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Woman Gives Birth On Philippines-To-SFO Flight

SAN FRANCISCO INT’L AIRPORT (CBS SF) – Aida Alamillo, 41, knew she was in for a long flight when she boarded a San Francisco-bound plane in Manila Monday night.

But despite being nearly nine months pregnant, the Filipino woman said she wasn’t expecting what came next—her son’s birth mere hours before the Boeing 747 landed.

“I didn’t expect I would have a baby there…it just happened,” she said Tuesday from her room at the Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame, where she and her newborn were transported upon landing in San Francisco.

KCBS’ Holly Quan Reports:

Although she was due to give birth on Sept. 28, Alamillo said she got the ok to fly from her doctor in the Philippines and Philippine Airlines medical personnel. She said she was in a rush to visit her ailing father in Boston, where she plans to live.

The mother of four was traveling with her 13-year-old son, whom she said alerted flight attendants during the flight that she was experiencing stomach pains.

When what she quickly realized were contractions grew stronger, flight attendants led Alamillo to a private spot in a Business Class cabin on the plane’s upper deck.

A trio of nurses traveling on the flight came up to help after a flight attendant announced that a passenger was going into labor, she said.

At 3:25 p.m. Monday, just a few hours before the plane was set to land, Alamillo gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

“It happened very fast,” she said.

Philippine Airlines officials said the plane’s passengers burst into applause after hearing the baby’s cries fill the cabin.

The flight crew alerted a medical team on the ground to prepare to transport Alamillo and her son.

On Tuesday, the pair rested comfortably at the hospital.

Alamillo named her newborn son Kevin Raymar Francis Domingo—adding the name “Francis” as a nod to his birth en route to San Francisco.

(Copyright 2011 by CBS San Francisco. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)

  • Miles Long

    I bet all the women on that plane were nurses.

    • dbarco

      My experience tells me this was a mom who wanted to have her child born in the US!!! Who else flies in their final trimester?

      • JaneQPublic

        My thought exactly! And doesn’t this mean the newborn becomes an ‘anchor baby’ because it was born in American airspace? Hmm….

        And we are really supposed to believe that ‘it just happened’ – when this is an experienced mother with two children already and she is THITRY-FIVE weeks pregnant????


    • Moock

      OK, that made me laugh out loud…

    • Marina

      I bet so too, LOL.

    • Dina

      At the end of the day, perhaps all that should be commented on and celebrated is that the new baby boy is healthy, fine and doing well. I am not sure having delivered two babies the normal way (in a hospital) how frightened I would have been for my baby and myself delivering on a plane with strangers at 30,000 feet… about we just celebrate a beautiful new life that arrived instead of criticism …

      • Mari

        She planned the whole [d] a m n thing, DING-DONG DINA!

    • minibrings

      my first thought was.. only 3 nurses helped?

    • Ellen

      Miles, just in case you are not aware, most Filipina women are either nurses or teachers, a noble profession. However, I am not a teacher or a nurse. I am a CPA/CFE. Probably these nurses are coming back from their visit in the Philippines. Also, we do not know the status of the woman who had the baby. Maybe she maybe a nurse after all. Tourist visa to visit the United States is not easy to obtained from the Philippines. I know so, because I have been trying to bring my relatives to visit the US. I came to this country sometimes in 1976.

    • Filipino by Heart

      I worked as a Travel Agent back in Manila before working in the Stock Exchange here in the US. I was born in Manila. I just want everyone to understand how hard it is to get a tourist visa. You have to have assets , LOTS of assets, then go through the interview process. The US Ambassador’s Staff will listen and weigh the details of your reason to enter the US. Many failed. Even if you have a sick or dying parent or sibling is not a good enough reason. We don’t know what kind of visa this lady has, whether tourist, work or petitioned, it is equally difficult to come in to the USA. And those who are here are hard working people. By the way, Filipino nurses rocks!!

