LOS ANGELES (CBS) – Giovanni Ramirez spoke out Friday for the first time since he was arrested and wrongfully accused in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow.

“More than anything I’m upset. Not for myself but for the grief and embarrassment that my friends, family and loved ones have been put through,” Ramirez said in a statement released by his Attorney Jose Romero.

Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck has since publicly exonerated Ramirez after the department announced the arrest of two new suspects, Louie Sanchez, 29, and Marvin Norwood, 30 on July 20.

“Everyone is asking what am I going to do next. My only focus and attention is with the writ that has been filed this week. I know the judge in Superior Court will do the right thing,” the statement continued.

Lawyers for Ramirez filed court papers Wednesday asking a judge to order their client’s release from prison. Ramirez is currently being held on a parole violation at a San Diego facility.

The documents allege that a parole board “capitulated to the political and public pressure surrounding the Dodger Stadium beating” when it concluded that Ramirez had violated parole when he was arrested in a home where a firearm was found, the Associated Press reported.

The court filing also accuses Beck of participating in a “rush to judgment” when he told reporters that Ramirez was responsible for the March 31 assault on Bryan Stow, according to Associated Press reports.

Stow,42, suffered serious brain injuries in the attack and remains hospitalized at San Francisco General Hospital in serious condition.

Norwood and Sanchez have been charged with felony assault and battery. They are both being held on $500,000 bail. Arraignment for the two suspects is scheduled for Aug. 10.

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Comments (8)
  1. Sam Mallory says:

    Don’t feel bad at all. For all the innocent death’s caused by gang bangers you can chalk this up to just that basically. Also this man was far from a saint. I mean his GF was a prostitute and a meth head all while he had a loading gun while on parole.

    1. Lighter Shade Of Pale says:


  2. Rachel Alexandre says:

    He still looks like a thug. He wouldn’t be out for long anyways.

  3. Sal says:

    I knew it wasn’t him, when they couldn’t find the second agressor after his arrest.

  4. Victor says:

    Next time, the LAPD should be very critical on obtaining real facts about future suspect look-alikes. As for the parole officer who witnessed Giovanni Ramirez as the suspect, he should do the same. I hope the Dodgers and Giants fans (including myself) and players still show respect with each other and I hope Bryan Stow is okay.

  5. tn says:

    He needs a new PR manager or use a little common sense. It would’ve help his image / character had he said something about praying or hoping for the best for the Stow family, instead of mentioning something about what he’s worried about. It’s plain to see that he’ll already do what he’s going to do legally, so why not make himself more compassionate and civil by giving a kind word for the party he was accused of beating? That would’ve made him larger than life. He really missed his opportunity.

  6. Randy says:

    Give me a break! He put himself in a lifestyle to be a suspect of most any crime. To claim this embarrassed your family and friends, heck fool you did that yourself many years ago. Be honest you love it that your name was all over the TV, just get over it and get back in your cell.

  7. afg says:

    WOW someone is accused and in prison for a crime they didn’t do and all you guys can say is well he has tattoos on his neck so obviously he deserves it. Really you are no better than “gang-bangers”

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