SAN JOSE (KCBS) – A job fair for low-income families in Silicon Valley attracted more than 600 applicants.

Many of those who turned out are about to lose public assistance benefits.

Lydia, a single mother who only has one month of benefits left, is desperately searching for a job.

“At this point I’m hoping to get any job that’s going to help me to get back into the field that I was in, which was security,” she said.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan:

Job Fair Organizer Keith Robinson said the good news is that a lot more employers are interested in hiring this year.

“We have everybody from Wendy’s to the Fairmont, and then everybody in between that,” he said.

“So we have the retail, the hotels, we have security, just a variety of companies as well as agencies.”

Those agencies include the US Customs Service which is interested in hiring 800 border patrol agents.

Officer Karen Hughes said applicants must be willing to move.

“Border patrol is down of course on the border between Mexico and the United States, so that’s going to be Texas, Arizona and Southern California,” said Hughes.

“All the jobs currently right now are going to be down in Southern California.”

Twenty employers turned out for the job fair.

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  1. Loyalty to industry, management, company union does not provide sustained employability in the employment market. As businesses, universities, states, counties, cities worldwide stumble through the recession some find themselves in a phase of creative disassembly. Hundreds of thousands of jobs are shed. World class University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau ($500,000 salary) and his $7 million outside consultants are firing employees via his “Operational Excellence (OE)”: 2,000 axed by end 2011. Yet many cling to an old assumption: the implied, unwritten management-employee contract.

    Management promised work, upward progress for employees fitting in, employees accepted lower wages, performing in prescribed ways, sticking around. Longevity was good employer-employee relations; turnover a dysfunction. None of these assumptions apply in the 21 century economy. Businesses, universities, public institutions can no longer guarantee careers, even if they want to. Managements paralyzed themselves with a strategy of “success brings successes” rather than “successes brings failure’ and are now forced to break implied contract with employees – a contract nurtured by management that future can be controlled.

    Jettisoned employees are discovering that hard won knowledge earned while loyal is no longer desired in employment markets. What contract can employers, employees make with each other?

    The central idea is simple, powerful: job is a shared partnership.
    • Employers, employees face financial conditions together; longevity of partnership depends on how well customers, constituencies needs are met.
    • Neither management nor employee has future obligation to the other.
    • Organizations train people.
    • Employees create security they really need – skills, knowledge that creates employability in 21st century economies
    • The management-employee loyalty partnership can be dissolved without either party considering the other a traitor.

    Sustained employability in the 21st century economy is not loyalty to management, company, university, public agency or union.

    1. BOB says:

      you are getting as anoyong as jimmy.

      1. BOB says:


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