Bay Area DUI Arrests Up Over The Holiday Weekend

SILICON VALLEY (KCBS) – San Francisco and Silicon Valley showed significant increases in DUI arrests during this year’s Labor Day Holiday Mobilization crackdown.

In Silicon Valley, 439 people were arrested over the past 18 days for driving under the influence.

“It’s certainly disappointing because we want to make sure that people understand how dangerous it is to drink and drive, not just in harming others but themselves,” said Michelle Sandoval with the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.

KCBS’ Mike Colgan:

“And when we see an increase like this then something’s amiss. People aren’t listening or we need to do more work.”

Sandoval said typically there’s a lot of drinking toward the end of summer.

“In the summer people are going back to school, vacations are ending, it’s Labor Day weekend, and people are going out more.”

San Francisco witnessed a 66% increase in DUI arrests over the 18-day crackdown while Alameda County experienced a 42% drop.

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  • Nathanial Orra

    Sunday morning near Vacaville a motorist whose car was disabled was killed after he stepped out of his vehicle. A guy hit him and knocked him into the center of the freeway where another car ran over him. This happened around 3 a.m. Both vehicles that hit that poor guy were driven by drunk drivers. So much for maximum enforcement by the CHP–they should have had those two locked up before they had a chance to kill anyone.

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