ISLETON (CBS) – An Isleton father found himself under arrest for animal cruelty after he grabbed a machete and hit a neighbor’s dog that he said was behaving aggressively.

“My baby, he was almost attacked by the pit bull,” said Karla Chavez, the suspect’s wife. “It was really, really sad.”

Chavez was concerned that her neighbor’s pit bull was coming after her four children while they were playing in front of their Isleton home. She said there was a friendly stray dog, a German Shepard, visiting their family in the front yard at the time of the attack.

“He’s a nice dog. I feed him and everything,” said Chavez.

She said she believes the German shepherd intercepted the pit bull before he could get to the kids. She tried to pull her kids away from the dog fight, and her husband, Juan Loza, attempted to separate the dogs.

When he was unable to stop the dogs, Loza, who was concerned about his children’s safety, attacked the pit bull with a machete, according to Chavez. Loza does not speak English very well, but said he struck the pit bull along his back, but that didn’t slow the dog down.

Chavez said at that moment, three women who own the pit bull realized what was going on and were so angry that they attacked her.

“They hit this just one eye, but they scratched me. They pulled my hair. They kicked my back. They hold my feet,” said Chavez, pointing to her bruises.

The kids were safe, but when deputies arrived, they took Loza to jail for animal cruelty.

“He has a court date,” said Chavez.

It’s unclear why the neighbors didn’t also go to jail for assault. The Sheriff’s Department had not yet commented on the case. The owners of the pit bull were not available to comment.

Loza said he’d rather go to jail for animal cruelty than see any of his children hurt.

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Comments (6)
  1. Sigmund says:

    HOW EFFING STUPID IS THAT???? If the man had shot and killed the dog he, hopefully, wouldn’t get arrested for that. SAD, SAD, SAD when a man is arrested for protecting his family ON HIS OWN PROPERTY!!!! What in the hell is wrong with Police in Isleton??? They need to release that man, go back and arrest the three women that attacked, and arrest them for a vicous dog!!!

  2. Disapointed says:

    Human life is more important than the pitbull- hopefully they let him go and look into the owners of the pitbull (if the owners act like that, it’s no wonder the dog is a possibly vicsous animal)—-It’s not like Dad was going out of his way to be cruel to the animal…
    —after what just happened in Pacifica who could blame the guy for protecting his family like that…

  3. Hoss says:

    I agree with Sigmund 100%.

  4. outraged says:

    Really? Where is the justice in any of this? What is wrong with this particular law enforcement agency and why are people punished these days for defending themselves, their families, and their property? Can someone provide a perspective…please. Police departments are cutting budgets and response times so is this guy supposed to wait for help to arrive before his dog is mauled to death and his kids are potentially hurt. I don’t see any other reasonable alternative to what this guy had to do.

  5. MJ says:

    Oh wow!! How stupid the cops have to be to arrest a man who was just protecting his children??!!!!! Outrageous!! I am an animal lover too and an owner of two dogs but if a dog shows aggressive behavior toward my family and attack them, i would do same thing. Who wouldn’t?? It’s the damn pitbull owners’ fault who didn’t train their dog properly!!!!!!!

  6. DaPoPoMan says:

    Speaking as a law enforcement officer, we do not know all that transpired, but based upon this story alone. The male should not have been arrested. The dog owners should have been arrested and the the dog should have been taken into custody by Animal Control.

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