LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Two men charged with the severe beating of a San Francisco Giants fan at Dodger Stadium are suspected of assaulting three other Giants fans at the opening day game, a law enforcement official said Monday.

Detectives believe the other people were approached by suspects Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood on the west side of the stadium on March 31.

Eyewitnesses told police they saw Sanchez assault at least one of those unidentified men, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

KNX’s John Baird Reports:

Sanchez has been charged with misdemeanor assault in connection with that incident. Detectives believe both he and Norwood were involved in the other possible assaults, but no charges have been filed.

KNX Reporter Jon Baird:

Sanchez also is accused of misdemeanor battery on a woman at the game. The official said the woman was wearing a Giants shirt and Sanchez threw something at her during the game.

Sanchez and Norwood were charged Friday with felony mayhem and assault charges in the beating of Bryan Stow, a paramedic from Santa Cruz who remains hospitalized with a brain injury.

Sanchez, 29, and Norwood, 30, made their first court appearance Monday. Their arraignment was continued until Aug. 10.

The Los Angeles Police Department has asked other possible victims to come forward, but made no further public statements Monday about the case.

The defendants were arrested Thursday in Rialto, about 55 miles east of Los Angeles. Their capture led to the exoneration of Giovanni Ramirez, a man police previously labeled as the prime suspect.

Court documents state that Norwood and Sanchez each inflicted great bodily injury on Stow, “causing him to become comatose due to brain injury and to suffer paralysis.”

The mayhem count in the written complaint also alleged they “did cut and disable the tongue, and put out an eye,” but district attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said that was legal language and that Stow had not had his eye or tongue taken out.

The case centers on incriminating statements the men have made, the official said.

Some people initially reported the suspects bragged about the incident to co-workers, though some are now backing off those statements, the official said.
Cell phone towers and photographs confirm that Norwood and Sanchez were at the game, the official said.

Attorney Gilbert Quinones, who represents Sanchez, acknowledged his client was at the stadium with his family but insisted he did not participate in the attack on Stow.

“He doesn’t fit the profile of someone who would commit this type of crime,” Quinones told reporters after his client appeared in court.

Quinones said he could not comment on the possibility of his client being involved in other assaults.

Norwood’s public defender, Lee Rosen, made an unsuccessful request for his client’s $500,000 bail to be reduced to $100,000. He did not immediately address the media.

Court documents state that police found five firearms, including an assault rifle, at Norwood’s home. The document also states that Sanchez told witnesses not to provide information about the beating.

Both suspects were kept in Los Angeles police custody over the weekend. They appeared in court in their civilian clothes and not the jailhouse jumpsuits usually worn by prisoners.

Norwood is an apprentice carpenter, and Sanchez works at a car auction house in Fontana.

The attack on Stow reverberated throughout California and the nation as police and the Dodgers, whose financial woes have also brought national attention, sought to ease fears about violence at the storied stadium.

Stow, the father of two children, appeared to mouth his last name and might have tried to give a thumbs-up, according to a family blog post last week.

Court records show Norwood was sentenced in 2006 to three years’ probation and served 118 days in jail after pleading guilty to one felony count of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.

In 2003, Sanchez pleaded guilty to one felony count of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, and the following year he pleaded no contest to one misdemeanor count of carrying a loaded firearm in a public place.

Sanchez is due back in court Aug. 1 for a bail hearing.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

Comments (71)
  1. Bill says:

    Send those punks to prison now . A baseball game is this sad or what cant go to a game in fear of stupid butt heads They tried to kill this guy should be attempted murder.

  2. James Greybush says:

    they wont be attending games or playing baseball with their kids for a long time. HAHAHAHAHA

    Unfortunately the same thing can be said about Bryan……

    Get well soon!


  3. JoMama says:

    According to the Contra Costa Times, Mr. Stow also lost an eye. These punks need to be put down now.

    1. Jim Bob says:

      Those guys look like a bunch of hard core thugs.

  4. Ron says:

    Those guys look nothing like the original police sketch. I guess thats what happens when you are interviewing drunk baseball fans after a game.

    1. Dave says:

      No, that’s what happens when the LAPD can’t afford to pay the sketch artist they been using for over 20 years with fantastic results and are forced to use composite “kits” that don’t provide images that lead to arrests.

  5. JaneQPublic says:

    Two punks – EACH convicted (by their own GUILTY plea) – of committing bodily injury on a spouse or cohabitant. If these B@$(%*#$ do this at HOME to a partner, I’m sure beating, disfiguring and attempting to murder a stranger was just a walk in the park for them. Better for their children and domestic partner/spouse if they are removed permanently! As in prison….

