Pregnant Pacifica Woman Killed In Dog Mauling At Her Home

PACIFICA (CBS SF / KCBS) –- A pregnant Pacifica woman died following a mauling by her dog at her home Thursday, police said.

Pacifica police officers found an unresponsive 32-year-old Darla Napora lying in the front room not breathing when they responded to a home in the 500 block of Reina Del Mar Avenue shortly after 12:15 p.m.

The victim’s husband had come home from work and found their 2-year-old male pit bull hovering over his wife’s body.

Officers began performing CPR before Pacifica Fire Department and San Mateo County paramedics arrived and pronounced her dead at the scene.

As the woman was being treated, the pit bull escaped from the backyard and approached the first responders, police said. Officers shot and killed the dog.

There was a second dog in the backyard, and it and the deceased dog were taken to the Peninsula Humane Society for examination.

An autopsy for the woman and a necropsy for the dog are scheduled for Friday.

KCBS’ Margie Shafer Reports:

The deadly mauling has once again brought to light the question of whether pit bulls should be spayed and neutered.

Jason Walthall, co-president of the San Francisco SPCA, said the procedure reduces overpopulation and especially in male dogs, can reduce aggressiveness and territoriality.

San Francisco adopted a breed-specific pitbull spay and neuter law following a deadly mauling 10 years ago.

“It is undeniable that it has been effective. It has reduced the number of pitbulls coming into our shelters,” Walthall said. “But it has not solved the problem. Pitbulls are still dramatically overrepresented in our shelters.”

Pacifica City Manager Steve Rhodes said the city has heard from concerned residents.

“The issue will come to the council and they are the ones who would make the determination of a direction that we would go,” said Rhodes.

The spayed female dog, which was also in the Pacifica home at the time, is not believed to be involved in the attack, but has been taken in for evaluation.

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  • copsareprofessionalliars

    Somebody said the same thing over on the chron’s board and it’s amazing how many thumbs down the post got.

    With all the media hype regarding pits – I’m betting the dog didn’t do it.

    • scotty501

      i would not want to own a dog that could easily kill someone. were these people planning on keep the dogs with small children???? the vast majority of people i know with pit bulls are uneducated blue colar.

      • Rick Murphy

        you are a idiot

      • Thomas

        Maybe the vast majority of people you know period are uneducated blue collar.
        Judging from the fact you can’t spell, I’m guessing you fit neatly into that category yourself.

        So… what qualifies a dog as being easily able to kill someone? Do you know, or are you just jumping onto the bandwagon of sensational reporting and dissemination of partial facts.

      • TriHard_or_GoHome

        You’re calling someone else uneducated? You just wrote three sentences and not one of them started with a capital letter. Also, that would be “planning on keeping” the dog.

      • Vicki Harris

        Ok Scotty, here’s the story! Not all Pit Bull owners are ‘uneducated blue collar” My daughter, who has had Pit Bulls for 14 years (My eight year old grandson has grown up with them,and never been mauled or bitten once!), is an RN,BSN (Bachelor of Sciences In Nursing). She was working as a Chemotherapy nurse when she became ill with a rare liver disease. Her Pits have been her mainstay thru all of the problems she has had, including “situational depression”, in the last two years. Blanket statements like yours prove nothing but your own ignorance. Pit Bulls are also known as “The Nanny Dog” because of their great interaction with children. Case in point: at a family reunion a few weeks ago, a guests 2 year old Pit Bull mix decided it was her job to watch the kids. As the kids were wading down the small creek on the property, there was Nova, leading the way, As they played in the riffles, she walked back and forth across a fallen tree, watching them, and jumped in when one little guy fell, just to make sure he was ok; she stood there and left him use her to help himself up. As they went back upstream, , she was ahead of them, and blocked a rather deep hole in the stream with her body, so none of the kids could fall in. She wasn’t trained to do this, nor was she told to. It was instinct! My daguhter’s male pit bull slept with my grandson every night, and helped him overcome his fear of the dark. Her female would lay under his crib when he was an infant…didn’t need a baby monitor, she had Maya to come tell her when J needed to be cared for! Pit Bulls are not the problem! It is poor ownership, poor training, and ignorant statements made by people who have a personal vendetta against Pits, or sheeple, who beliieve every negative thing they see or hear about these great dogs! Do some homework on line, and find out the truth!

  • Slee Stak

    Somebody said the same thing over on the chron’s board and it’s amazing how many thumbs down the post got.

    With all the media hype regarding pits – I’m betting the dog didn’t do it.

