SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown will get his chance to let college students who entered the country illegally receive limited financial aid, under a bill approved by the state Senate.

Former Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger repeatedly vetoed such legislation. But Brown, a Democrat, made a campaign pledge to sign bills allowing illegal immigrants to qualify for aid.

The Senate passed AB130 Thursday on a 26-11 vote.

The bill by Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, a Los Angeles Democrat, lets students who pay in-state tuition collect privately funded college scholarships.

A different Cedillo bill would make those students eligible for state-funded financial aid, but that measure is stalled in a committee.

Cedillo has introduced similar legislation each year since 2005.

Brown spokesman Gil Duran could not immediately say if the governor will sign the bill.



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Comments (20)
  1. Milan Moravec says:

    University of California offers wage concessions to narrow deficit and support UC. University of California faces massive budget shortfalls. It is dismaying Calif. Governor Brown. President Yudof and Board of Regents have, once again, been unable to agree on a package of wage, benefit concessions to close the deficit.
    Californians face foreclosure, unemployment, depressed wages, loss of retirement, medical, unemployment benefits, higher taxes: UC Board of Regents Regent Lansing, President Yudof need to demonstrated leadership by curbing wages, benefits. As a Californian, I don’t care what others earn at private, public universities. If wages better elsewhere, chancellors, vice chancellors, tenured, non tenured faculty, UCOP should apply for the positions. If wages commit employees to UC, leave for better paying position. The sky above UC will not fall.
    Californians suffer from greatest deficit of modern times. UC wages must reflect California’s ability to pay, not what others are paid.
    Wage concessions for UC President, Faculty, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, UCOP:
    No furloughs
    18 percent reduction in UCOP salaries & $50 million cut.
    18 percent prune of campus chancellors’, vice chancellors’ salaries.
    15 percent trim of tenured faculty salaries, increased teaching load
    10 percent decrease in non-tenured faculty salaries, as well as increase research, teaching load
    100% elimination of all Academic Senate, Academic Council costs, wages.

    (17,000 UC paid employees earn more than $100,000)

    Overly optimistic predictions of future revenues do not solve the deficit. However, rose bushes bloom after pruning.

    UC Board of Regents Sherry Lansing, President Yudof can bridge the public trust gap by offering reassurances that UC salaries reflect depressed wages in California. The sky will not fall on UC

    Once again, we call upon UC President, Chancellors, Vice Chancellors, Faculty, UCOP to stand up for UC and ‘pitch in’ for Californians with deeds – wage concessions.

  2. Milan Moravec says:

    What about the waste going on by the tenured senior management at the University of California Berkeley. Until action is applied by the University of California (UC) Board of Regents to chancellors, like Birgeneau at University of California Berkeley, UC shouldn’t come to the Governor or public for support for any tax or tuition increase.

    (The author has 35 years’ consulting experience, has taught at UC Berkeley (Cal) where he observed the culture & way senior management work)

    Cal. Chancellor Birgeneau ($500,000 salary) has forgotten that he is a public servant, steward of the public money, not overseer of his own fiefdom (these are not isolated examples): recruits (uses California tax $) out of state $50,000 tuition students that displace qualified Californians from public university education; spends $7,000,000 + for consultants to do his & many vice chancellors jobs (prominent East Coast university accomplishing same 0 cost); pays ex Michigan governor $300,000 for lectures; in procuring a $3,000,000 consulting firm he failed to receive proposals from other firms; Latino enrollment drops while out of state jumps 2010; tuition to Return on Investment drops below top 10; Birgeneau all employees meeting – only 50 attend; visits to Cal down 20%; NCAA places basketball program on probation, absence institutional control.

    It’s all shameful. There is no justification for such violations by a steward of the public trust. Absolutely none.

    Birgeneau’s violations will continue indefinitely. Governor Brown, UC Board of Regents Chair Lansing, President Yudof must do a better job of vigorously enforcing stringent oversight than has been done in the past over Chancellors like Birgeneau who use the campus as their fiefdom.

  3. Zack Debarcod says:

    I am having a hard time trying to explain to my kids how the playing field for
    college aid just got tilted. These illegals are litteraly stealing our kids opportunities with The Governor’s permission. The Democrats know full and well that the more illegals, the more babies, the more voters for their party!!
    We need to fix this slide into third world status fast!!!

