SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — They are getting ready to grin and bare it at San Francisco’s weekend nude-in kicking off the Folsom Street Fair.

About 50 naked people showed up for the “nude is not lewd” rally at the Castro and 17th streets plaza nakedness at what is known as the Buff Stop.

It’s not a crime to walk around naked in San Francisco.

More are expected Saturday because of what is seen as an assault on nudist rights to shed clothing.

Supervisor Scott Wiener has proposed legislation mandating that nudists put a towel down on a public chair or bench before sitting on it.

But the pre-Folsom Street Fair nude-in was planned before Wiener’s proposal.

The 13-block fair celebrates all things nude and leather-related.

>>Photo Gallery:  San Francisco Nudity

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Comments (6)
  1. taxThechurchesnow says:

    Nude-in! I’m there with my pumped up muscles and uncut, well you know.

    1. gregm says:

      So you’re not really a nudist, but an exhibitionist? Sure sounds like it! A true nudist wouldn’t write what you wrote…

  2. AJ Buttacavoli says:

    Just another reason why I never go to San Francisco.

  3. Spike says:

    Thanks for staying away from our great city AJ.

  4. canna says:

    Get a life like anyone wants to see your body!!! Have respect for others rights also and use a cloth when you sit. No one wants to sit where your naked ass just sat. It’s called germs people. It’s not about nudity but sanitation!!!!!

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