SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Thirteen Bay Area post offices, including five in San Francisco, have been notified they are being eyed for closure, a U.S. Postal Service representative said Tuesday.

The post offices were notified that the Postal Service would begin a pre-proposal stage, which will review every aspect of the site, including community impact, proximity to other post offices and frequency of use, to decide if the individual outlets will be placed under consideration for discontinuation.

A decision on any site will not be made until after December, according to the USPS.

If a site is placed under consideration, it will enter a 60-day proposal period in which the USPS will hold community meetings hear and address customers’ concerns.

“We meet them face-to-face, get a feel for the reaction,” USPS spokesman Augustine Ruiz said.

After two 60-day periods, the USPS will make a decision on whether to recommend a site for discontinuation.

There are at least seven Bay Area sites that had been recommended for closure prior to these 13 being announced, including two in Oakland and in San Jose.

Ruiz said she is conscious of the community impact the closures could have.

“By closing a particular post office, we have to make sure we give access (to our services),” Ruiz said.

For this reason, the USPS is setting up Village Post Offices which will provide services similar to those offered by the current offices but at third party locations such as grocery stores or pharmacies.

The San Francisco offices in danger are the Federal Building, Civic Center, Visitation Station (Vistacion Valley), Bayview and McLaren offices. The Byron Rumford and Eastmont stations in Oakland along with the Colonnade station in San Jose also are candidates.

The San Mateo County sites are the Loma Mar, San Gregorio, Colma and Linden post offices. Yountville’s Veterans Home post office is Napa County’s lone site on the list.

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Comments (33)
  1. Luigi says:

    Yountville Veteran’s Home office is in NAPA county, not Solano. Geez, journalism is nothing like it used to be.

    1. Fed Up says:

      What’s journalism?

      1. Joni Halvorson says:

        good one 🙂

    2. Pjackson says:

      Read it again, it says: “Yountville’s Veterans Home post office is Napa County’s lone site on the list.”

  2. Rainman says:

    Let me guess, next they call it a “crisis” and say that the only solution to saving the USPS is to privatize it. They’ll lay off everyone and replace them with non-union workers without any insurance, without any medical, dental or retirement (pension plans) though they’ll be made to work longer hours, for minimum wage and can be fired for any reason and have no legal rights to recourse or redress.

    1. Unemployed American says:

      I thought is was already privatized? Right now,
      I would love just to have a job, and health insurance would be great. Unemployment sucks.

      1. Ben says:

        CaptainObvious, Unemployed. I think its you who need to fact check. While the USPS is indeed a funny-duck agency, it is a governtment agency. Notably it pays no corporate taxes, receives just shy of 100M in congressional funding. Check out Title 39, section 101 – its what creates the federal postal agency.

        Its true that it has many private-like aspects to it that are different than agencies like the DEA, but it has no shareholders/owners, no taxes to pay etc.and…the government calls it an agency, ordains it through law. I don’t think there is a clause in US law sanctioning the existence of mcDonalds.

    2. Fed Up says:

      You’ve got to be kidding? They might call it a crisis and want us to bail them out, but this Administration would never go against the unions. They’re in bed with them.

    3. Danny D says:

      Are you insane?UPS,FED Ex,GSO,etc.,are all private and have awesome benefits and excellent pay,more than the postal service.Get your facts straight please.

    4. Akhtar Kerawala says:

      Hey Rainman, who don’t you work for a day the letter carrier job on the term you mentioned and let’s see you can last for a day.

  3. CaptainObviousStrikesAgain says:

    Yep, it is indeed privatized. Do some research, Rainman.

    1. johnt says:

      It needs to go away. All I get is junk mail. Anyone at the USPS heard of the internet?

  4. ron says:

    There is a post office near where i live and it is rarely busy. Often times there is nobody in there. Its a large bldg so it should be closed too.

  5. rick says:

    who really cares…….i dont use the postal service…i use either ups or fed ex to ship my packages…havent bought a stamp in two years…do everything online…all that comes in my mail is junk mail!

  6. JimH says:

    As I recall, it is a private corporation, owned by the Federeal Government. You can buy shares ($100,000 per share) but who’d want to buy into that mess? It has NEVER, in the history of mail, turned $1 in profit. Today, over 50% of their revenues come from junk mail. And people are learning how to trun that off.
    With 75,000 buildings and 750,000 employees and hundreds of other technologies eating up its market while the managers just watch from the sidelines, who would want to own shares in that?
    Close the whole thing. Trust me, someone private sector would jump forward with a better way of doing things.

    1. Ric Menjivar says:

      You do the research. The USPS is not privatized. Also the USPS is mandated not to turn a profit.
      The USPS does get some taxpayer support. Around $96 million is budgeted annually by Congress for the “Postal Service Fund.” These funds are used to compensate USPS for postage-free mailing for all legally blind persons and for mail-in election ballots sent from US citizens living overseas. A portion of the funds also pays USPS for providing address information to state and local child support enforcement agencies.