    • EllenCFE

      To all the interested readers, Just letting you know that there are articles in Google that you can read about the story. According to the Philippine Airlines Office in Manila, the woman is 35 weeks pregnant.

  • Matt

    The story didn’t even mention the woman’s nationality. Did you ever think that she could have been an American?

    • Phil

      My guess she is not US citizen, but the kid might be “anchor baby”

      • David in Fresno

        NOT an anchor baby. The plane is operated by Philippines Airlines. The baby is Philippino because it was born on a Philippine plane.

      • dot

        You’re ignorant.He could not be an”anchor baby”. WHY? Find out the legal reason, come back and post it.It will enlighten you and some of the readers.

      • jeff

        Should not bean anchor baby. Philipine woman on Philipine plane born in flight not on US soil. NO WAY! I suppose some SF libbie will argue that though.

      • Deckard

        There is no such thing as anchor babies. It is a myth. A U.S. citizen child cannot petition for a parent until they turn 21, and even if they petition on their birthday, there are huge backlogs in the number of visas available. If you figure it would take about 30 years for a person to immigrate to the U.S., the parent probably has little reason to immigrate at that point. Thus, there is no anchor.

      • jerrystr

        She should have flown on an American Airline then the baby could have been declared as US born. As far as “Anchor Baby”, there are anchor babies. 1. to establish a point on a possigble petition filing. 2. to establish someone in the family who can later in life petition other family members. It takes a lot of patience but for those who wait, the family eventually will get to come to the USA, even if it takes 20 years or more.

      • Moni

        This is not a question of what airline this baby was born on. It is a question of if this child was born over US International waters. She could have been a Philippino mother on a crop duster and it would not have made any difference. Location is the game changer here. The thing that puzzles me is she mentions that she wanted Baby Kevin born in the united States so that he would automatically be a US Citizen. This is something she fails to realize, Even if he is a US Citizen that doesnt keep her in this country. Too often illegal immigrants from Mexico are sent back to their native country with their American born children in tow.

    • Ken

      They did mention her name Aida Alamillo & her name sounds Filipino. If she’s
      on the PAL flight she’s either visiting relatives or she’s a new arrival. Don’t
      worry I am sure she’s got either US Passport or necessary papers to enter the
      Why is this now becoming racist comments? Does it matter if she’s another
      race other than white?
      @Bonnie…what exactly are you trying to say when you said: Great another one,
      we just keep letting it happen? Asians support their family by working & not
      through Welfare.

      • BC

        Amen to that Ken. My dad’s wife is fillipino but they have no problem bringing her mother here to visit. So I don’t know……..

    • Dina

      Precisely…but more importantly given that the baby was born in MID air, the child;s birth city is the city of departure NOT landing. International airspace is deemed to be that of the originating city. Even when you land at the airport on US soil you are still in the no-man’s zone until you exit immigration/customs. In other words you are still in your country of origina until your passport is stamped or you are given clearance to exit into the USA. It is the same around the world. Believe it or not, as I understand it, when you check in to the airport and waiting to board your flight to another country you are deemed to be in no-mans land and at your desitinatoin….most strange but that is how I understand it

    • guest

      Sorry we have all seen the stories of the abuses of American laws that occur by people having their babies in the US and then having the audacity to claim they are US citizens. Thus the negative tenor to the comments.

  • Diana

    Bonnie/Steve: Aparently, you have such a biased mentality that your perception is negative, and quite frankly: outlandish. This woman gave birth, and just because she is Filipino, that does not mean her intention was malice. Why dont research the facts first, before your mouth becomes dirty. In addition, it is a general policy to not board pregnant woman on a plane when she is in a specific month. Don’t you not think this could have been a premature baby or any health reasoning? It is you both that encourages ignorance in the United States.. and yes, unfortunately; people like you ‘just keeps happening’.

    • Anthony

      Why do they make these comments? As a journalist, the article was pathetic. Why was she coming here? Is she a citizen? Where is the husband? These sort of questions answered would have averted much criticism, or created more…what do you think the situation was? A pathetic article and people have the right to ask questions.

