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Coast Guard Rescues 2 People, Dog Off Norcal Coast

MCKINLEYVILLE (CBS / AP) — Two people and their dog are OK after being rescued from a sinking sailboat off the Northern California coast.

U.S. Coast Guard officials say after receiving a mayday call, then losing contact, they were eventually able to make contact again Friday morning with two people on a sailboat that was taking on water in heavy seas.

The Coast Guard sent a helicopter from Sacramento to try to rescue the couple from the 58-foot sailboat, which was about 130 miles off the coast of Cape Mendocino.

But because of the distance and rough conditions, the Coast Guard also sent a larger helicopter from Oregon.

When the second helicopter arrived on scene Friday afternoon, crew members rescued Chuck Fleer and Taz Kai, both of Tacoma, Washington, and their puppy called “Sadie.”

A Coast Guard spokesman says Fleer, Kai and the dog did not need medical attention.



  • Sam Thayer

    Chuck Fleer is a sleazebag who should’ve gone down with the boat. He is married and was fleeing Washingron State jurisdiction with his bimbo, to avoid being served within divorce papers. He took their jointly-owned boat and left for Hawaii with little or no offshore sailing experience, and NO BLUEWATER INSURANCE. His karma finally caught up with him.

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