SAN JOSE (KCBS) – An enrollment boom at San Jose State University has resulted in a shortage of about 250 rooms for returning students, university officials said.

The roughly 4,000 freshmen expected to enroll this fall will be one of the largest ever and freshmen who live more than 30 miles away are required to live on campus, said university spokesman Pat Lopes-Harris.

“What we have done is triple up as many rooms as possible and when that did not yield enough space, we started to look at other options,” she said.

The university has sometimes housed overflow freshmen in vacant apartment buildings within walking distance of campus. Lopes-Harris said this time no nearby apartments were available.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

Instead some upperclassmen who thought their dorm assignments were guaranteed will be offered rooms in a business class hotel that could be a train ride away. The university is still in negotiations to select which hotel.

Student Tom Hebner said he felt let down by the news, delivered in an email shortly before orientation.

“Being in a dorm on the same floor with all your friends, that’s what college is all about,” he said.

“Staying in a hotel, it just wouldn’t be the same college experience that I would have looked forward to when I was younger.”

San Jose State adopted the on-campus housing requirement for incoming freshmen because of numerous studies showing a correlation between graduation rates and proximity of student housing to campus.

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Comments (5)
  1. Michelle Jesus says:

    My daughter is a 2nd year student who is getting the boot to the hotel. What makes me angry is that her friend who is also a 2nd year student is has been assigned a room This friend did not live on campus last year and lives the same distance from SJSU as my daughter. I am waiting for someone from the university to please explain to me why a room was given to someone who didn’t live on campus over someone who did?

    1. Tony Chung says:

      Good on getting any reply from SJSU. I’m so damn glad I graduated when I did. It seems that it just keeps getting worse.

    2. Pat Lum says:

      My daughter and her roomate also have to go to a hotel. What makes me so angry is that they did this so close to the start of the fall semester., There is no time to make any plans. Plus the cost of apartments are so high. I’m stressed and so is my daughter. We need to try to get everyone affected to try to come to a solution for this. It just is not fair. Neither is putting 3 students in a room in Joe West. By the way my daughter found MOLD in her dorm room and the housing dept cleaned it 2x but never resolved it. Wonder where else it is.

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