    • Froda D. Boquilon

      It’s not the woman’s issue for her giving birth on the plane….It’s the airlines issue for letting her flew!!! Just making it clear cause I also gave birth on the plane 13 years ago!!! People will give negative comments no matter what, but BEST thing to do is listen to people who experienced it!!!

      • JLMoon

        of course it is her “issue”, it’s not the responsibility of the crew to know how far along a woman is pregnant.. i’m pregnant and know that I should not be flying after a certain amount of weeks because of the risk of going into labor… Unless the kid was way premature, my guess is she knew what she was doing.

      • Pat

        Although we don’t have the details, something tells me that she indeed knew what she was doing. It’s well known that pregnant women shouldn’t be travelling by plane after a certain number of weeks. I ll give her the benefit of the doubt but come on..

    • Tricia

      nicely said!

  • David

    Oh god, Why was she allowed on the plane?? Why would she herself fly when in her advanced pregnancy and yes, she probably is quite disappointed the baby wasn’t born on US soil…

  • Susie

    I wonder if the baby is considered to be born in the Phillipines or the US?

    • chuck

      Nope, must be on US soil, airspace doesnt count,.

      • turd

        If in international airspace, then the flag of the aircraft would be the jurisdiction and thus a Filipino… If in US airspace, then it would be a US citizen…

  • armand

    Wonders if the airline will charge for the extra ticket

    • Granny

      LOL Love it!

    • jerrystr

      No charge for babies under 2 years. Standard on almost all airlines.

  • bz

    “The story didn’t even mention the woman’s nationality. Did you ever think that she could have been an American?”

    Stop making sense!!! You should know better.

    • Scott

      Thank you for showing that not everyone who comments on this story is a mindless bigot.

  • Claire

    I believe it makes it a fish.

    • caretaker

      Yes….A flying Fish..

  • Sofa Kingdom

    The airline never should have allowed the mother to board in Manila. She obviously lied about the stage of pregnancy, or did not appear pregnant at all. I worked for this airline before.

    This baby will get free tickets for life from the airline. Many of them DO try to time it correctly.

    • ,

      so go tell the airline management/CEO instead of posting it here ok.

    • Scott

      Where in the article does it say she boarded in Manila? For that matter, where does it say she is Filipino? The article does not say what airline she was flying. If you are going to tell lies, at least research the story. You are a DIMWIT.

      • Chris

        Lean how to read Scott – It was a Philippine Airlines flight flying from the Philippines to San Francisco. I don’t believe they fly internationally from any other cities in the Philippines other than Manila.
        The only part you have correct is that her nationality was not mentioned, although they do have her name.
        Best not to insult others when you may be the one who’s the “DIMWIT”.

  • Ricardo Hartley

    Women who are THAT pregnant are not supposed to fly – Attention CPS.

  • .

    hey you another stupid person. get some facts first before you judge her. u hypocrite.

  • .


    • Los Stupid

      No hatred is good, get it out of your system

  • Rene

    I cannot believe that there’s still
    bunch of idiotic ignorant people now a days!!!
    How sure of you, you MORONs!! that the woman is illegal ?

    • Scott

      Thank you Rene for seeing what the ignorant people refuse to see.

  • Scott

    Listen up stupid. You can’t fly into the United states from the Philippines unless you have a visa. The article only says she was flying from the Philippines to San Francisco, It does not say she is Filipino. My wife is from the Philippines, and she is here legally. I have known people like you before. You are so full of misguided hate that you don’t think about what you are saying. While you are patting yourself on the back for your ignorant comment, those of us who read it know you are just some half whit NAZI with identity issues.

    • anthony

      Scott, as more information comes out we will all get an education. Need a VISA or passport. Send me $400 and I will throw in a social security card.

      • Scott

        Anthony, you are confusing real life with a movie you saw.

      • dead_than_red


        You’re never going to get thru to any of these folks. They have their own reality.