  • Bob Bennett

    So how much evidence does anyone need to ban/spay/neuter pit bulls??
    I thought ” ‘dog’ was ‘sposed to be man’s best friend?”
    I guess not. This one surely wasn’t.
    What a shame he took a person’s life – time for euthanazation, OK?

    • Ashley

      The dog was shot at the scene of the crime, what are talking about euthanize for. Your an idiot Bob Bennett

    • Vicki Harris

      Ok, if that is the case, then every murderer, innocent or not, should be euthanized as well? Right? Just sayin’!

    • Vicki Harris

      Also, most responsible Pit owners have their dogs spayed/neutered. The ones who don’t are either too lazy to do so, can’t afford it, or are dog fighters. Professional Pit Bull breeders emphasize spay/neuter when they sell a dog as a pet. They also breed for temperment – good with dogs, cats, kids and adults! And when you say ‘time for euthanization” are you advocating wholesale genocied of an entire group of dog breeds? That is what is sounds like! As was pointed out, this dog was shot by a trigger happy cop at the scene. I don’t buy alot of this story…The Coroner, in most instances, is an elected official who works for the local Police Dpartment. People can be bribed (everyone has a price), or threatened into saying what people want to hear, and to cover up what they don’t want the public to know. I feel so bad for Mr. Napora! He has lost 90% of his family; his wife, his unborn child, and a bleloved pet, as well as haviing the female seized, when she did nothing wrong! This poor man is grieveing, and people are saying some very nasty things about him. That is why the more I get to know people, the more I like my dogs! :-\

  • Matthew

    I’ve said it before — pit bulls are BAD NEWS !!!!

    • noneya

      Shut up Matthew, You have no clue what you are talking about.

    • A Loyal STAFFY owner

      Matthew you know absolutely nothing about the breed otherwise you would not be having diarrhea of the mouth. go do your homework then come back with something intelligent

  • Jim Kelly

    The Animal Shelteres Are Full of Pit Bull terriers

    yes the people have a right to have protection

    But these dogs have killed woman and children

    their has to be a line drawn somewhere

    • A Loyal STAFFY owner

      maybe you should also think before you speak. Quit saying these dogs. Because to me it looks like 1 dog. Pitbulls are they most loving and caring dogs but some people decide to beat and abuse their animals or train them to be mean/fight. It is not they dog they are just trying to please their owner. Blame the Owner not the breed. get you head out of your ass and do some research.

      • bs

        Try “these dogs” as in referring to all breeds of dogs, since there are few breeds that have not been implicated in the deaths of humans, often young children.

      • LL

        It’s not ‘1’ dog; it’s numerous PIT BULLS. I don’t blame the dogs, humans have bred them to be this way for their own sick puposes. Now, there’s no way to know if the pit you have is good or bad; unless something bad happens. The best you can do is take precautions. Having 2 pit bulls is not a good idea.

      • helicohunter

        Pit bulls have been bred for generations to attack and not back down. As much as pit bull owners like to believe it, you can’t train this breeding out of them. Just like you can’t make a tiger into a safe pet. Abusive treatment will make matters worse, but even “sweet” pit bulls are a danger. Most dogs bite and release- pit bulls go for the kill. They should be in zoos, not homes.

    • TriHard_or_GoHome

      That would be “There has to be a line”. If you don’t know your first grade spelling words, you probably shouldn’t comment on posts. “Their” isn’t the same as “there” or “they’re”.

    • Stephen

      Sir, you are an IDIOT. Dogs are not on this earth or in our families to serve as protection for your fears of criminality. That sets up any dog, regardless of breed, to be mean, distructful, unloving and prone to attack. Just like an idiot who sleeps with the proverbial gun under his pillow. The poor dog just wants to be loved, cuddled and to please you. The men I’ve found who own dogs for “protection” are nothing but bullies and imbeciles because they know if they do that to another man, they’ll get their block knocked off, so train a dog to be your “front man.” THAT’s why you’re an idiot. Fool. And you say, wow, women and children have been killed by them. Are women and children’s lives more important than other men? certainly not, so don’t put it out there that if women are equal to men they don’t need your protection – that’s YOUR fantasy, not anyone elses. So, does the line need to be drawn somewhere? you bet! From the trash you idiots spew out of your mouth and like all dogs and cats, they should be Neutered before they are ever allowed to be adopted, bought, transferred ownership, whatever. Make it the law because there are some idiots who won’t do it otherwise.