  6. dennis king says:

    one question about this assault that keeps bothering me is that where were Brian’s friends . the news said the incident occured as Brian and his friends were trying to hail a cab . what kind of friends would standby and let two thugs beat your friend to near death . ? how many ” friends ” were with Brian that day ? just asking.

    1. edc says:

      According to the reports, Brian Stow’s friends were also assualted. They simply didn’t recieve the same amount of injuires as Brian.

    2. Gee Gee says:

      SAME question! WHAT kind of “friends” would let him get beat like that without stepping in to help him? What cowards – they should be charged with watching a crime take place and doing nothing to help.

      These thugs (the beaters) should be put down like the dogs they are!

      1. jeff says:

        Gee Gee: Stow’s friends DID try to help and got beat up in the process, although just not as badly.

      2. Kellie says:

        SUCH WRONG INFORMATION HERE:….is is so hurtful & demeaning for you Cee Cee & others to just assume these lies!!!….it didn’t happen like that what so ever!!…no on e”LET” Bryan get beat up!!…that’s soo ridiculous…my friend was also beat in the face right after Bryan, he was walking right in front of him, the 2 other 2 friends heard the commotion as they were walking away…am ambulance was called immediately by Bryan s friends who are all paramedics as well as Bryan..Bryan s 3 paramedic friends started CPR immediately…they did NO hail a cab nor STAND BY and watch Bryan get beat up…get your facts straight people!!!!!

    3. Nunja Bidness says:

      Dennis,Gee Gee
      Please try to think before you comment, and while your at it – read the original story. His friends TRIED to defend him, and got beat up, as well.

      What is MOST disturbing is that no one else in the parking lot attempted to intervene.
      It’s well known if you are getting rat packed in public, people will just walk on by.

      1. Kellie says:

        thank you Nunja!!!!…one of those beat up I have known since he was a teenager!!!…you people who throw accusations out have NO idea what his friends have been through….my friend was hurt as well but is way more concerned about Bryan than being well known…Bryan s friends don’t feel its necessary to do countless interviews unless it helps Bryan…it just amazes me how people just assume things…Bryan has been fighting for his life and all his family & friends just want him to be ok & come back to his children

    4. Kellie says:

      I’m friends with the other friend that was Bryan that day & was also injured..Bryan hasn’t lost an eye…he did have emergency brain surgery and is making slow but steady progress

    5. Kellie says:

      Dennis…there 4 friends from the san fran bay area….one is one of my daughters best friends…all are paramedics…Bryan & my friend were together and the other 2 paramedics went their way …my friend and Bryan were walking and Bryan was behind him and punched violently in face out of nowhere…he hit the ground knocked out..my friend was then punched in the face, mainly the mouth & loosened all his teeth, he immediately went to Bryan s aid as well as the other 2 paramedics who heard what was going on ..all 3 gave Bryan lifesaving medical treatment & called for an ambulance..never at anytime did Bryan s fiends STAND BY and hail a cab!!!!!!!!!!!!…as I said all 4 of them are trained paramedics and began medical intervention immediately…their focus has been on helping Bryan s family, he has 2 young kids and not on gaining media attention

  7. tn says:

    @ dennis king: the answer is always “fight or flight.” Neither is better than the other.

  8. BMAC says:

    These men are not sports fans – they’re just thugs!

  9. chris says:

    hope you like trading that doger blue for prison blues.

  10. Jorge Coya says:

    look at you people…these same range of comments were posted when the lapd supposedly found the first guy and it was not even him…no proof on these guys yet you folks just jump at the gun to show your angry opinion on something you know nothing about or have concrete evidence….

    your all ignorant.

    1. RCC says:

      Upset that some of you gang banger brothers have been caught, Jorge?

    2. Mari Mason says:

      Jorge, you are right on the money, sir… yet ANOTHER “rush to judgment”. I guess LAPD just wants to lock somebody up and they dont’ care who it is, responsible or not. Shameful.

    3. Mari Mason says:

      No proof these guys are anymore responsible than the first one… if not these two, WHO’S NEXT to be arrested and scandalized? You, your brother or father? Mine? WHO!?

      Anything to shut people up, I guess… just throw somebody away. Who cares if they did it? LAPD is a joke!

