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Problems Persist With Oakland’s Police Radio System

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The city of Oakland’s new police radio system is still not working properly, two months after being installed, and the president of the Oakland Police Officers Association (POA) is worried public safety will be compromised until the radios are fixed.

Oakland installed the $10 million system in June and officers found signal dead spots all over the city. Now many transmissions are so garbled they can’t be understood.

“The amount of money that’s been put into this thing, it should be working and it’s not,” said POA president Dominic Arotzarena.

KCBS’ Bob Butler Reports:

Arotzarena said the union members have met with the system vendor.

“Police officers head out to the streets every day worried about the radio system and that’s not good,” Arotzarena said.

He said the problem has brought the department, its officers and the city together: they want a system that works.

“This issue does affect the lives and safety of Oakland residents,” he said.

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