OAKLAND (CBS SF)— Oakland’s Latino community is calling on President Obama to repeal the controversial new Safe Communities program, because they feel it’s a tool to implement racial profiling.

The program, also known as S-Comm, was unveiled by the Department of Homeland Security this month, and mandates the cooperation of federal, state, and local law-enforcement agencies in the identification, arrest, and deportation of illegal immigrants with other criminal offenses.

KCBS’ Mark Seelig Reports:

But S-Comm came under fire at an all-day event in Oakland’s Fruitvale District this weekend that included calls for the president to immediately step in and put the program to rest. About a hundred people packed into the Unity Council Building including representatives from Congressman George Miller and State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s offices.

Cynthia Munoz with the Bay Area grassroots group Causa Justa, said the data sharing is flawed and increases racial profiling within the community.

“It’s made it so the folks in the community no longer feel like they can trust the police when issues come up,” said Munoz.

Supporters have said S-Comm is designed to rid the country of illegal immigrants who are bent on a life of crime.

Ivone attended the Oakland event and her husband was recently swept up in a security sting operation.

“We were unsure what was going to happen with him. Our daughters were scared of the possibility of never seeing their father again,” she said.

Munoz said it’s about time President Obama step up on the issue of real immigration reform; something he promised when he was candidate Obama back in 2008.

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Comments (6)
  1. Numbers Dont Lie says:

    Just because more hispanic immigrants have a criminal background does not make it racial profiling. If you’re not a citizen and commit a crime, you should do your time and immediately be deported, it has nothing to do with racial profiling, if you’re Asian and you commit a crime, you get deported, not that they’re Latino, that they are illegal. It just so happens Latinos have a higher illegal population, it’s not racial profiling, it statistical data.

  2. nomoreseasontix says:

    I’ve got an idea… Stop tearing up the neighborhoods you infest, Stop spraying graffiti everywhere, stop having so many kids you can’t feed them, and best of all… Go back to wherever you came from if you don’t like it here. We were far better off without you.

  3. Tim Giangiobbe says:

    pick your own veggies gebachos.

  4. PLW says:

    I wonder what part of illegal they don’t understand? Why shouldn’t America enforce its immigration laws? They should return to their respected countries where illegal is a way of living and accepted life style……

  5. Darwin says:

    Time to stop catering to the illegals.

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