Demonstrators Protest SF Police Bayview Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Police responded to a demonstration in San Francisco’s Mission District Sunday morning that may have been caused by Saturday afternoon’s officer-involved shooting.

An angry crowd gathered near 16th and Valencia streets shortly before 1 a.m. and police said they are monitoring the situation. Officers in riot helmets are in the area and police said officers are helping to facilitate the walking demonstration.

Bystanders said the crowd had gathered in response to Saturday’s shooting, when a 19-year-old man was fatally shot by police in the city’s Bayview neighborhood.

“They’re rioting because people are pissed,” one woman said.

The suspect, who was shot at Oakdale and Third streets at 4:45 p.m., was pronounced dead at 7 p.m., according to a police spokesman.

The shooting occurred when two uniformed officers were conducting a fare inspection on a Muni light rail vehicle. They detained a suspect on the platform, but he fled on foot.

During the foot pursuit, the suspect allegedly fired at the
officers, and the officers fired back, police said.

The officers were not injured.

The shooting is being investigated by the District Attorney’s Office and the Office of Citizen Complaints as well as by the police department.

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  • MyThreeCents

    Shoot into the crowd, warn them only once.

  • What?

    Yeah, lets not let the facts get in the way of the protest. If someone steals or shoots at you, and your a cop, run away.

  • tom

    What the F@@k? Are all these rioters cousin of Rodney King or what? Can they find a better reasons the conduct a riot? this is nonsense. that dude was a crimminal with an illegal gun boarding a public bus. He might as well be the one rob you on that same bus. I would said one less of them is a celebration.

  • Betty ButtPluggerman

    if he didnt have money for the fair he doesnt have money for a darn gun
    how stupid
    they lie!

    • mhc

      Fare cheats don’t lack money, they lack honesty. Just like shoplifters.
      Thought it’s pretty hart to imagine how stupid this kid was to fare-cheat when he was wanted on a parole violation AND for questioning re a murder and tripe shooting in Seattle.
      But then, crooks are often not too bright.
      Maybe he’ll be smarter next lifetime.

    • Name

      Betty, you are an idiot


      jajajaja.. yeah right.. HE HAD AN ILLEGAL GUN ON A PUBLIC BUS = CRIMINAL
      and he had no money cause he was OUT TO MAKE A WITHDRAWL.. WITH THE GUN !

  • why are people stupid

    Wow people are so stupid. stupid for shooting a cop, and stupid for rioting that the cop was trying to protect the public. What is this world coming to?

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  • shanna

    Clearly the dregs of society are posting here. A man was shot for a $2 bus fare. Cops are getting away with murder because they wear a badge.

    • what the ****

      getting away with murder, the cops shot back only after being shot at.

    • name

      You are getting away with nothing for displaying your bias, racism and stupidity. Shoot at a cop, get killed. Want sympathy? Look in the dictionary between $hit and syphillis

  • hunterspoint

    how much better are the police than that low life criminal after all they’re the ones who we witnessed take a life on that day.

  • Leo

    Let me guess, “Somebody took the gun, but we have the shell casings …” No gun is ever found, and the shell casings are enough “evidence” to clear the police of any wrong doing. I read you crooked cops like a book. I guess tying people up and shooting them in the back while they’re face down doesn’t suffice. You’re running out of excuses very quickly. Mind you, those two shots came after he was already on the ground according to this video. Did any of you see a gun in this video? I don’t think so, therefore you’ve already taken word of mouth. You’re no better than a murderer.

    • name

      Paranoia is treatable. Seek competent mental health professionals. Lay off the recreational drugs.

    • Fubar Tot

      Hey f*ckwit, they have video of the gun which was dropped by the shooter and picked up by a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

      Now take your bias and GTFO of here, a$$!!!!!

    • Zak

      I guess you haven’t watched. There are (4) videos showing the gun on the ground and (2) show the guy walking away with it. Gotta love all those sleuth cell reporters & their videos. They ID who took the gun. Yes, crooked cops just walked away with the gun. How’s it feel to get egg on your face?

  • james
  • Name

    These are simple anarchists looking for an excuse to riot. They probably don’t have a clue what happened or why. It’s an excuse. Put the rioters on a prison workfarm for six months. See how the attitude adjust

  • sgard

    Wow…really??? All cops are bad? yep they have nothing better to do than go around shooting innocent people and planting evidence and making up lies… I challenge anyone of you that are anti cop to go out and ride for a 12 hour shift with them…. walk a mile …hell, walk a 100 yards if you can muster the courage…see what they are up against day in day out while they protect you whiners…. no its easier to sit back and second guess the cops that where their protecting the good people of SF…It’s easier to tell them how to do their job, with no idea what their job is about…Ignorance…plan ignorance

  • Ken Stevens

    Of course the cops are going to say he shot at them first in order to justify the murder. I’d like to see proof of that gun..

    • sgard

      By calling it “Murder” you have already made up your mind. you could be shown the gun, gunshot residue on the suspect’s hands, recovered rounds from the suspects gun, and you are still ready to convict the officers. Your bias is too obvious

    • Fubar Tot

      Hey f*ckwit, they have video of the gun which was dropped by the shooter and picked up by a person wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

      Now take your bias and GTFO of here, a$$!!!!!

  • donald

    The guy got whqt he deseserved! Another gun totting career thug off the streets!
    These self righteous protesting @ssholes need to be tasered !

    • SFGlANT


      • mmtaraval

        SFGIANT, that video proves nothing. There are videos of soldiers bleeding to death while surrounded by there comrades in Afghanistan and Iraq but that does not mean they let him die, you nitwit.