        They aren’t anything more then a bunch of ignorant, inbred, uneducated, hillbilly morons.. Products of the GOP’s eugenics program to dumb-down America so that most of them will be too busy arguing about anchor babies and open carry to notice that they’ve given away everything to their corporate overlords.

    • Pinay

      She is Filipino and so is her husband. They were petitioned to come to the US. I know this because I know the woman’s sister.

      • Tukmol Kayo

        Of course she has a legal entry. Why do these ignorant comments here thinks that the USCIC are too dumb to let a pregnant woman in her late trimester enter the US soil??? It is either they allowed her so that she can give birth here since her family already have legal permanent residency. To avoid trrouble on the newborn’s birth cert. they have to do it immediately.

    • paul

      Your ‘Nazi” comments are older than my grandma. Why would a pregnant woman with U.S. ciitizenship leave the country while pregnant, then return late in the pregnancy?

      Whether this situation is an an ‘anchor baby’ deal or not, it is happening on an industrial scale now. I have right to be angry, and I don’t care if it displeases you!

    • Mari

      Should have married a white woman, Scott… you the one stupid!

  • MW

    WOW !! This means when the UN-INVITED Mayflower ship arrived here in America and babies that are born here since then are a bunch of ACHOR babies too , right ?

  • jake

    The biggest export from The Philippines is Filipinos. Ask any Filipino and they’ll tell you the same thing with a laugh. Any where is the work opportunity you’ll find Filipinos (Dubai, England, the U.S., Nigeria, etc..) They work hard to improve their lives.

    • cool

      how about you? Every where there is a american, british or spanish descent people everywhere working all over the globe.. where are you a chinese or indian working in the moon? stop judging people look at yourself first..everybody have a brain, deadmeat.

      • Jake

        I think you missed the meaning of my comment completely – I was complimenting the Filipino people who work the globe to find work. I wished everyone worked so hard.

    • EllenCFE

      Jake, I am a Filipino and have been in this country since 1976. During my time, coming to this country as a professional was a lot easier. The Filipinos are all over the world because we speak English. The American schools are hiring Filipino teachers to teach Math and Science. And, have you noticed all the Filipino registered nurses working in the hospitals? The Filipinos have the education, the experienced, the knowledge of what is needed in some other countries. Also, we pride in our work. I am an accounting professional. I obtained my education in the Philippines and in this country. I am an American citizen, yet, I always remember my roots in the Philippines.

      • Maria G Smith

        well said Ellen.I just don’t understand that the conversation now is almost criticizing the woman who gave birth without knowing the whole story. Along with some people who commented with malice and prejudice…This country is a melting pot,a lot of races lives here and as long as we are working hard and honestly it actually better the lives of everyone.Amidst the hard economy,i think Filipinos has a way of working hard and feeding ourselves without asking for food stamps.

  • Father of twins

    Oh lord. Shallow people coming to conclusion so easily. She could an american citizen. How do you even know if the baby was full term or a premature delivery?
    What if this happens to your wife or your sister or someone you know who gives birth to a baby while entering another country!!

    • Bjorn14

      She knew her due date….September 28th. But Francis didn’t cooperate.

    • rodgestone

      the mother was a nurse who fly to join the nurses union strike in Kaiser and Sutter Meds which happened Sept 19-20…

  • shay

    right on the . . anyways yah shut up bonnie! you dont make any sense

  • MW

    It takes one to know one. All american born babies that are not NATIVE are a bunch of ANCHOR illegall immigrants. LOL !!! A buch of idiots !!

    • i dietrich

      Then, basically only those that live in indian reservations are not a bunch of idiots since they are the ONLY native ones.

      • Sheng

        I totally agree with you. Seems like there’s an ample number of senseless people out here who are more racist and judgmental.

