SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The toll from mortgage defaults is being seen firsthand by Bay Area sheriff’s departments, who are having to hand out eviction notices at a rapid rate.

The latest numbers from RealtyTrac show that mortgage defaults continue to rise and initial foreclosure notices across the country were up 33 percent last month.

KCBS’ Anna Duckworth Reports:

Alameda County’s eviction officers have had their workload double since 2002, when they served 3,500 eviction notices. Last year, Sheriff Greg Ahern said that number topped 7,000 or 538 a month.

“This year, it’s down just a little bit. We’re averaging between 400 and 450 evictions per month,” said Ahern. “But that’s still a big workload for our staff.”

Ahern said the majority of the evictions involve rental property, but the numbers involving foreclosures have increased in recent years as well.

San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey said about 10 percent of the evictions in the city are for bank-owned properties.

“It’s very tough because you’ll run into families who are being evicted and haven’t figured out where they’re going to go,” said Hennessey. “We’ve had to place people with Salvation Army and Red Cross, places like that with no place to go.”

Hennessey said San Francisco is on pace to equal last year’s number of eviction notices served at just under 2,900.

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Comments (5)
  1. Drew says:

    Who said there wasn’t gonna be a “double dip”? They were wrong.

  2. Jim Bob Duggar says:

    Double Dip is guaranteed when the administration lies about recovery, the lies are finally catching up to them, fortunately it will be in time for election season next year, just look at Solyndra, the Bush Administration denied the loan in November of 2008 stating it was not ready, and the Obama administration ignored warning and approved it for a political agenda, and now the taxpayers are out half a billion dollars and 1,100 people are unemployed, this is all thanks to the leadership of President Obama. What happened to hope, it was replaced with despair, the new hope is he loses his job in November 2012

    1. El Ronbo says:

      Half a billion dollars. Wow, that would run the Iraq war for one day.

      Well, almost.

      Yes, clearly its a failure if you bet on many green technology companies and one fails. Clearly we must return to the Republicans, who have the same policies they’ve had for the last 80 years – cut taxes on the rich, get rid of health and safety regulations.

  3. Ben Walsh says:

    Headline: “Staggering Rise In Eviction Notices Served In The Bay Area”.

    The article names two Bay Area counties. Alameda, where “this year, it’s down just a little bit”, and San Francisco, which is “on pace to equal last year’s number”.

    They don’t even bother to pretend they’re not lying.

  4. Ken Lock says:

    Capitalism’s finest hour. Thank you Alan Greenspan.

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