      • Di

        you are in idiot! SFPD was 100% to shoot him. They were protecting people on a bus. On top of that, this scam was wanted for murder of a 19y/o woman

  • ABW

    You sir, are a racist. Did you know that about 60% of people on welfare a white? You probably get govt assistance of some kind but refer to any black person as a low life.

    • mhc

      I don’t see any reference in oldfart comment to the race of the community in question, just to the locality and the lifestule. Perhaps YOU are the racist for putting race into the picture where oldfart didn’t.
      Bayview and Hunters Point “community leaders” need to start helping reframe the views of their community members. It’s ridiculous for everyone to holler about how bad the police are when the residents instantly leap to the conclusion that the police did wrong without having actually seen anything or knowing any facts except someone got shot.

    • BP

      Oldfart said “low income people” and l”low life” and You assumed he meant black. You sound racist.

    • LogicOverEmotion

      ABW, where did you get your data?
      Completely wrong. — Here’s a good post on topix to clear it up for you.

      You also don’t get to ‘invent’ what racist means. Racist is to discriminate based on race, you understand that right? Racism is a joke and anyone with half a brain knows that complete generalization about a race is simply ignorant. Many people have some general racist tendancies, some have a bit of truth some do not. But a huge ‘racist’ conspiracy is truly not in effect.

      The facts are the facts, percentage-wise per ethnic population, there are more blacks on welfare than whites… if you care about that statistic (and think it is not a good thing), consider what you can do to help out the situation other than call people racist.


      to be FAIR.. oldfart has NOT SAID A SINGLE WORD ABOUT RACE….
      but YOU DID. So I conclude YOU are the racist… I drive through that area all the time, and I see ALL RACES THERE, INCLUDING MINE, and to tell you the truth,
      IT WAS WILLIE BROWN who suggested that people who could NOT afford to live in SF, shouldnt live here.. and Willie is African American.. so OLDFART is right in line with Willie and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE so stop using the RACE CARD, it does not help us AT ALL.

    • RCC

      60% white huh? WRONG. Have you ever even been to any of the social services offices, food banks, or general hospital emergency rooms in the Bay Area? I doubt it. If you had, you wouldn’t post blatantly incorrect statistics. For the record, the majority of people on welfare in San Francisco & San Mateo counties are NOT white. Take a trip to the emergency room at SF General or San Mateo General, you won’t see any white people there. The social services centers in SF, Daly City, SSF, or San Mateo…again, no white people. As far as statistics go, the majority of people on government assistance programs in San Mateo county are Hispanic, in San Francisco they are African American. These are FACTS. Racism has nothing to do with it.

    • Iman Azol

      And only 15% of the population are black, so they overwhelmingly use more resources. This is not racism. It is is statement of fact.

      oldfart didn’t mention race. He mentioned social class.

      Your play of the race card fails to follow suit. You have reneged and lost the hand.

  • JJ

    They now know that the man shot was wanted for murder of a 19 year old pregnant woman in Seattle. Low life indeed.

  • Survival

    Typical SF these days… Cops are all bad, guns are planted, video is faked… It’s what the rioters want to believe so thay can burn things, throw rocks and turn it into a fest of thugs. I would hate to be a police officer in SF. Noting but pure hate going on. SFGIANT, you are more like an SF Thug.

  • mhc

    Why did they decide to march and riot in the Mission? The event happened in Bayview. They should go mess up their own neighborhood, not the Mission. We have enough problems in the Mission without importing someone else’s. But perhaps they didn’t feel safe rioting in Bay view?

  • BP

    Thank god the cops are better shots than the bad guys. Good job SFPD !! Where can I donate bullets?

  • joe blow

    if he had been white they would have gave him a free ride

    • John

      If he was white he wouldnt have needed a free ride.

  • Patty Cakes

    these protesters disgust me…the person fired at the [police officers so they returned fire…nuff said…go back to your rat infested tenemants and leave us alone

  • Rummy

    Certain locales in the Bay Area need to cordoned off by the United Armed Forces, and martial law instituted within these areas. Some of these areas include Bayview Hunters Point, East Oakland and the City of Richmond. Valuable lessons gained from our Iraq and Afghanistan experience would drop the crime rate to zero in a period of 13 weeks.

  • Bart

    Thanks SFPD. Good use of a 30 cent bullit. Saved us tax payers a lot of legal cost. Its nice to know that we don’t have to pay for a life time criminal getting 3 square meals a day, and free health and dental form the state as he lives out his remaining days in prison.

    • cheap as crabs

      Agreed, Kudos to the SFPD.

  • Pat Johnson

    It is amazing how stupid and ignorant these people are today in society. No sense of accountability or any values. If you are STUPID enough to take a gun and fire it at the Police, YOU WILL end up dead period. Thats life…get over it.

  • goodgrief

    So much other ugliness in SF like homeless people sleeping on cold hard concrete at night, high crime rates in many neighborhoods (having to worry if you’re going to get onto a bus with an overzealous 19-yr old kid carrying a gun), incompetent governing body — yet these people come and protest this.

    Imagine being the family member of the girl who this 19-yr old shot, and watching all of these people morn his death while she is forgotten about–the extreme overpowering fear and agony she went through, all forgotten about…no, in fact practically laughing in her face with this protest. — Pure evil.

    Oh, and all this racist white cop stuff is lame. It is well known that ethnic groups often perform crimes on their own kind–where is the community outrage from the community over all the violent crime being commited? They’re probably too scared to speak up.

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