  • Tina

    Perhaps the woman dealt a blow to the dog, and the dog defended itself, and didn’t mean to do such harm. We have no idea what happened, because we weren’t there. The same has happened with humans. I am betting you pit bull haters have other prejudices too. Time for a close self examination.

    • louise

      What is wrong with you? You complain about “pit bull haters” but then you go and accuse this poor dead woman of hitting her dog without ANY evidence that actually happened. Your attachment to dogs has clouded your basic sense of empathy and humanity.

    • louise

      You attack “pit bull haters” but then you also go and accuse a woman of hitting her dog without ANY evidence? You pit bull people need to get a grip. And a soul.

    • al

      I love pitbulls, but its time for an end to the breeding of these dogs. They are sooo strong. Think about it. This breed was bred for one thing and only one thing. To kill anything that is a threat to it or its territory. That instinct is bred into the dog. Yeah, there are some lines of pitbulls that are not that gamey. But then there are some that lines are bred to kill and they end up out there.

    • sanjosean

      Just one pit bull here. One pit bull there. Another pit bull over there. But do you ever hear about the labrador? Ever hear about the sheep dog? Ever hear about the collie? If all we ever heard about was collies, you can bet that would be the most dangerous dog.

      • al

        idiot – All dogs can and have the ability to attack if provoked or threatened. But, only a few breed can and will kill a human being if needed. And the big one is the Pit bull.

        once again i am a dog lover and love pit bulls. But, the breed has no place in our society and in the hands of the undisciplined.

  • al

    I am a dog lover. But all you folks. Pitbulls are awesome dogs in the right hands. But in the wrong hands, which are a majority of people out there. They are a deadly weapon. Just like guns are safe in the trained and respectful persons hands, they are deadly in the untrained hand. Its sad, but pitbulls must be banned. The dogs that are already out there and owned should be exempt. But, no more new pitbulls should be introduced to the population. Spay and neuter programs help a little. But, this is the only solution. Not only do we see people dying at the hands of these dogs. But many innocent pet owners on a walk with their dogs or their house cat that jumped the fence into the wrong yard end up killed by pitbulls. So sad. My heart goes out to the family.

    • Maci

      HEY Al, I have had put bulls all my life and they are NOT deadly weapons unless they are trained to be mean. People are so ignorant about these beautiful animals. If you respect them and raise them right, they will be the perfect pets. If you train them to be mean than they will be mean. STOP BLAMING THE ANIMALS THAT ARE ONLY ACTING AS THEY WERE TRAINED TO ACT.

      • Maci

        I meant Pit Bulls.

      • al

        Dont you get it? People like you are the exception. The vast majority end up in the wrong hands. If only everyone were like you there would be no problem. Yes, stop blaming the animals. it is the owners of course. And remember this breed was bred to kill. Humans need to breed the killing instinct out – but thats nearly impossible. all breeds were bred for a purpose. labs to retrieve. Throw a ball or news paper into the water and what do they do? Jack Russels bred to hunt vermin. Ever seen how persistent a Jack Russel is when it goes after a mouse, rabbit or even a ball it wants? Wake up!! I do love these dogs, but to end unecessary human and canine deaths this breed must fade away. we need to follow the UK and Germany. im not saying we need to round up the dogs already out there, but stop new ones from entering the population by spay, neuter and outright laws.

  • jam

    You hear these cases on the news over and over again, nothing new but people never learn.

  • Hassan Ben Sober

    I think you’ve watched too many episodes of “Monk”.

  • guy smiley

    What did she or someone in that house do to the poor dog?? Animals are NOT born vicious. They are taught to be vicious by stupid people. I do not feel sorry for her or anyone inher house. I feel for the dpg that was trying to protect himself.

    • Melissa Gillespie

      Its a pit bull. All she had to do was be alive.

  • A Loyal STAFFY owner

    its also tragic that you are ignorant. should not keep a black lab then because they are bred to hunt. If ignorant people would just take the time to learn about something before they go and spew this bs all over maybe they would know that they were not bred to be people/human aggressive. My pitty loves my 1 year old nephew and would die for him or myself. I have no respect for someone that tries to badmouth one of the most loyal breeds when they know absolutely nothing about them. Open a book and shut your mouth.

    • al

      labs were not bred to hunt. they were bred to retrieve birds that a man shot and killed.

      once again – you are the exception. 75% of people that own pit bulls are not

    • Melissa Gillespie

      How about you open your eyes and shut your mouth. These animals are deadly killers. Enough of the lying already.

      • youshutit

        Wow!! Talking about shutting up. I think your ignorance could be considered a deadly killer. Its people like you who are completely uneducated about the breed who continue to spread fear and hate!