      1. Mari Mason says:

        Or DIDN’T do it in this case…

      2. jeff says:

        Mari: Ok, so under your scenario, if anyone’s a suspect, regardless of how dangerous, the LAPD should just notify them they’re a suspect, leave them be, so they can run and hide, and/or commit other criminal acts. What they’re doing is reasonable under the law, whether it’s LAPD or anwhere else.

        The first suspect, Ramirez, had a CRIMINAL HISTORY, and in fact was ultimately held on a parole violation due to a weapons charge. Gosh, it’s unfortunate that, even though he’s apparently innocent of beating Stow, that his criminal history caught up with him. Now he’s gonna sue? HAHAHAHAHA Boo-hoo brother.

        Now wIth these two boy scouts, there appears to be evidence that they were involved in at least two other separate assaults at the very same game, and one of them just happens to match the witness sketch very well.

        Since these guys are clearly iinnocent in your book, how about you stand by your convictions and invite them to live in YOUR house for awhile? Other than that, pipe the EFF up. The police appear to be doing this by the book.

      3. Mari Mason says:

        Jeff, it’s about innocent until proven guilty. Just because someone fits the profile doesn’t mean they are guilty of said crime. I’m sure there are other beaters that were at the same game. Considering that, the LAPD should get a “guest list” of all the attendees and run backgroun checks on all 2000 fans (or however many there were) and see how many others “fith the description”. I want same damn evidence. They thought they had it last time and they were wrong. What makes them right THIS time? Again, I’m sure many more “guests” at that game have a similar background. How do you know which one it was? His so-called friends won’t even identify anybody. What’s that about?

      4. Kellie says:

        again Mari u have all your facts wrong….where do you get your information??…your sounding less & less intelligent here…there have been police lineups identifications several times and again your dead wrong…the other person hurt in the attack has done everything possible to bring the RIGHT persons to justice who committed this horrific crime against his friend and forever changed his life…PLEASE know what the hell your talkign about before you spew such nonsense!!!

      5. Mari Mason says:

        Kellie, I know exactly what I’m talking about based on information fed to the public by the media. If you don’t like the commentary based on media information, I suggest you either 1) contact the media and give them all the information so that posters can make informed conclusions, or, 2) stay the heck off these message boards, because what you’re not going to do is tell people what to post and call them names just because you think they’re wrong and you know more… I will continue to post what I want based on the information fed to me by the media and there’s nothing you can say about it!

      6. Kellie says:

        all I can Mari is…stupid is as stupid does lol

      7. Mari Mason says:

        Whatever Kellie. Running your mouth off to people you don’t know explains why Stow has been laid up almost 5 months. I dare you to run your mouth off to complete strangers in person and see where it lands you 🙂

      8. Bob Martin says:

        You’re a joke.

  11. ron says:

    Both are thugs and ought to be locked up for a long time. Some people never grow up.

    1. kellie says:

      well Mari…I actually happen to know a lot more than you or most people here do since a very close person to me was there..not just watching TV lol…as you just said yourself “information fed to the public by the media” NOT what actually happened..and since you weren’t there..you really have NO idea what your talking about..the reason I’m even bothering to post back is because there has been NOTHING but false information going on here and I as well as you & others have the right to post…but the difference is that I am have the FACTS

    2. Kellie says:

      Mari…you & others can post whatever you want but lets please get your facts straight before you just spew off lies that do affect the people involved lives…I happen to not believe everything I see on TV and would obviously believe the real people involved instead a news story..but that just me LOL..your posts have all been completely wrong and instead of wanting to hear the real story from someone very close to it, you instead choose to believe the wrong information…I am setting the record straight here because Bryan and well as my friend have been through so much, also the other 2 friends who ahve been non stop support for the Stowe family..why don’t you go to the Stowe family website and read what the truth is and all that’s going on to help bryans 2 small kinds and the massive amount of medical bills that his family faces..instead of spewing wrong information why don’t you read whats happening in the case which is y friend who witnessed the attack as well as attacked himself is raising money nonstop to help Bryan & his family as well as taking time and his own expense to fly down to LA from the bay area to to meet with the LAPD on this case…but no…you people would rather gossip and assume things than know the real truth..pretty sad

      1. Mari Mason says:

        Again, take it up with the media. Don’t take it up with us. If we’re spewing “lies”, where did we get said “lies”? We don’t make this stuff up.

        And, by the way, you weren’t there, either, so stop posting like you’re some authority and you’ve never even seen the video I mentioned.