  4. CMMV says:

    Aid For Illegal Immigrants…only in California.
    How about my daughter, born in Hayward, CA? Will she get the same aid?
    Damn, I make too much money for her to get aid. Maybe I’ll quit my job, cross the boarder and come back, using a coyote of coarse, and then my daughter will qualify. Yup, that’s the ticket.

  5. Sam Smrik says:

    Rewarding criminal invaders while throwing Americans from other states to the wolves. No wonder The People’s Republic of Kalifornia is broke.

  6. liz805 says:

    this is EXACTLY why my son is doing everything he can under the sun to go to ANY college outside of California.

  7. Wesley Billy says:

    Maybe im just playing captain obvious here but how are they gonna get a job with a degree if they are illegal? Did that seriously not occur to anyone?

  8. Steve says:

    Not only should they not be receiving aid they should not be accepted to the schools in the first place.
    Illegal is illegal. Stop giving away our hard earned dollars to people who are here illegally. I f you want use the money properly use it instead to collect all the illegals and send them back to their homelands.Then maybe our schools will have room and funds for the students who are here legally.
    Governor Moonbeam is playing politics for the votes..

  9. firedup says:

    Jerry Brown is a serious A$% Hat! Jerry, you are doing it wrong and it wouldn’t surprise me if a few more moves like this drive CA to the brink of revolution against government! It’s time to take back our state people!

  10. Sigmund says:

    Jerry is TOTALLY clueless. He RAISES taxes for Californians, but he calls them ‘fees’, then he turns around GIVES money he’s raised to illegals. What’s next, will he raise the amount you can recieve for welfare, and to pay for it, hike MORE ‘fees’ onto the taxpayer? Welcome to the ‘Plantation’!

  11. Dawg says:

    I’ll never understand how anyone with any intelligence voted for Brown,

  12. Liberalism is a social disease says:

    Let’s see now, illegals are entitled to college aid, while the University of California Regents just approved a 9.6% tuition hike.
    Ha, ha, ha, liberals at their finest.

  13. Jose says:

    My Grandfather came to California from Mexico when he was 22. He came here legaly. He became a citizen and served in the Marines in WW2. He started working in the fields and through hard work and sweat he started his own business. My dad took over the business and built it up and now I am running it. I have taught my two boys and my daughter to work hard, play by the rules and be a good citizen. This is so irratating. However, what do you expect? I know how Brown was the last time he was in Sacramento. I’m going to start looking into relocating my business out of this crack pot state.

    1. Debby Thompson Smith says:

      I applaud your family’s hard work, patriotic service, parenting diligence, and quality contribution to society! We need more people like you. I appreciate diversity and legal immigrants…this is the True America. What I don’t appreciate, and America doesn’t need, is parasites that contribute nothing, instead they misuse the system and take, take, take. In their zest for freebies..they drive out businesses and citizens like yourself. Sad..I grew up here and remember how it used to be, included Moonbeam Brown’s first term. People were scammed into putting him back in office. We, too, are considering leaving the state…it’s not golden’s sick and no one wants to take the right medicince.

  14. Nan says:

    Illegal means just that “ILLEGAL”. Why then is the Governor of our State aiding and abbeding ILLEGALS Iwas born in the U.S., my kids were born in CA, we make under $100,000 a year and CANNOT get ANY type of aid. We pay taxes, we pay over $800 a month for healthcare and CANNOT afford a working vehicle. Something is definitely WRONG with our nation. Our state motto should be “Come to CA and get free healthcare, free housing, free groceries, and free college tution!” Land of opportunity … but only if you are ILLEGAL.

  15. Michael says:

    I have yet to hear KCBS interview anyone who is in opposition to this kind of nonsense.
    All I ever here is the radical LaRaza side of the argument.
    KCBS need to do more research on the issue of illegal immigration before spouting only the LaRaza view of the world.
    Legal citizens from say Colorado cannot get instate tuition here so why would those who have no business being in the country at all get instate tuition?
    It’s nuts.

  16. Debby Thompson Smith says:

    Well, the CA Senate is at it again..illegals get to steal pieces of the AMERICAN taxpayers financial aid pie. How many of our CITIZEN’S children will not be able to attend college because our legislators/Gov. prefer to pander to non-citizens? This comes out of your pocket, don’t kid yourself…your taxes pay for it. Protest with your vote!!

  17. Anthony DeMarco says:

    Hey people Washington State is trying to catch up with California? Watch where all your tax money is going but please don’t break or punch anything afterwards.

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