  • Melissa Gillespie

    Yet more pit bull attacks. Stop defending these animals. They are too dangerous to have around humans.

    • SF31yrs

      And the people who are stupid enough to live with pit bulls reap what they sow. No sympathy for the stupid.

    • Law Obeying Citizen

      Meilissa, Please educate yourself before speaking of something you know nothing about. How dare you speak of these beautiful animals. I WILL DEFEND THEM AND THEY WILL DEFEND THEMSELVES!

      • Melissa Gillespie

        I am quite educated. Its you that isn’t. I don’t care how much you defend them. Every single week, we hear about another pit bull attack thats killed or maimed someone. Enough already. I don’t believe a word you say.

      • LL

        Yes, they do defend themselves; by killing what they perceive as a threat.
        Don’t attack Melissa for that. You may also want to learn how to spell.

    • scrase

      WOW!!! Do some research why don’t ya! Please take a little time and educate yourself on the breed. You can really learn a lot. They can be wonderful companions. I feel like I need to have a voice for them they can’t defend themselves.

  • Jack

    Why are only PIT BULL attacks and deaths in the news regualry? I will ocaisionally hear about a chimpanze ripping off someones face. But I don’t think in all my years I have heard of a Black Lab killing anyone. Pit Bulls, lions and tigers and bears OH MY!

  • Mr. M

    I too was prejudiced against pit bulls and pit mixes – until one adopted me. He is a bit of extra work, however, he is the most loving dog I have owned in the last 30 years. All dogs required work to be good canine citizens – no exceptions for any dog owner of any breed.

  • sanjosean

    Like new parents who lie about how great having kids is, pit bull owners lie about how great pit bulls are. Whenever a pit bull yet again kills someone these people blame the owners. They think if you are always nice the pit bull will always be nice. But then one day it freaks out and because it’s so strong there is nothing you can do. Many people go their whole lives without the dog freaking out, but statistically we can see the dogs are very dangerous. They are happy go lucky killers.

  • Jack

    I agree with Melissa! Pit bulls and guns kill……

  • Duran

    Enough about the dog! How about some compassion for the dead lady, her family and unborn child. Oh! and enough with it was probably her fault, not the killer dogs! . My deepest sympathy.

  • Staffy owner for life

    Again the media jumps all over a pit bull attack. If a golden retreiver or a chocolate lab bites someone (which happens almost daily,yea it’s the truth) you never hear a peep from the news. But if someone was bit by a pitbull in Florida, California will hear about it within hours. This is total BS. I’ve been a staffy owners for over 20 years. For me there isn’t any other dog. They are perfect around my kids and other family memebers. I have zero worries about my dogs or how well I have raised them.
    To the people who keep commenting on banning the breed, or to have them all out down. Blame the morons who raised them with a lack of proper training. NoNo where in this little article do you see how the dog was raised, treated or what type of people they really are. You ( pit bull haters) really do need to get educated and stop getting your information from the mass media. The media gets ratings off your fear and keeps feeding you this misinformation. Get the facts and get a life!

    • flashman1854

      Here are a few thoughts Staffy owner for life:

      When other breeds bite there are two major differences:

      One: there is some logic to the attack.
      Two: the other breeds bite, but usually don’t “go in for the kill”

      Even large, guard dog breeds don’t attack illogically. I’ve never heard of a Dobbie killing its master. Or a Rot, or German Shepherd. They may go after an intruder, but there is some logic behind the attack.

      In this case the dog’s owner was attacked and killed. We hear these stories consistently about pit bulls.

      Also, when a chocolate lab or golden retriever bites someone it is a bite, not ‘going in for the kill’. That’s why you ‘never hear a peep from the news’, the dog didn’t KILL anyone, least of all its owner.

      You can train a tiger all you want, it is still a tiger. You can raise a cute bear cub from birth, it will grow into a bear. These animals, no matter how well trained, remain unpredictable, much like pit bulls. THIS is the issue. For sure they can be loving, and “the best dog I ever had”, then one day they snap and your kid is dead, or a neighbor’s kid. THIS is the reason pit bulls should be outlawed. They are unpredictable, and when they attack they go in for the kill.

    • Seraphim0

      Biting and KILLING are two completely different things, friend.

      • Marco

        Maybe Staffy Owner for Life could produce some facts and statistics to make her augment have merit. It sounds like a personal thing from owning a Pit Bull. I would like to see her post # of deaths from dog breeds. I own a gun, but am the first to admit it kills! I never want to use it for that purpose, so I treat it well and take good care of it and lock it up!

