OAKLAND (CBS) – Thousands of nurses plan to walk off the job Thursday in what’s being called the nation’s largest nurse strike ever.

More than 23,000 nurses at 30 Sutter Health and Kaiser Permanente hospitals in northern California plan to walk out for one day.

Members of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United are staging the strike saying “they will not accept attacks on RN rights to speak out for patients or cuts in healthcare or retiree coverage for nurses or other hospital workers.”

Nurses at nearly all Northern California Kaiser Permanente Hospitals will be on strike.

Below is a list of the hospitals where Registered Nurses will be on strike:

Sutter Hospitals

■Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley (Alta Bates Campus)
■Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland (Summit Campus)
■Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Berkeley (Herrick Campus)
■Eden Medical Center, Castro Valley (Eden Campus)
■Eden Medical Center, San Leandro (San Leandro Campus)
■Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Burlingame (Peninsula Campus)
■Mills-Peninsula Health Services, San Mateo (Mills Campus)
■Novato Community Hospital, Novato
■Sutter Solano Medical Center, Vallejo
■Sutter Delta Medical Center, Antioch
■Sutter Lakeside Hospital, Lakeside
■Sutter Medical Center, Santa Rosa
■Children’s Hospital Oakland

Kaiser Permanente Hospitals
■Redwood City
■San Rafael
■Santa Rosa
■San Francisco
■San Jose
■Santa Clara
■South Sacramento
■South San Francisco
■Walnut Creek

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Comments (6)
  1. ConcernedGuy says:

    Are all the nurses at these hospitals striking? How is the hospital going to run without them? What about their patients and people requiring urgent care?

  2. When will it ever be enough? says:

    Health insurance rates going up again!

  3. KaiserSanRafaelRN says:

    Well myself and a BIG handful of my peers will be working this day! We were Nurses for the sick before we were union! It’s not fair to the patients and it’s not fair that the CNA is threatening those of us that want to take care of the sick. We don’t believe what the CNA is doing is right by forcing us, without any vote, to leave the care of our patients in the hands of strangers. It’s not fair and it’s not right. WE as Nurses stand strong to protect our patients! Patient Care before politics! Your right, we should be thankful that we have a job in this economy! We should be thankful that we get paid and have the benefits that we do! Why do some of you(nurses) want to be greedy? Doesn’t that make you just as greedy as those high paid CEOs your fighting. Think about who you really are and why you really became a nurse! If you do decide to strike, think about if it was you or a loved one in that hospital bed while your out striking! Go with your heart, not what someone else tells you to do!

    Ahhh yes, I forgot to mention that. I’m sure the public would love to hear as well about our no strike clause in our new contract! That right, was just negotiated WITHOUT A FIGHT! We got everything we wanted, pay increase, no take aways…picture perfect contract that just went into effect 9/1/11. This is how we say thanks? We should be more than grateful! We were affraid we would have things taken away, no pay raises…especially right now with the economy. But, we didn’t! So THANK YOU KAISER for taking care of your employees! And THANK YOU TOO Kaiser South Sac ED Nurses for standing together with US and all the Nurses that are going to work this day with their hearts!

    1. KaiserSanRafaelRN says:

      K…I don’t know where you work, but I grossed $167,000 last year, I have full benefits, I am vested in my pension, I have a 401k, I set my own schedule, no mandatory overtime, I work ICU so I get either one or two patients(patient ratios are a law), I get support from my peers/doctors/management to effectivly advocate for my patients. I have absolutly no issues!! We just signed a new contract that we didn’t even have to fight for. It’s a buisness, think about it! If the nurses aren’t happy, the patients aren’t happy, the hospitals don’t get paid! End of story. Why would your hospital want to make you miserable, they don’t! If your not happy where you are, then get a new job! THERE IS BETTER!!! Be grateful for what we do have in this economy. Most people don’t have a fraction of what we have! Don’t be selfish!

  4. KaiserRN says:

    Did you even really read what this strike is about?? It’s not about being greedy, it’s about people keeping their benefits and health coverage. The people we are fighting for just had recently had their hours cut in order for Kaiser to implement a contract stating that part time employees below 32 hours will pay 40% of their benefit plus $30 of their copay. I understand that it is a small majority of the people working there, but I too invested and have pension in Kaiser and find it unfair that suddenly a realignment to decrease our hours to below 32 hours, making us as nurses very vulnerable to the same plight as the people we are fighting for right now and remember this is the shortest negotiation we’ve ever had for our contract which is only 3 years. Which means negotiation will happen in 2 and a half. It is a business so people don’t truly mean that much when they’ve made a profit of 2 billion dollars!! http://xnet.kp.org/newscenter/annualreport/docs/kpreport_2010.pdf
    See their financial analysis, IT IS PUBLIC!! Thank you and bye.

  5. Summit RN says:

    At Summit Alta Bates the issues go way beyond just keeping benefits and health coverage. The Sutter management has been very intransigent in negotiations insisting on a wide range of takeaways. These proposals include eliminating sick pay for nurses, decreases in wage differentials for shifts and for per diems (who are already without benefits), elimination of 12 hour shifts, requiring longtime and competent RNs who do not have Bachelors Degrees (because that wasn’t considered important when they got their RN) to return to school and get their BAs, requiring nurses who have worked long enough (i.e. >25 years) to have earned the right to limited or no weekend obligation to return to an increased weekend requirement, to limit per diems to 24 hours per week, but to further limit the number of part time positions available to other nurses, to require charge nurses to take patients, limiting education hour benefits, etc., etc., etc., in addition to health benefit and pension takeaways!! Who wouldn’t feel angry and disrespected after years of building to a decent contract which honors our rights and abilities as committed professionals. Sutter likes to talk about how much nurses make which might play well among people who are not well paid, but the figures they give are based upon full-time work and I know of very few nurses who actually work full time because of the extremely stressful and physically, mentally and emotionally demanding nature of the work. When you consider the high salaries of many other professionals and of those in government, it is a good salary, but not really excessive. Sutter’s CEO received a >40% salary increase to the 4 million dollar range, but thinks it is appropriate to request sweeping changes in our contract which will disrupt the lives of many long-term employees. We say NO!! And as far as the suggestion of just getting a job somewhere else, thank you, but I am committed to my coworkers, my patients, and my medical center and do not want to shift my place of employment when I am getting closer to retirement and have been here 15+ years. I know many of us feel the same. We just want management to come to negotiations with a position that is respectful, shows an appreciation for our contribution, and is not demanding the moon while using the economy as an excuse to try to break the union now that they see their chance. If we don’t fight back, they will be able to do all of the things they want to do to improve their bottom line at our expense because they will perceive us as weak and we can look forward to many further erosions of our job protections in the furture.

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