(KCBS) — Governor Jerry Brown addressed a union convention in Las Vegas Monday, while still mulling over whether to sign some labor-friendly legislation. The California governor is walking a fine line to keep both business and labor happy.

Governor Brown didn’t get his jobs and tax break swap bill through the State Senate, but lawmakers did pass hundreds of bills at the last minute, now on the governor’s desk. Among them are some that are supported by union leaders, including one to let home-based child care providers unionize.

KCBS’ Doug Sovern Reports:

University of California, Berkeley political scientist Bruce Cain, director of the UC Washington Center, said the governor’s in a bit of a bind as he also tries to show that he’s pro-business development in a time of economic difficulty.

“It’s the fate of all centrists,” Cain said. “It’s very, very hard to sort of carve out the position in the middle between the interest groups.”

Cain claims Brown is likely to sign some, and veto others, in an attempt to placate both sides enough to win the support he needs for measures he’ll try to pass on next year’s ballot.

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