    • markus

      Pit bulls, rottweilers, etc, are proven to be more dangerous than other dogs. You just need to get used to it that these dogs are going to be more and more legislated, both publicly and privately. They are a menace, partly because of their breed and partly because of the owners.

      • mammers

        Funny, my sister had a Rottweiler for 16 years, sweetest dog ever and she never bit anyone and was raised with 3 young children in the house. Again, goes to my comment that it’s not the ‘breed’ of the dog, it’s the ‘breed’ of the people raising them. Most people raise them with the intent of being malicious. Shame that the dogs get the bad rap for what the owners taught them.

  • Mike

    I have a 10 month Pit Bull(Buster) & got him when he was just months old.
    He has all his shots & has been neutered & is the nicest dog you could meet.
    I`ll admit he does like to jump on people & lick them which I`m working on but a very friendly loyal dog.
    I give him respect & he gives it back.
    I strongly recommend having a pit bull but you have to raise them right & not abuse them because if you do you might end up with a mean dog.
    Also….you could have a poodle & abuse it & it would also be a mean dog.

    • al

      never seen a case of a poodle kiling a human or other dog for that matter

    • flashman1854


      And one day, when your dog is large enough to kill, and a small child in your neighborhood is dead, or your wife, you will be repeating this mantra, he was such a nice, loving, pet.. The best pet I ever had.

      He is a pit bull, his killer instinct is in his DNA, just waiting for something, unpredictably, to set it off, at some date in the far future.

      You have a time bomb on your hands, you just are deluding yourself that you don’t. It may never go off, or it may, with what illogic, at a future date explode.

  • markus

    Ahhh, the wonderful companion, the pit bull. Great for new babies too!

  • Beatrix Kiddo

    Many news stories of husbands killing wives. Why so hard to believe the husband did the deed and used the family dog as a scape-goat? Nothing in the story to prove otherwise.

    • Good Doggie

      Ummmmm………Bite Marks and dog DNA all over mangled body! Oh yeah, I forgot good pit bulls would never attack their loyal owner. Even if husband killed wife and fed it to the dog. Makes alot of sense.

  • Sandra W

    Melissa, you are so ignorant. My bestfriend has 2 pitbulls, and they are the sweetest dogs I have ever met. Not all are bad, just like how theres good guys AND bad guys. All depends on how you/they were raised.

    • flashman1854

      Sandra W,

      I’m sorry, but you are the ignorant one.

      We always hear this after a fatal pit bull attack, “they are (were) the sweetest dogs”.

      People, there is something in a pit bull’s DNA, or bred into them in the distant past, that makes them aggressive killers. Who knows what can set off this killer instinct, but once in motion the dog (now grown, big, and powerful) kills.

      Other breeds don’t seem to have this unpredictable trait. THIS is the difference.

      A ‘loving’, correctly trained, watchdog, a Rot, or Dob, might attack an intruder, but will obey, and not attack, its master(s), and this includes the master’s family and friends. Pit bulls can (and do) just ‘go off’, and stop obeying their master (in fact, will, and have, killed their master.)

      There IS a difference.

    • Trey

      Jeffery Dahmer was raised in a good household! That argument does not stand…. I heard Hitler had loving parents too…

      • mammers

        People and dogs are completely different and are not even the same species

  • Ilovedeaddogs

    As with most dog attacks, the owner will blame the victim with “What did you do?”. Humans > Dogs. It doesn’t matter what anyone did. What matters is that humans CANNOT control wild animals. Dogs are unpredictable = wild animals. I would not suggest keeping an animal that could kill you in your house, period.

    Another dog attack:

  • Brandye

    I have two pitt bulls and a beautiful hound dog, my bullies love babies and kids, they are very gentle and with supervision and one at a time they are always playing with the babies and toddlers and kids and people. My hound dog….was rescued, he was beat and abused and is not as comfortable with kids, he would rather just be alone in his room then lick fingers and toes. I would never leave my dogs alone with anyone that did not know how to properly handle them and control them…..I also know they have been socialized and well trained to walk away from confrontation. Bottom line……don’t own ANY DOG if your not willing to do the work to make them a safe member of society…..I am truly sorry for this family’s loss

  • mammers

    Really people? It’s not the ‘breed’ of dog it’s the ‘breed’ of people and how they train the dog. Pit Bulls get a bad name b/c of the idiots who raise and train them to be killers. There are plenty of pit bulls who are raised in loving homes and do not show this type of behavior

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