SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — The family of the San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium says he can slightly lift his arm and leg and respond to some directions.

Bryan Stow‘s family said on their website Monday that Stow lifted his left leg when asked and raised his left arm when asked if someone could hold his hand.

The family also says that when Stow’s sister Bonnie asked if she could give him a kiss, he puckered his lips each time.

Stow suffered brain injuries when he was attacked after the Dodgers’ home opener in late March. The father of two children underwent emergency surgery last month for fluid buildup in his head that caused a seizure.

Officials at San Francisco General Hospital said he remained in serious condition.

Meanwhile, the two men accused in Stow’s beating pleaded not guilty to criminal charges Wednesday.

Twenty-nine-year-old Louie Sanchez and 30-year-old Marvin Norwood were arraigned in a Los Angeles courtroom.

The men have been charged with mayhem, assault, battery and other counts in the beating.

John Brooks Reports for KCBS:

During arguments on a motion to allow cameras in court, prosecutor Frank Santoro did not object, saying the case was not based on witness identifications but on admissions by both men. He said 20 witnesses had been asked to identify the men, but only one person was able to positively identify Sanchez and no one could identify Norwood.

“The case is based on admissions from both of them,” Santoro said.

The camera motion was denied after the defense objected.

Outside court, Sanchez’s attorney, Gilbert Quinones, was asked about the prosecutor’s claim that Sanchez and Norwood had made admissions.

“Making assertions and proving them are two different things,” Quinones said.

During the brief hearing, several family members looked on as Sanchez and Norwood stood about 30 feet apart. They did not look at each other and spoke only through their lawyers. Relatives declined to comment to the media.

Police have portrayed Sanchez as leading the assault on Stow, which came March 31 at the culmination of an alleged rampage through the stadium where Sanchez and Norwood are accused of lashing out randomly at rival Giants fans.

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Comments (7)
  1. Sundance says:

    This isn’t news, pleading not guilty is standard procedure.

  2. Rodney King says:

    A white guy and a mexican working together. What is up with that? Did they think they were beating a black man?

  3. Moonbeam Starchild says:

    Thanks for the leson in law., SUNDANCE! Now get back to street corner begging!

  4. Lori Portales, MSW says:

    What a pair huh? When I found out they had put Brian’s eye out, slit his tongue from his mouth and literally taken a father from his children. I felt sick to my stomach to know such a thing happened. Who raised these monsters? Not guilty, yea wait till they go to prison. There they will seriously be dealt with.

  5. samantha says:

    wow wow lori where are you getting this eye and tongue story from? Doesnt anyone else notice they dont look like the drawings they put out?!

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