resists authority and doesn’t know when it’s appropriate to pay attention, sit still, etc. Not to mention that we shouldn’t always expect elementary school (or middle school) kids to be perfectly behaved and still all day. Sitting in a desk all day isn’t a natural human thing and requires learning to adjust to.
        And, yes, this is just more big government. Unconstitutional and ridiculous. We shouldn’t have public school systems in the first place. They aren’t working.

  • JeffD

    Silly and a waste of time, money, and time. We have too many laws as it is. There will be claims of discrimination. Many will complain they can’t afford the fine – and what is the penalty if you don’t pay the fine? Prison? Escalating fines with judgments and possible asset seizure?

    More likely the parents will give a reason why their child couldn’t be in school, that they were aware of it and wouldn’t have to pay the fine which means not one less truant, not one dime collected.

    • OneOfThePeople

      But alot of enforcement dollars wasted! ;)

  • Steve

    “Often they’re finding that the kid they return at 11 a.m. is back out at 12:30,” said Hoffmeister.

    That would seem to be the schools fault. A parent has the responsibility to make sure the kid gets to school on time. It is the schools responsibility to ensure they do not leave once they get there. Sure, fine parents who allow their kids to skip or who do not ensure their kids are at school to begin the day, but you can not fine the parents for kids who leave in the middle of the day without permission. Seems that the school should have to pay that fine.

    • talltrees

      ‘ It is the schools responsibility to ensure they do not leave once they get there’

      you got as plan for this? Buddy a few comments ago was bemoaning the “Police State” of “razor wire”, etc. What are the options? A winning smile and unlimited candy? I can guarantee that even unlimited candy won’t pull every kid into class.

      If you don’t know that there is a rather large percentage of teens who reject any and all authority then we don’t live in the same universe.

      • A Guy

        It is the State’s “fault” if they child leaves the grounds. They are “in loco parentis” while the child is in their charge.

        Therefore the State should be charged with child abandonment/endangerment/ whateverment.

        The State took this responsibility from the parent. Yet it wants the parent to pay for the failure of the State to execute its responsibility.

    • Terry

      At my son’s school in order to enter or leave during school hours you must go though the front office. All other entrances are computer locked accept for set times and emergencys.

      If you don’t have proper note or an adult with I.D. picking you up you don’t leave.

  • Flannery

    Is student attendance required for state educational aid?

    • Melaine Cooper

      Yes, the number of students in school on any given day has a direct correlation to the amount of state and federal monies received by the school. Schools will close if not enough students show up due to any number of reasons usually sickness. They can actually lose money for the school and funds for the free lunch and breakfast programs if enough students do not attend.

  • founding fathers student

    IS this Education or indoctration? smells ,looks walks like Indoctration.

    • LIes

      Well said. The indoctrination to lies from “educators” is neverending. More often than not even the educator doesn’t realize they are teaching lies and half truths. A good example is coal and oil come from dead dinosaurs. It’s effective. Fuels prices are high because they run on the assumption that oil limited instead of limitless but no matter how many years of lies I will never believe for one second oil and other “fossil fuels” come from dead dinos, sorry oil barons and Rockerfeller education system.

      • Paul

        Where does it come from?

      • Andrew P.

        Oil IS limited. In the sense that we buy it from someone who limits how much we can buy, and at what price.

  • LK

    What about homeschoolers? Will they be fined every time they are seen out in public during the school day? We don’t need more government control in our lives. Fight this!

    • heatherfeather

      That’s probably why they made the law. Sad how we have to go through life hiding from the Fine Police.

    • Jeanette

      Exactly what I was wondering! We homeschool. There better be an exception for homeschooled children.

      • KD

        Instead of sitting around “wondering”, you really need to read over the entire ordinance now. Here in the equally backwards city of Chula Vista, we have had a daytime curfew in place since 1998. Just last year I learned that many of our police officers were not even aware that our curfew provided “exceptions” for home schooled juveniles. Perhaps these officers were too overworked to bother to read the ordinance from front to back, but a deeper issue is that they still maintain that there is no standardized method for a juvenile to prove that he/she is really home schooled. You say you have an ID card that proves he’s home schooled? Think again…the cops don’t feel they have to recognize it! Your child, and you, will still risk being put through the wringer. Contact your city council offices now and ask for a copy of the ordinance, and then start talking with the upper management in the police force to get their take on how they intend to conduct contacts with a professed home school student. Based on my experience here, I’m sure you will find their answers to be eye-opening.

    • KD

      See my comment below, and visit my website

  • MC62

    Kick discipline to the curb in every sphere of society and then wonder where it all went wrong. Another example of why liberalism fails EVERY TIME! This is what happens when the inmates are allowed to run the asylum.

  • tsable

    Concord needs the money, plain and simple. More BS from government trying to be the nanny state. Yes, kids hang out in downtown Concord all the time, skipping school. But government getting involved with big $ fines means only one thing – follow the money to a complete fascist state.

  • Dan

    Hey, why don’t we fine the schools & teachers for not keeping them in class or in the school house?

    • jimmy123

      exactly…if they knew how to teach..the syudents wouldnt want to run away all the time :-)

      • Maddie

        exactly…the syudents wouldnt want to run away! However, the STUDENTS may continue to abhor the environment!

  • Bawlamer Merlin

    This is a GREAT idea!!

    • John Fox


  • Home School

    Shut down all of the schools, and make it a Home School Only state! :)

  • mamwati

    Gee, i will bet they can’t touch illegals. I mean, how can they account for someone who isn’t supposed to exist in the system? So only legals will be charged. Literally. Times for California to fall off the face of the planet.

  • Mike

    This is good, if they are cutting class, they are wasting money. Schools should be no nonsense about everthing

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  • Freddy

    How they gonna fine illegals? They have no info about them because they deliberatly do not keep any.

    • heatherfeather

      For illegals, the fine will be in pesos.

      • NEO CON JOHN

        They will not be included in the program

      • NEO CON JOHN

        HOLY SH#T, I just realized that this is just another way for them to soak the public,
        because now they will need to set up an agency the loan government money to the truants parents to pay the fines to the schools so they can keep oporating.

  • signspeaker

    Great idea for those who generally abdicate reasoning skills and responsibility to the state.


      think about your comment, they live in California,
      they abdicated decades ago.

  • jasperddbgghost

    Betcha if they were cutting class for a “gay pride” event, there would be no problem.

    • Big Bear

      Don’t dare cut class during Gay Education Week (or Month). Double fine!!


    I do believe w have found the answer to our budget crisis, GO CONCORD!

  • jimmy123


  • Augustus Tiberius Franklin

    gee could it be that when our parents signed our birth certificate, they were not told it was an inventory exchange-contract and the copy they got was the receipt for the kid?

    You see we need our Republic back – now the state owns each and every one of us…Wake up —————Revolution is the Only Solution.

    • John Fox


    • Benjamin Bonaparte

      No we must not go into revolution the administration is well prepared for that. if you want results a coup must be staged by the people its the only chance with out going into a civil war. we have too many enemies including the russians and chinese they would love to take advantage of the situation if they get the chance.

      • Benjamin Bonaparte

        You must find someone in the admin to trust and if it is successful the republic might be saved. i just graduated and i hated highschool they dont teach anything i was teaching a teacher bout the crusades very sad it was. propaganda to submit and obey was constant. in order to do as iv plaaned i would need nearly the entire population of the united states supporting me and time.

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