Los Gatos Residents Sue Netflix Over New Development Project

LOS GATOS (CBS SF) – A controversy is brewing in the normally quiet town of Los Gatos as a group of residents is suing Netflix over the company’s plans to build a new headquarters in town.

The new building would be built at Albright Way and Winchester Boulevard.

But a group of residents calling themselves Los Gatos Citizens for Responsible Development is suing the company, complaining that the buildings could be four or five stories high, more than 300 trees would be removed and traffic would be a mess in the area.

KCBS’ Betsy Gebhart Reports:

The suit challenges Los Gatos’ contention that the development would not have an adverse impact on the environment.

But others see the move as a boon for the small town as it  would bring in $1 million in tax revenues.

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Netflix plans to move its DVD division in Los Gatos to San Jose. That building is located just down the street on Winchester from the planned new headquarters.

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  • Moock

    Dear Los Gatos,
    We’ll trade you the 49ers for Netflix…

    Santa Clara

    • Dave

      Another example of the gated community ethic exhibited by these residents of the Communities of Los Gatos, Saratoga,, Woodside etc. They’re perfectly willing to benefit from the infrastructure burden in the surrounding communities when it suits them but it’s Armageddon if it encroaches on their perceived entitled sensibilities. SOP
      sue or buy another politician

      • Moock

        Heh? I was just saying I’d rather have Netflix than the 49ers – my comment wasn’t any kind of euphemism for the wealthy buying political power.

        I’d sue the 49ers if I had the money… guess I got me some perceived, entitled, sensibilities, too…

        My apologies, citizens of LG… I didn’t know Dave was going to use my comment as a platform to rant all over your hineys…

    • North Santa Clara

      I second the motion.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’m going to laugh if Netflix suddenly decides to move their operation somewhere else entirely.

    • Louis Hall

      They should. If the town doesn’t want them, then that’s it. If it goes bad for the town later on, that was their decision.

    • John Wright

      I have to say this article and comments are really incorrect.
      Netflix is not being sued…. Netflix does not own the property or currently have a lease on the property.
      The issue has to do with the property owner. The owner is not only building a five story building with the “Hopes” of getting Netflix to expand into it, but also a large scale retirement community.
      Los Gatos has had for many years a great relationship with Netflix and will continue to have it, but some people in the town would like to there to be better planning with traffic and location.
      Los Gatos residents do not have an issue with the Netflix building but rather the ever changing other things the owner is trying to squeeze into the proposed Netflix property. First it was a huge residential apartments, then a large scale retirement complex.
      Again the media is running with this as Netflix is being sued, when in fact they are not or even part of issue.

    • generbeanser

      who says they wont in the very near future? They are only testing the waters now, to see how much resistance they run into. Then, with indignant noses in the air will loudly proclaim ‘see, we tried to get along, so becuase we want to be good neighbors, we will forced to move to Shri Lanka’ or west Slobovia or some other foriegn county!

  • Karen Black

    This is another Solyndra..except that NetFlix customers instead of the American taxpayers are the ones getting duped. This is conspicuous consumption to a disgusting degree.

    • Piers Sutton

      Conspicuous consumption by whom? Please explain as I see zero connection.

    • Mike Bassi

      You really don’t know much about this business do you?

    • Whatutalkinboutwillis

      Renting a movie is conspicuous consumption?

    • PaGa

      You have no idea what you just said, do you… Next time, try using smaller words… Your comment makes no sense!

  • don

    please come to milpitas, we welcome you

  • Heem Heem

    Here is a good example of the litigious, NIMBYist attitude of California’s wealthier residents, and why businesses take their money and jobs and leave California. You don’t think the quality of life is affected by Los Gatans driving on surface streets through the neighboring communities of Campbell, San Jose, Monte Sereno, and Saratoga? How many trees were cut down to expand Winchester Boulevard, Bascom Avenue, Highway 17, San Tomas Expressway, Leigh Aveue….to accomodate the growth of the valley, and the increase in the population of Los Gatos. Shut-up and take your lumps like the rest of us in the valley, and be thankful there is a company willing to expand its operations in your area!

    • Piers Sutton

      You hit the nail on the head, Heem.

    • millbrae

      exactly! this are just a bunch of selfish old fart who think the town is there’s. Please cut the down all the tree you need and paved more roads and just
      bring those needed jobs. LG can use additional funds to improve service in the
      area. Right on netflix! thanx for staying around. We all know you have other town options! Millbrae is a good option.

      • Ron


      • AV8TR

        Wow! Judging by your atrocious grammar, maybe you should spend time studying remedial English instead of leaving poorly written messages.

    • Roger Craig

      NetFlix should move to Texas…

      • Jason D

        If Texas wasnt becoming the state of the ignorantly educated and rob the poor I’d welcome it, they only need to send Perry $5000 and they get to avoid any taxes for the next 5 years

  • Karen in San Jose

    Los Gatos residents should be greatful that Netflix wants to stay in their expensive freaking little town…I didn’t see the people yapping about anything but the trees..HELLO…have the people in Los Gatos seen that our unemployment rate is 12.1%….Do you think there would be any new jobs by Netflix opening another building in LOS GATOS!…Stop crying and stop thinking aobut yourselves and maybe the rest of the people that are looking for jobs…Maybe once in your lives you could worry about other people ..Just becuase you may have lots of money other people may need a job….