        “I would rather eat my own feces than eat a Dodger dog”. Guess who said that? Right! Good night. My shift is over 🙂

  12. Parlay Parleigh says:

    This is how DUMB Los Angeles police are…they had the guy arrested for assaulting a lady at the game, yet they never thought this could be the same guys who beat up Stow. LAPD is so incompetent.

  13. dr audio says:

    So one of em was white,,,wow where are all the racist comments?

    1. Mari Mason says:

      Sittin’ at home! LOL!

  14. chris says:

    how come months latter we get the story that they cut out his tonge and gouged out his eye. if this was really the case wouldn’t that have been the lead months ago instead of just beating him up.

  15. J.E. Hoover says:

    Lets hope the Keystone cops (LAPD) have the right men.

    It sickens me to think that the LAPD was going to pin this crime on a person who did not commit it only to bolster the department’s public opinion.

  16. Kerwin says:

    Birds of a feather flock together. Notice both previous charges. What we have here are acouple of wife beaters.

  17. jeff says:

    I must have Alzheimer’s or something…sombody tell me if I’m wrong here – there were two other friends with Bryan Stow at that time, and they were also attacked, although not nearly as badly, when they tried to help.

    Why don’t any of these articles mention whether or not these two friends are able to identify these two as the ones that attacked Bryan Stow?

    1. Mari Mason says:

      Right, Jeff, no one has heard a bloody peep out of these so-called friends of his and honestly, that beating took a minute so they could have ran for help if they couldn’t fight them off Stow… why haven’t they said anything? Probably because Stow was in the ball park running his mouth as depicted on the tape, and they don’t want to address his participation in the whole thing.

      1. Kellie says:

        Mari….this is how rumors start…the facts are: it was one hard quick blow to bryans head..he was out before he hit the ground..the other person with him is one my daughters best friends who I have known since he was a teen..he was punched next in face & in the mouth…he was knocked out however and immediately started medical procedures to Bryan, those procedures saved Bryan s life, the other 2 paramedics assisted in propping Bryan up not to swallow blood, etc..if they had run for help Bryan would have died..all 4 men are trained paramedics & called for help as they performed life saving procedures…there have been countless meetings with law enforcement and focus has been on raising money to help Bryan s 2 small children & his massive medical bills..I think of just assuming all these things please go to the stow family website which daily updates Bryan s condition of whats happening with the case

      2. Kellie says:

        Mari..you are extremely ignorant…..Bryan Stowe was NOT running his mouth at the game…he & the other 3 paramedics simply came up to LA to watch their team play the dodgers…Bryan & my friend in NO way provoked any attack & were assaulted with no warning simply because they had giants shirts on to support their team..I don’t “tape” your referring to…not ONE thing is your ranting posts here is tue..not one….you every single fact wrong….

      3. Mari Mason says:

        I guess you don’t know as much as you purport to Kellie, because there is a tape of Stow going back and forth with some other fans, and it was shown on TV. Unlike you, I don’t purport to know this case blow by blow, but since you’re so intimate with the players, I would think you would have known that. HUH! 🙂

    2. Kellie says:

      I’m very good friends with the the other person injured in the attack..he does not want attention on him even though he has been through a lot also but nothing in compared to Bryan…the is a lot of misinformation in these posts and everywhere else…I even read one post when someone asked where Bryan s friends were..they are paramedics who came to LA to simply enjoy a game & were attacked in the parking lot, Bryan was punched in the face first & was unconscious before he hit the ground, my friend was punched in the face next but was not knocked out…my friend & the 2 other paramedic friends all came to Bryan s rescue immediately and performed emergency procedures that kept Bryan alive…by no means did they just stand there & let Bryan be beat up..it was one quick & almost fatal blow to Bryan head…Bryan has 2 small kids and his family & all of us friends have been through hell

      1. jeff says:

        Kellie: All due respect, if this is true, your friend needs to Grow a Pair and contact the police ASAP.

        However, I have my doubts because you’re mentioning not only FOUR friends were with Stow, but ALL FOUR were also paramedics? Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but this somehow escaped the initials reports?

        But let’s take your story here as being true. I’m glad to hear they tried to help. Personally, that’s what I originally read, even though people on here seem to think otherwise. But innocent people may go to jail, and/or guilty people may walk free to continue wreaking havoc on the rest of society. Not to mention, justice for Bryan Stow and his family.

        Sorry for the hassles you and family and friends have been through, but the right thing to do isn’t always the easist thing to do. If what you say is true, you need to think about more than yourselves and try and make it happen. Frankly, I don’t know how you or your friends would live with yourselves if you don’t.

