MIAMI (CBS) – Two brothers on an American Airlines flight set to depart from Miami to San Francisco were arrested after police said they attacked the pilot who had removed one of them from the plane.

Luis and Jonathan Baez were on American flight 1755 which was about to take off Wednesday night when a flight attendant noticed Jonathan Baez, 27, was sleeping and not wearing his seat belt.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

The flight attendant tried to wake him up so he could buckle his seatbelt before take-off but he was unresponsive and appeared to be intoxicated or on narcotics, according to the arrest affidavit.

When the pilot was notified, he returned the plane to the gate and woke up the sleeping passenger in order to tell him he had to leave the plane due to his condition, according to American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith.

After Jonathan Baez walked off the plane without incident, his brother became belligerent, walked onto the jet bridge and threatened the pilot. Luis Baez, 29, said, “When you fly to San Juan, I will have you killed,” according to the report.

Both men left the plane but police said Jonathan Baez re-entered moments later and punched the pilot in the face. A flight attendant tried to break up the fight and she was also hit in the shoulder, according to the report.

Once the brothers were on the jet bridge walking toward the terminal, with the pilot behind them, the two jumped the pilot again, and beat him some more, according to the affidavit. The pilot, who has not been identified, tried to get away by running through the terminal but the men ran after him and continued to beat him, police said.

The brothers were eventually detained by flight crew members. They were taken into custody and transported to the Miami-Dade County jail.

The men have been charged with aggravated battery, aggravated assault and simple battery.

The plane eventually took off with a different pilot.

Because assaulting an airline crewmember is a federal offense, the FBI is now involved in the investigation, Smith said.

No other passengers were involved, though some of the passengers at the front of the plane went to see if they could be of assistance before police arrived, Smith said.

A few hours later, the flight was able to take off and arrived at SFO early Thursday morning, Smith said.

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Comments (43)
  1. Kurtle says:

    Wish the pilot had a gun and shot these lungers.

    1. candid_one says:

      Guns inside of a pressurized airliner aren’t the smartest option.

  2. mechanic says:

    Check their papers! If Illegal(s) deport them immediately!

    1. Lola says:


      1. Hola Hola says:

        How are you so sure? Because of the “San Juan” thing they mentioned? Or you know them personally? Smart ass!

      2. nunYa says:

        It seems like a logical assumption that they are PRican.

      3. Haywood Jablowme? says:

        You must be really stupid to think that an illegal immigrant can’t be anything besides Mexican.

      4. Shop Slop says:

        Since 1917, people born in Puerto Rico have been given U.S. citizenship. United States citizens residing in Puerto Rico, whether born there or not, are not residents of a state or the District of Columbia and, therefore, do not qualify to vote. So it’s not entirely true to say that Puerto Ricans have the same rights/opportunities within the US as the actual US citizens.

    2. Troy says:

      Hola, perhaps he believes they’re Puerto Rican because he watched the video which shows the affidavit that lists their place of birth as…… wait for it…… you got it….. Puerto Rico.

    3. citizen kane says:

      puerto ricans ARE US citizens

      1. Michael Hardesty says:

        They shouldn’t be. Let them go.

      2. Bill says:

        And that is a darn shame

    4. candid_one says:

      If they can be deported so can you. Should we vote?

  3. teddy says:

    I hope these two go to jail for a couple of years at least.

  4. Santa says:

    I guess thats why they say let sleeping dogs lie

  5. Jerry says:

    must have had wonderful parents to raise these low life’s ! bet their education level is no higher than elementary school.

    1. Facts says:

      Just how wonderful were the parents of Bernard Madoff, Scott Rothstein, David Lewalski, Robert Tunnell, Jr…. Should I go on. Their Education level was probably much higher than yours. How else would they have been able to cover-up Millions of dollars without anyone noticing for such a long time. All these individuals came from good household backgrounds. My point…
      “DO NOT BLAME THE PARENTS and/or EDUCATION LEVEL on the crime.

      1. Steve says:

        Actually, as one in law enforcement Facts, you just made the point yourself, and we do see this. Bernie made millions because of his education. He hid the loss, because of his intelligences from an education. These two, committed a crime, we frequently see of those with just about a high school diploma or AA degree. So, if anything, level of education makes a lower or higher level of crime

      2. mechanic says:

        They all had good “Jewish Mothers”.

      3. candid_one says:

        Bernie suckered hundreds of the well-educated too.

  6. J2011 says:

    Why were police not at gate of a plane where a passenger is being removed. Seems like that should be normal procedure.

    1. dan says:

      Exactly my thought!

  7. Vernon St Whiz says:

    Many thanks to those who were instrumental in keeping those two brain challenged sub humans out of SF.

  8. MrMerciless says:

    That’s a nice picture of him with his pot metal slave chain.

  9. dan says:

    Miami – Where were the airport police?

  10. dan says:

    Perhaps you should have said “two MORE brain challenged humans” out of SF 🙂

  11. broktoon says:

    Note to aerophobic self… fasten seatbelt before self-medicating prior to take-off.

  12. Capt. E. says:

    A couple of comments from a commercial pilot. The pilot did exactly what should have been done with a passenger who appeared to be unfit to be flying. Back to the gate, and remove the passenger. Of concern is how this was presented to ground control and the ground crew. I would hope that the request went out for medical assistance with a passenger. SOP is for security to arrive as back up on the medical assistance calls.

    The reporter did make note of what takes place with interfering with an aircrew while they are performing their duties. It is a federal offense and as such, the authority having jurisdiction would be the FBI. I contend, they are a little less tolerant of this form of buffoonery than the local PD.

    If you’re not fit to fly, don’t board my aircraft and hazard my crew and passengers.

  13. jeff says:

    I think I will introduce my sister to one of these guys. They seem really friendly, clearly very intelligent, and no doubt spend a lot of their personal time involved in numerous humanitarian endeavors.

    Best wishes to the pilot and many kudos to the flight crew members. But where the BLANK were the airport police??

    1. mechanic says:

      Hey jeff; my sister was first in line! Yours will have to wait for one of these nice boys to be available. Of course that might be a few years now(??)…… we hope!

    2. S says:

      The airport police is a unit of the Miami-Dade PD

  14. Sven G. says:

    WOW, nice comment from the pilot. Wish he had noted what airline he is with, they would get all of my business. No nonsense

  15. Local Opinions says:

    porto rican terrorists…they should be locked up ………..

  16. Patty Cakes says:

    Prisoner # 42755 & 42756 please meet Bubba. Looks like you two will be turned out quite often. Have fun in prison!

  17. TMac says:

    Too bad they didn’t dump these guy out half way between Miami and SFO. It might be a bit chilly for them at first, but the sudden stop would cure that.

  18. None says:

    Adios Muchachos!

  19. William says:

    These two ARE Miami police. I LOVE YOU MAIMI!!!

  20. SFCARE says:

    “I thiink they both look like Muslims! ” WHAT?

  21. Alan says:

    They need a proofreader “After Jonathan Baez walked off the plane without incident, his brother became became belligerent” Became became?

    Also, flight was misspelled as “tlight” when this appeared on the Yahoo homepage.

  22. Yo! says:

    Moronic Losers Strike Again!

  23. Pat says:

    Another classic example of why it is so important to have US Marshalls on each and every flight to deal with such garbage when it presents itself.

  24. sam says:

    Does it really matter where they came from????? Isn’t the point that they should have never been allowed to board the plane, whether they were white, black, hispanic, asian, etc… who cares? This is a security problem, with individuals, not an ethnicity.

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