    • scott

      As a resident of Los Gatos myself it seems half the comments here are ignorant to say the least. Talking about how much money we make? Talking about how we are snobby? Take a break and keep dreaming then you do not have to cut other peoples achievements down via the internet.

    • Mike Bassi


  • Shannon Green

    I take it Los Gatos citzens doesn’t need jobs. Hey bring your HQ to Hayward.

  • Rick

    It’s California, WHO CARES!!

  • Scott

    Dear Net Flix. We here in North Carolina, town of Murphy, 28906, have more than enough room and empty buildings that are adjacent to fiber optic trunk lines and an Airport so your facility would operate as it should. We need work and are at almost 50% unemployment. I think the old Coats or Emerson Factory would due you just fine.

    A hungry citizen.

    • Christy Waldroop

      LOL, bring on the jobs!!!! The casino is taking too long.

  • Ray

    Dear Netflix. Please come to my town. We would love to have you! We could use the jobs and you could be in a town that would not sue you for trying to open in it. oh I live In Dyersburg TN.

  • Ron


    “DO” you just fine

    • Ted C

      If you are going to correct misspellings in other people’s comments then you are going to be a very very busy person. Good luck.

    • Bob

      I like pie!

      • Dave


        I like “PI”

        you know. 3.14….

  • irvin

    NEtfilx should move to Florida, Spring Hill actually take up some of the old buildings and make me new again.

  • Tjon

    You guys really think that a netflix would bring tons of jobs? How many ppl does it take to pop a dvd in an envelope? Or is it actually done by a machine… Hmmmm Tons of jobs, tons… Not defending these rich snobs but I really doubt this operation has a but of jobs to offer.

    • Rich

      You think a headquarters of Netflix of millions of customers does not require alot of support people? LOL! Lets see how fast you can ‘ pop a dvd’ into a million envelopes a day. Idiot.

      • tjon

        @Piers Sutton, I do get that I just dont see it helping the people that much.
        @Rich, your a confused little man, shoo, go away

      • scott

        Lol rich is more than right

    • Piers Sutton

      It has enough jobs, and high paying jobs which means the people with them have a lot of money to spend which in turn helps the town they live in. It’s simple really.

    • D

      It would be more about the taxes that Netflix would have to pay as a corporation to the town to sponsor public works, pay police & fire departments, upgrade sanitation, and generally make the town a better place to live. Do you even know where tax money goes?

  • Jim

    Come to Michigan !!! We have LOTS of empty buildings and people willing to work !!

    • Goobie

      yes Michigan needs it more than most states As we are losing business and people

  • love Netflix

    Sounds like Netflix can go almost anywhere and put up its headquarters but Cali. I don’t know how much money Netflix has tied up it its deal in Los Gatos but If I were them I would put a postive spin on there Image and Go to some city that would recieve them with open arms.

  • mccormack

    Los Gatos please don’t worry, this company won.t have the money to build these buildins @ the pace there going. There done as a brand and will not be a factor in three years.

  • http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2011/09/19/netflix-separates-its-dvd-streaming-businesses/ Netflix Separates Its DVD, Streaming Businesses « CBS San Francisco

    […] Related Story: Los Gatos Residents Sue Netflix Over New Development Project […]

  • Rich

    Dear NETFLIX

    You can come to OHIO and do what you want….we need the JOBS!!!!
    Califorinia people are strange…..we will build you roads and welcome you
    with open arms!!!

    • edith

      I second the motion

  • DC

    Oh My God!!!!! The building could be four or five stories tall!!! How could they possibly have the hubris to build such a monstrously tall building in California???

    It is an outrage to Los Gatos, the Netflix community, and the world-at-large. These diabolical madmen must be stopped with the full weight of the judiciary, even by Excecutive Order, backed up by the Army, if necessary.

    Can you believe these people?!?!?

  • edith

    I second the notion

  • Sarah

    Good for Los Gatos! Maybe the jobs sound enticing–but the environmental destruction is the bigger picture. Their citizens have every right to preserve those trees.

  • Grady

    Hey NetFlix, PLEASE at least consider moving to Senatobia Mississippi, we would WELCOME YOU!!!!!

    • James

      Haha! Yeah, I’m sure they’ll find lots of great IT workers there!

      • Jeri

        We uns in Mississippi can operate them there computers, and we can stuff envelopes too!

  • Suxter

    They’ll be out of business in 2 yrs thanks to their stupid & arrogant CEO. Please move to Texas. I”ll take trees over an empty office building!

  • Mike

    Dear Netflix,

    Youngstown, OH would love to have you. We have plenty of cheap space, a technical business incubator, access to I-80 and an airport. We also have a USPS sorting center for quick mailing. We will roll out the red carpet for you should you decide to move.

  • gothmog

    i know all these people saying netflix move there,why not have a landfill move there,you like jobs,we can sump our trash in your streets since jobs are more important than the town.

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