By Mike Colgan

SAN JOSE (KCBS) – San Jose City Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio is looking to lower traffic speeds around all public and private schools in the city.

The proposal comes as the number of crossing guards have been reduced in San Jose due to budget constraints. It also follows the passage of a state law, AB321, which allows cities to lower the speed limit around schools from 25 to 15 miles per hour.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan Reports:

“Cities across California have looked at it and have done it. We actually did it in San Jose on Dana Avenue in the Rose Garden area. We reduced the speed to 15 miles per hour,” said Oliverio. “That showed that parents, students and teachers have been happy that they feel safer when the speed limit is lower.”

San Francisco is just one of the cities that recently adopted the new speed limit rules around schools.

San Jose City Councilwoman Rose Herrera said that instead of lower speed limits, she would like to see fewer cars on the street and have more students walking to school.

“Walking to school really allows kids to exercise for one thing,” Herrera said. “And it gets cars off the street. Having that many cars surrounding schools is not a very safe environment for kids to have to walk when you have all this traffic congestion.”

The San Jose City Council’s Rules and Open Government Committee will take up the issue on Wednesday.

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Comments (5)
  1. tim says:

    We don’t need slower limits, just better drivers and legal ones too.

  2. KarenP says:

    Is it really necessary for a parent to drop their kid off right in front of the school? How about dropping them off down the road from the school and allow your kids the exercise they need badly?

    To the parents who think laws don’t apply to them and set a bad example to your child: Stop parking in the red zones. I see parents parking across the street from the school in front of a fire hydrant and watching as your kid crosses between parked cars…..really?

    It’s not speed Pierluigi Oliverio that you want to tackle….it’s the parents who need to understand what THEY DO that makes these dangerous situations happen. Develop a strategy for keeping parents AWAY from the school as much as possible and for goodness sake give these kids some exercise they need.

    1. cobradad says:

      Sure, drop them off several blocks away from school so they can get their exercise. The only problem is all the pedophiles and other people, kids included that haunt and prey on our kids. 40 years ago kids could walk to school without fear of man. Not today, no way. Then where is this “safe” drop off location? In front of someones home? At the nearest street corner? As you said it is the parents that are one of the real dangers. Those that are always running late, among other reasons for not driving properly.

      1. KarenP says:

        I meant dropping their children off a little ways down from the school so there is no congestion around the school.

        I agree there are sicko people out there, but really to be honest I’ve got a special needs child and I don’t get that luxury of allowing my child to walk to and from school. The special needs bus can’t park to let the kids off because parents block the zones set up for those buses. I witness many parents with poor time management and ignorance to safety of others around them.

        The traffic enforcement people in their yellow vests and electronic device to write tickets show up once in a blue moon at my daughters school and suddenly the parents obey rules. So if nobody watches them they aren’t following the rules.

  3. Sal says:

    WISH THEY LOWERED SPEED LIMIT ON MY STREET WESTERN BLVD ( BART TRACK SIDE ) HAYWARD WHERE WE DON’T EVEN HAVE SIDE WALKS SO WHEN IT RAINS THE STREET GETS FLOODED WITH NO DRAINAGE OUTLET. OUR STREET IS IN REALLY BAD CONDITION THAT YOUR CAR SHOCKS ARE MORE LIKELY TO GO BAD WITHIN 1 YEAR. Also the county doesn’t want to repair our streets because we have a lot of minorities living there which the county don’t want any improvement done. This is the fact and everyone knows it.

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