  7. Jack says:

    Good. Close them all in this area. They’re all staffed by workers who do nothing and can’t speak English. FACT!

  8. MK says:

    Good Riddance! What a drain on the taxpayer. OBSOLETE in today’s world.

  9. boethius says:

    I’ve seen the U.S. Postmaster General (John Potter) come hat in hand to the Congress year after year asking for a bail-out. Keep an eyeball on C-SPAN and I guarantee eventually he’ll come slithering up to the table. The USPS is vast, byzantine, and has millions of employees. The last 3 years alone it’s lost $15 billion. And please stop calling the USPS a “private company” – yes the Postal Act of 1970 granted the USPS some rights that make it operate similar to a private entity however in nearly all respects it is operated and usually funded as a government agency – notably, that it doesn’t pay Federal Taxes.

    1. Ric Menjivar says:

      Hey dude! The USPS does not have millions of employees. It currently has about 350,000.

  10. Little Alex says:

    Would it have been too much trouble to list the stations? It would have made the article worth reading, instead of wasted bandwidth.

  11. M Douglas says:

    They have a lot more closing to do in my opinion than what this article suggest. In Santa Cruz county, there are several that could be closed. We have two within 1/2 mile of each other in Capitola and Soquel, and another one 4 miles away in Aptos. Why have three post office in less than five miles? A model of inefficiency, and they still can’t make a decision on which ones to close outside this area until December? Come on, folks, get with the picture. This is not rocket science!

  12. Joni Halvorson says:

    I live in a town of 10,000 and our post office burned down about 10 months ago. Little did I / we know it was costing $100.000 per year to rent the dumpy site !! Parking was horrible and the only good-ish thing was that it was near downtown. What downtown? We are a tourist town and people generally have packages send FedEx/UPS … so, we the residents got letters from the USPO “Should a new post office be built downtown?” Uh, NO – we have another one within 1 mile of this one… but some of the city council members “ran” on the idea that we need to have this downtown post office. Two post offices in a tiny town? Gimme a break. To answer your question, thank goodness the po didn’t listen to the council….and the remaining post office is only busy on the holidays. No biggy

  13. G. Postil says:

    Day of the Post Office has come and gone. We need to get rid of this dinosaur. Replace it with something that does not lose money. Certainly not paid by the taxpayers. Service in this location is the worst I have ever experienced. The carriers are rude and lazy. They defend junk mail. Because were it not for junk mail subsidy they would have no work. I have not met a neighbor here who wants junk mail. Ever. The Post Office as it exists today should be phased out entirely. The internet has replaced this money wasting agency. America cannot afford to waste its resources on this agency any longer.

  14. Ken Eschen says:

    Post Office is own by one man. Not goverment at all. That change over 30 years ago. Amtrack is goverment aided.

  15. Mike says:

    If the Post Office wants customers, they have to ACT like they want customers.
    First of all, most offices are dilapidated, run-down and appear that they haven’t been remodeled or painted since WWII….honestly! And you know I speak the truth. And customer service is usually a lost art there. And finally, who are the main customers of the Post Office? They are mostly working people who typically work from 8 or 9am till 5pm. And what are the hours of most Post Office branches? Well, usually 8am till 5pm. So working folks have to take time off from their jobs to pick up packages or buy stamps! Either that or slip into the Post Office on the really short Saturday hours,,,,,if they are opened at all on the weekend! So…..instead of CLOSING offices, how about fixing at least the lobbies up, and insisting on great customer service and lastly,,,,,,extending the hours so that the majority of customers can actually get there during the week.
    And remember….you can’t downsize yourself to success, you can only downsize yourself out of business.

    1. Attillio says:

      Mike, it would also be nice if they hired people who spoke English. In the East Bay, that has been a problem in some branches the last 15-20 years.

  16. Charlyne Edmonds says:

    I live in Clearlake, Ca. The post office is always clean, and the postal workers are always nice and have a lot of patience sometimes. They know most of us by sight and have a smile on their face.

  17. joubaur says:

    Hey Luigi,

    YOUR journalism never was like it used to be.
    They quite clearly mention “Yountville’s Veterans Home post office is Napa County’s lone site on the list.”
    Sorry, Charley, but you need to learn how to read critically.

  18. Attillio says:

    The PO is only closing offices they lease, the buildings they actually own will remain open, along with leased ones that do a lot of business or are in the district of a powerful congress member who listens to the people who elected them.

  19. Bill says:

    It is not obsolete. It is grossly mismanaged. Ever since it officially went from the Post Office to the Postal Service; sevice has been the last thing on Postal Managements mind. It adopted an 1930’s coal mine owners management style. Berate and threaten employees. Promote people who know nothing about mail delivery’ but have this style of management.
    2 example; they ignored parcel delivery so UPS took most of it away. Then they ignored over night delivery (Express Mail) and FedEx took it away. If they had maintained just these 2 areas of service they would not be in the dire straits they are now.

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