CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS SF) – The principal of a Sacramento-area elementary school has been arrested on child molestation charges after a six-week investigation.

Citrus Heights police arrested Robert B. Adams at 7:10 Wednesday morning at his Folsom home in the 300 block of Water View Way. He was to be booked into Sacramento County Jail on six felony counts of lewd or lascivious acts on a child under the age of 14 and one misdemeanor count of annoying or molesting children.

Police Chief Christopher Boyd said Adams was arrested Wednesday morning at his Folsom home. He said Adams suffered a medical incident and was taken to a hospital.

In July, Citrus Heights police closed Creative Frontiers School, located at 6446 Sylvan Road, due to the investigation into molestation claims after several victims came forward spanning over 15 years.

The private preschool and elementary school had been open for 35 years.

Shortly after the school was closed, Bob Adams, with his wife and three daughters by his side, denied the allegations against him.

“I am shocked at the allegations that have been made against me and the school, but I welcome a full investigation,” said Adams at the time. “I am sad mostly for these children; closing the school in this manner. But I assure you, I’m very confident that nothing inappropriate has happened. I am innocent.”

The allegations against Adams were listed in a complaint filed with the Department of Social Services.

The complaint alleged Adams touched young girls under their shirts and down their pants. It went on to say Adams — whom students referred to as “Mr. Bob” — would also “seclude female children under a computer desk and lie down with them on a mat in his office.”

Several people who spoke to KOVR-TV defended the principal.

The kids hug Mr. Bob,” said one parent. “If I had even thought for a minute that something like that was going on, I wouldn’t have my children there.”

Two of Adams’ three daughters also publicly defended the longtime educator, saying the allegations are coming from disgruntled parents upset over money for tuition and their kids’ education.

“They have no evidence, but they came in and tore his school down, tore 35 years of his life down,” said daughter Tarah Campbell.

Police also asked the parents to talk to their children to see if they might be victims.

Adams has hired well-known defense attorney Linda Parisi, who complained about what she called the “aggressive action of law enforcement.”

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Comments (12)
  1. Bill Voelker says:

    It is sad when a man is assummed guilty, and locked up in jail, just because some kids might be lying.
    If proven innocent, the kids need to pay a huge price.

    1. Joe Blo says:

      Not A KID, some kids. With similar stories. Think about it. Maybe not guilty but surely not entirely innocent.

    2. Annie Geturguns says:

      Do you recall the McMartin Preschool Trials or The East Texas 6, if you don’t please google them. These kids are lying. It makes better drama when more are involved. Do you really think it is a coincidence that all at once they are coming forward? NOT. It is a lie and these kids and their parents are after something, probably money.

  2. Doug says:

    Bill, obviously innocent till proven guilty, but guess what? They have done an investigation, and after that four week investigation, they arrested him. Are you a similar type of person? Over 15 years the complaints have been coming, and it took that long to shut the school down, and after a four week investigation, they arrested him. What more do you want? They closed the school in July, then they investigated his behavior, and then they arrested him. Slime balls like you are the reason the cases take so long, and more and more kids are harmed. What kind of an sick individual would try to defend this sick individual? Go back in time and check out other similar incidents…multiple people coming forward, over a long time span…how many are not guilty and were framed? ZERO. A$$hole.

  3. Joe says:


    good points. With multiple kids, he is very likely guilty.

  4. SFCARE says:

    sounds just about right to me! (the descriptions of a typical pedophile!

  5. anna says:

    Citrus Heights, Northern Sacto suburbs, have looong histories of sketchy private schools, often a “pop-up” nouveau-flavor church- or wing-nut related. They have been allowed to fester, be a law to themselves. This has to stop. This man is just the tip of the iceberg. Like the Nancy Garrido’s of the world, the females in their lives protect them to the end – on the backs of tiny innocent children whose lives are forever destroyed. The Warren Jeff’s of the world come in many denominations and with many ploys, almost always waving some form of some “holy book” in hand.

  6. Cynthia Bradley says:

    Too bad the teachers who witnessed him doing these acts didn’t report it. It’s sad that these monsters go into professions where they will be around our innocent children and are free to assault them. My heart goes out to the victims of this monster. Once in prison he’ll get to experience what it’s like to be sexually assaulted. If pedophiles like him would have the word molester tattooed on their forehead it would make identifying them much easier. All pedophiles belong in prison because they cannot be cured of their sickness and they always reoffend.
    I recently read a post written by a molestation victim which I would like to share with others.

  7. Bernadette33 says:

    At my high school (Ramona High School in Riverside, CA) we heard rumors about the Theater teacher molesting boys for years. But the parents and students and principal (his buddy) always defended him. Finally someone had the guts to come forward and only then did the story about this monster come out. He is now on the Meagan’s Law website. I think he lives in San Freakcisco.

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