      2. Kellie says:

        Jeff…I don’t understand your post….what makes you think they haven’t talked to the police??…they have talked to the police many times since the incident…my friends has flow down to LA several times to be be identify in lineups and are in contact with the LAPD as well as Bryan s family..where are you you people getting your information????

  18. Mike says:

    Now there are a couple of rocket scientists if I ever saw one. To imagine two adult brain surgeons like these guys going out to beat on folks who happens to be a fans of another town’s team is freakin’ pathetic. I’d laugh my tail off at these fools if this weren’t such a tragic story.

    1. Kellie says:

      and yes Jeff…all 4 men are paramedics…I realize how media distorts things..the media has focused on Bryan and the case as they should..is an absolute insult to say “grow a pair”…you couldn’t be more wrong…and how would you or anyone else know what has transpire with police..were you there??…all you know is what the media says…I know them personally and what they are going through..I am sooo sick of all the rumors and taking time out of my day to try get ignorant people to quit spewing hurtful lies…Bryan s family as well as my friend have been through enough…they all trying to put lives back together , especially my friend who witnessed such a horrible thing happen to his good friend and to this day is still hoping not to lose all his teeth…lets concentrate on who did this unspeakable or completely unprovoked attack then blaming the victims

  19. KEVIN says:

    “He doesn’t fit the profile of someone who would commit this type of crime,” Quinones told reporters after his client appeared in court.


    1. jeff says:

      Kevin: I know right? My thoughts exactly. That is a Witness FAIL. Wtness credibility destroyed before the trial even starts…..Mom: “My little Louie would NEVER do such a thing….he was always a good boy, never got in any trouble, always did his chores…..Oh, those prior assaults? Oh that….that was just boys being boys….”

      1. Mari Mason says:

        Well, what do you people expect their mothers to say?

  20. Kevin says:

    Move the trial to offshore–to Saudi Arabia justice

  21. Kellie says:

    ANOTHER RUMOR:…no ones tongue was cut out…my friend was punched in face..all his teeth loosened

    1. Bob says:

      Oh I feel so much better that it was just all of his teeth loosened.

  22. Steven says:

    Why dont they talk more about the whiteboy?!!

  23. al holmes says:

    if they have the right people the book of law should be thrown at them as old as they are shame on them.

  24. jerry says:

    Buh-byeeeeeeee, have a nice life…SENTENCE! LOL LOL LOL Don’t frop the soap.

  25. sue says:

    Kellie thanks for keeping us updated we are praying for Bryan…..

  26. ForStow says:

    No offense as I’ve been someone involved with the fundraisers for Bryan… but the report I watched by an eye witness clearly stated Bryan was continually beaten while he was already unconscious and there was no one around helping him. In fact, his “friends” had run ahead trying to get away from the assailants and returned AFTER this particular eye witness finally got the assailant to STOP beating Bryan. I would love to know the truth in what happened. Are we suppose to dismiss other eye witnesses when it’s just possible his “friends” are embarrassed of running away instead of making sure they were all together??? I can tell you, I was born and raised in the Bay Area and there is no way I would have left a friend behind. The severity of his injuries ALONE prove he wasn’t just hit once, then fell to the ground. Anyone, even without any type of medical background can figure that out. Again, I don’t mean to offend you or dispute what you feel you know, but how WELL do you really know this “friend”? If a crowd of several different eye witnesses has a completely different story than the four “friends” that were with Bryan… WHO is telling the TRUTH???

  27. Lou Ann Watson says:

    you have a gang tatoo on your neck, you’re guilty.when are citizens going to get together and purge ourselves of these vermin?

  28. JESIS22 says:


  29. michael contorelli says:

    I only have one thing to say…no one has the right to tread upon others. These accused men will hve their day in court. Our society is being destroyed by vile, irresponsible behavior and disrespectful attitudes.
    Whether any or all of these men had a role in this unfortunate incident and were jawing at each other may or may not be known! I will say this, WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT THIS? We need to take back our country! I don’t care what race, creed or color you are you have a responsibilty to behave like grownups.
    Our children’s future depends on us being adults.

  30. Bob Martin says:

    I really hope the penalty fits the crime this time. I thought you were able to a attend something that is basically a family event. If it’s evolved to this, then our society is in real trouble. It’s good the police searched their houses and found the weapons, which one guy was keeping for the other guy. I’ll bet their parents are real proud of these two. What rock did someone turn over to let these guys loose.

  31. Joe says:

    Just another SPIC and SPIC wanna be

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