SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – Oakland police officers are often too quick to draw their guns, especially when confronting African-American suspects, according to a federal court monitor.

The monitor, Robert Warshaw, looked at a random sampling of police reports from the first three months of this year. Warshaw and his team found 80 incidents in which officers drew their weapons, two of which resulted in deadly shootings. The analysis found that officers acted appropriately in a majority of the cases.

However, according to KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier, Warshaw and his team said they were troubled by the high number of instances in which police did not have to draw their guns. The report found that in more than three-fourths of the cases in which officers appeared to have overreacted, the suspects were black. Latinos were suspects in 17 percent of those cases, while whites represented three percent.

KCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier Comments:

City officials plan to discuss the report with a federal judge on Thursday. The judge ordered the analysis as a result of the Riders case, in which several officers were accused of framing innocent people.

”There are a lot of politics involved in this, as is the case with police work all over the Bay Area,” said Matier. “Like a lot of these studies, this is going to be used politically in the next couple of months as Oakland tries to figure out what to do with its crime problem.”

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Comments (8)
  1. Ted Shredd says:

    Hey Phil! Did you look at the everything in totality such as the fact that most of the crimes committed in Oakland are by blacks, hispanics, then whites (reality folks not fantasy). Or did you cherry pick the data to make another BS news story. I used to respect you. Now I think you are another hack reporter. I bet the percentage of gun drawing is similar to the number of total police reports dealing with each race. If you look at this then the correlation makes sense.

  2. Ted Shredd says:

    FYI- Warshaw gets paid a lot of money to monitor OPD and will continue to generate reports to make sure he and his private consulting crew (not federal agents) stay at OPD to continue to collect their $100k a year consulting fees as they are doing to a number of other PD’s around the country. What a great gig. Continue to find BS problems with an organization and continue to get paid healthily. Sign me up!!

  3. bobbobwhite says:

    And what were those black guys doing at the time, studying for a trigonometry exam? That is type of BS lunatic liberals want you to believe, instead that of those blacks were causing trouble, or about to do so. Police are trained to spot suspicious behavior and act on it. I trust their judgement much more than that of any lunatic liberal or street black.

  4. will says:

    matier youre an idiot. and a pencil neck at that. what were the percentages of white and hispanic actions? were the vast majority black therefore resulting in a higher overall percentage against the total.? get on the wagon and stay off tv…

  5. Shelby says:

    Typical Liberals… I say put these people that have these “problems” with the police out in the streets for even half a day, and let them deal with the gangs, crime and people these officers have to deal with on a daily basis ..(guarenteed their guns will be their new best friend) because while people like this are sitting safe and sound behind their big desks in their offices, these officers are putting their lives on the line to keep us safe and these people have no appreciation for what they do. Oakland has one of the highest crime rates in California, and the stuff these police officers have to deal with , only so much can be predictied and given training for. So instead of Targeting the law enforcement that keeps us safe from these criminals, lets target and talk badly about the criminals that are putting the law enforcement and everyday peoples lives on the line .

  6. Bay Area Guy says:

    What a BS story- SO WHAT if the Oakland police draw their weapons on more African-American’s.
    THEY HAD a reason to draw their weapons. The African-American was doing something that CAUSED the police to draw a weapon. PLEASE get with the real world. What segment of the population commits the most violent crime????

    Right so they deserve to be drawn down on until the clean up their act.

  7. Kodiax says:

    while I laugh at the hating from some RepubliCANTs, I must agree with others like Bay Area Guy. ok fine so theres a lot of police related violence in oakland…. DUH!! there isnt a single day go by that doesnt have at least a shooting or two up there in little africa. Id be hyped and ready to draw down if i had to do what the OPD is forced to contend with on a daily basis
    I dont consider myself to be a racist. i dont go around looking for ANY excuse to throw the race card in somebody’s face…… like um… many black people do.
    I dont give a damn what race you are. act sane and decent and thats how I will do my best to treat you. act like a foul mouthed street punk with a stack of chips on your shoulder and Ill think of you as just another loser dirtbag

  8. Guapi says:

    My answer to the headline (because I refuse to read this propaganda) is….
    “Black Suspects draw thier guns too often… might be the reason!”

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