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Hundreds of Families Learn Car Seat Safety at College of San Mateo

SAN MATEO (KCBS)— About one hundred families turned out at the College of San Mateo Saturday to learn from the experts the proper way to strap a child into a car safety seat.

Strapping the kids in correctly seemed more the exception than the rule, but parents did get to listen to the latest on whether the child faces forward or to the rear depending upon age, but always in the back seat.

KCBS’ Tim Ryan Reports:

Annie Espinoza of San Carlos figured it was time to learn, especially since her baby is coming via C-section on Monday.

“I wasn’t sure. I read a little bit, but now I feel very confident about how to do it right,” said the mother to be.

Even Assemblyman Jerry Hill, who was on hand, recalled fumbling with his daughter’s car seat years ago.

“I think I tied it in a knot because I didn’t know how to do it. I thought I knew, but it never came our right,” said Hill.
Statistics show that 80 percent of children in child safety seats are not in seats that are properly installed.

Highway Patrol Spokesperson Art Montiel saw a lot of unsafe seats during the well-attended event.

“[If] the seat is not tight enough, to where the kid is actually moving, it’s like a little roller coaster.

For parents, it’s invaluable information for babies, even if maybe they were a little scared with some strangers in the backseat. But the lesson learned could save a life.

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  • NRA Life Member

    How scary is it that a person given a license to operate a two ton steel machine with 200+ horsepower, easily capable of going over 100 miles an hour, is not smart enough to correctly install a car seat without taking a college class?

    I believe the dumbing down of America is complete!

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