San Francisco Police Chief Defends North Beach Shooting

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The San Francisco Police Department is looking to clear the air following an incident over the weekend when two innocent bystanders were wounded by an officer who was firing at a suspect in North Beach.

At a community meeting on Monday night, San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr told North Beach residents that an officer pursuing a suspect fired a single shot, after the suspect pointed a TEC-9 machine pistol with a high capacity magazine at officers early Saturday morning.

KCBS’ Susan Kennedy Reports:

“The department could not feel worse that the fact that two bystanders were harmed,” Suhr said. “The officer was not intending to hit anybody but the suspect that was threatening his life.”

Suhr said because of that, he doesn’t believe the officer violated department policy.

“The alternative of having a suspect out there with an offensive weapon like this assault pistol, I’ll take that every time versus having up to as many as 22 rounds sprayed along the Broadway corridor,” he said.

The shooting is still under investigation. The suspect, 20-year-old Jesus Rodriguez, is being charged with assault on a police officer and weapons and narcotics violations.

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  • canna

    It is always a violation of policy when you discharge your weapon with innocent people in the line of fire. This is just a lawsuit waiting to be filed. Quit trying to justify a bad shooting.

    • PhotoChick

      ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! It’s just plain irresponsible. And the responses that your comment received are indicative of the rampant idiocy in our country. People of AUTHORITY need to be RESPONSIBLE to others, to country, to our laws. When is enough, ENOUGH?! Sofa king (figure it out) stupid, naive, and….eh, nevermind.

      Funny that the responses you garnered called you out as an idiot, yet neither one included a whole sentence without grammar errors. smh

  • G

    What would your “rocket scientist” reply be if that dirtbag had squeezed the trigger and sprayed the crowd and the office did not fire.
    You don’t need to reply, I know you would say that it is the cops fault then as well.
    Stupid is as stupid writes.

  • Kodiax

    Canna, you are a disgrace to anyone with any common sense. do the world/gene pool a favor and PLEASE dont breed
    G is right. you would find the police officer at fault no matter what…

  • SGT360

    Canna is the poster child for Simple, Slow, and Stupid

  • Ted Shred

    Yes, Canna you are stupid. The funny thing is people like you think you are smarter than the rest of us, until you open your mouth or type on a keyboard showing your true ignorance. Please don’t have kids as they will probably end up being non-productive members of society, fully taking advantage of the social welfare programs that have left this state in the gutter.

  • canna

    Too bad my responses are being censored, thanks channel 5!

  • Kodiax

    lol not only is canna an idiot, they/he/she/it thinks they are important enough to be censored!
    im not out to impress anyone with my grammatical perfection. posts on yahoo arent worth the effort.

  • Kodiax

    i can just imagine your response if he had not fired and the thug had sprayed the crowd with bullets. im quite sure they would have been just as anti cop…. but for exactly the opposite reason…
    oh and why on earth would you want the guns belonging to the trigger happy cops sent to a doughnut store????????

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