SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco police have shot a suspect in the Bayview District at Oakdale and Third streets.

The shooting occurred around 4:45 p.m., when two uniformed officers were conducting a fare inspection on a Muni light rail vehicle, a police spokesman said.

They detained a suspect on the platform, but he fled on foot.

During the foot pursuit, police say the suspect fired at the officers, and the officers fired back.

The suspect has been taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The officers were not injured.

The shooting is being investigated by the homicide detail, the internal affairs officer-involved shooting, the District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Citizen Complaints.

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Comments (26)
  1. Jeanette says:

    Great SFPD did their Job which is to enforce the Law

    1. KRS says:

      Enforcing the law?? how do you know if he was guilty of anything?? are you omnipresent and saw what happened? Hold your stupid comments until the WHOLE story comes out. Celebrating the shooting down of a man in public is shameful

      1. krs beater says:

        I hope the criminal dies. He ran and SHOT AT THE COPS! He deserves to die.

      2. Paul Dsu says:

        Why do u shoot at the officer if you’re not guilty of something. Get your head of out of your behind KRS

      3. KRS's homeboy says:

        well he’s guilty of something now isn’t he?

      4. John G says:

        Video of the gun laying on the ground, and being picked up by a spectator:

      5. I beat criminals says:

        Thank God the SFPD are doing their job. It’s really too bad that the criminal was killed. I hope that ALL criminals,thugs, gang members and gay child molesters named krs are put down like the rabid dogs they are.
        If the SFPD can’t do it, I volunteer to do it for them.

  2. deadzone says:

    Shoot at the cops and expect to get shot and die in return. Great job SFPD!

    1. KRS says:

      guess you were there to know that’s what really happened? Great job on posting an ignorant comment!!

      1. krs is gay says:

        krs, why don’t you take off your mommy’s panties, take your daddy’s penile implant out of your mouth and shut the phuck up!

  3. oldfart says:

    next time by a monthly muni pass

  4. KRS says:

    i like how the article reads “police say” the suspect fired shots …. getting real hard to believe what “police say” nowadays!

  5. JaneQPublic says:

    The police involved in a shooting ALWAYS say the ‘suspect’ had a weapon (gun, knife, bottle, vegetable peeler…) and they ‘felt threatened’. It’s pretty much boilerplate languge in their reports so it’s hard to know how much credence to afford such a report. It may or may not be true. I’d rather hear from eyewitnesses….

  6. JQP says:

    PS More info on this story is at

  7. Henry says:

    KRS and Jane Q Public,

    Call any police or sheriff’s department and request to go ona ride along or sign up to attend a citizen’s police academy. Either one will give you more insight to what types of incidents that peace officers are called to or the laws that they enforce. I can guarantee your attitudes about peace officers will change. Thousands of citizens have participated and they encourage everyone to do it.

    1. Mitch Mabee says:

      That’d be great save for one teensy tadpole of a problem. There are three on going investigations of police having sex with the under age female ride along’s. So in a way you are right in that rape probably would change a young girls perspective. But lets not jump to conclusions, two of the cases were definitely consensual but officials are still considering doing away with the program entirely. After all, the program wasn’t created to give police-who prove daily that they are above the law-a chance to impregnate children. Any other good ideas Henry?

  8. JaneQPublic says:

    Sorry to disappoint you, Henry – but the United States is STILL (allegedly) a nation based upon the Constitution and just because someone has a badge & gun does NOT confer an automatic license to kill. Try reading it sometime – and not just the 2nd amendment. Moreover, I probably have a LOT more insight than you will ever hope to have.

    1. JohnQPublic says:

      Did you not just see the video??? Since you are the expert, why don’t you tell us where in the constitution it states that a Peace Officer can not defend himself against an idiot with a gun? You sir are the one that is ignorant and truly uneducated!!!

      Get a life and stop defending these animals!!!

  9. Henry says:

    One less dirtbag riding public transit. I can’t wait to see the greedy John Burris to chime in.

    Thank you SFPD for an outstanding job.

  10. mc says:

    we should elect policeman instead of politicians, or as well as them

  11. LEO says:

    I’m involved in law enforcement, not in your state… I would like too point somethings out..

    @KRS What was he guilty of? Boarding a bus or any form of public transportation without fare is enough Probable Cause too arrest the individual.

    Whenever you flee from law enforcement officer’s, we have no idea why you are running, and we certainly have no idea what is on your person..

    Black, White, etc… No Matter the race, if you are pulling a firearm on LEO’s You will be engaged. I don’t know what your intentions are if you plan on using it or if you plan on tossing it or what. What i’m trying too get at, it’s sad that this young man had too lose his life over such foolishness, but if your pulling a GUN on police you pretty much leave no choice. We have families, a split second could be life or death for us at any given time.

  12. Dan says:

    This “fine young man” was wanted for questioning into the shooting death of a pregnant woman as she sat in her car in Seattle. They are looking at his gun now to see if it was the murder weapon.

    Good job, SFPD.

  13. billy bollocks says:

    ‘Another Kid With A Gun’ by Venice Arts Club:

  14. Paul says:

    Watch the youtube video, the suspect had threw the gun forward and someone picked it up afterwards, what the police should have done is make a bigger perimeter so no one is touching the evidence

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