      • MW

        OH… I WAS BEING SARCASTIC BY THE WAY. I am not a native but the comments of those that are critical of a baby and the mother are un-called for especially when you don’t know the whole story. I am just glad the Mother and baby are allright. So, ” diettrich” are you a NAZI ? Just asking, i am not calling you a nazi OR anyone else. LOL !!! A ” new life ” is a gift no matter what race and where she or he’s born. STOP BEING SUCH A __________ fill in the blank.

  • One born outside the US

    Well, good thing it was NOT a US airline, otherwise the child would have been born in US territory. He remains Filipino.

  • Dixie Normis

    Why all the Filipino hate? They helped us fight in WW2 and are our Allies. Racism is alive and well in the usa, land of the stupid, scared and selfish.

    • Scott

      Please don’t label all Americans according to the stupidity of some Americans. I love the Filipino people, especially my wife.

      • Corazon Aquino

        looks like someone has a anchor baby.

      • MW

        AWWWW…., that is so sweet Scott ! I’m happy for you.

    • Stacey

      Anti-Americanism is alive and well in the Philippines. I’ve seen it first hand.

      When things in the far western Pacific were looking calm and relatively peaceful, they were more than happy to ask us (US forces) to leave Clark Air Field and Subek Bay Naval Base, but as I understand it now, in the last years or so as China has become a naval force with eyes toward expanding and exercising its dominance in those waters, the Filipinos are suddenly warming to the US again. This appears to be the worst kind of fair weather friendship to me. We don’t need or want you when times are good, but as soon as we have a use for you then out comes the great Filipino-American friendship and cooperation over the decades. Yeah right!

      • ef

        yeah right…do you really wanted to go that route? do you REALLY think american will get the raw end of the deal in situations like these? Stop your non-sense. While American do help other countries, they will get ten folds in return ! I dont even have to specify this to you…do you research moron !

      • MW

        Stacey, i understand and agree on the attitude about wanting USA friendship in thier time of need, but most of this people do not know the agreement between thier Government and our Government and often thier Government lie to them especially the amount of money involved and always the picture painted Americans as invaders. Another issue in regards to American haters, they are not just in the Phillipines, they are in so many different countries, I’m a traveler, i know this for a fact. There is so much LOVE and HATE towards Americans because of FREEDOM and the AMERICAN DREAM we enjoy, but mostly HATE because they see Americans as arrogant and wasteful. That’ is how WE… AMERICANS ARE SEEN IN THE EYES OF AN OUTSIDERS. That is why i behave especially when i’m in someone else country for them to see we are not all like that. I AM A PROUD AMERICAN.

    • Daniel Newton

      Agree, AND USA is a land of monkeys and monkey owners and idiots who cannot even PROPERLY pronounce the word, “tortilla!!!”

      • funbags


  • Chuck

    If she was looking for an anchor baby she missed the boat, babies born on a plane in us airspace do not get to stay they are not citizens. They have to be born on the ground.

  • Pat Mcgroyne

    I wonder what the extra baggage fee is for an anchor baby…

  • wanker

    caretaker their is no such thing as a flying fish if it walks they eat it if it flies they eat it if it swims they eat it thats all these plips plips do is eat eat eat. oh yes and give mirth to babiies in america so they can have an anchor baby. well at least honda will be happy they all like todrive gold hondas

  • George Busch

    Dear msfaye2u,

    Do you even know what you are msfaye2u? You probably don’t even know what your nationality is, huh? You probably don’t even know who your mother and father is, which makes you upset at the whole world and write this ignorant comment for us Americans to realize that people like you in this world don’t deserve the freedom and the prosperity of living the American dream. You’re part of the breed that continues to create perceptions of how some Americans can be so STUPID!! Msfaye2u, please find a spouse or partner so that you can feel a sense of love and acceptance. I believe you have too much time on your hands to be writing stupid comments. Get a life! If you were in front of my face I’ll slap the $4it!@!! out of you to wake you up and make you realize that your living in a world that actually have different colors.

    • Adam Young

      If she is not a citizen of the USA then the baby is not one to nor deserves to be one.

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