Good Question: What Non-Mail Stuff Has Been Found In A Mailbox?

(CBS 5) – Almost half a million pieces of mail come through the San Francisco processing center each day, but some of what shows up isn’t a letter or package. Joe Scheufler of Burlingame asked this Good Question: What kind of strange non-mail stuff has been put into a mailbox?

ANSWER:  According to James Wigdel of the U.S. Postal Service, nearly anything you can imagine has been deposited in mailboxes. The San Francisco headquarters has an entire unit devoted to returning lost wallets, keys and drivers licenses that are dropped into the boxes.

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  • Mark Wenning

    “The Dark Side of CFLs” – I recently broke a CFL bulb on a carpeted floor. Having heard somewhere, that CFLs have mercury, I Googled how to clean up in a safe way and found this EPA page I don’t know if the EPA was just being lawsuit safe or not, but the clean-up guidelines kinda made me feel that a I should have called a Haz-Mat crew instead of cleaning it up myself. My questions is – how dangerous is a broken CFL bulb and does one really have to take all the cleanup precautions detailed in the EPA pdf (or call a Haz-Mat crew)? And….. if there is a real danger, why doesn’t the product packaging have a notice of such?

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